Saturday, March 1, 2008

So long Asante...

I'm having trouble sleeping right now due to the fact that for some reason it is over 100 degrees in my room and I have a vodka tonic induced head ache...So I figured I throw a few thoughts about the Asante Samuel signing your way...I'm hungover and maybe still a little drunk, so I take no responsiblity for these being coherent.

*Asante signed a 6 year 57 million dollar contract with the Philladelphia Eagles, 20 million of which is guaranteed. Good for Asante. Seeing that my team is always hurting on the secondary it seems, I hate to see any corner go. That being said, would I want to pay 60 million dollars for a corner who:

a. Routinely misses tackles going for a hit.

b. Routinely does not wrap up tackles.

c. Does not like to get hit.

d. Didn't make the biggest pick of the season. I'm not saying it was an easy play, but I think it could have been made.

e. $ is cleary more important to him, seeing he just picked McNabb over Brady as his QB.

Probably not, which is why he isn't a Patriot anymore.

*I think I'm having a harder time moving on from football because I get no spring training coverage down here.

*I think that Clay and Jon are going to have huge years.

*I think I am being neglectful in not having ballpark trips planned at this date. I am usually much more on top of things.

*I think that the fact that you can smoke in bars in North Carolina is taking a day off my life everytime I go out.

*I think Sam Cassel is a good fit for the Celts, but I think he might be almost too much of a leader for Doc to handle.

And finally, last night I was out, and stupidly started talking football with some guy, and I said that the Patriots Super Bowl loss was probably the 5th worst thing that had ever happened to me, number 4 is 2003 ALCS, and 1-3 involve deaths. And he looks at me and says, "But you do realize that the number 5 worst thing for you is the number 3 best thing in the lives of 98% of the country". And I said to him, "You know I could take you right? I have some pent up anger that I need to get rid of" And he laughed, but I'm pretty sure he was a little afraid. I really feel like one of these nights, I'm going to fight someone who makes fun of the Patriots. I want my football mojo back. I'm tired of all this crap.

I need the Red Sox to play a more prominent role in my life.

PS. Anyone know if you buy the MLB TV package if you get Spring Training games?

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mickey said...

you get 150 spring training games w/ the package.. im watching Manny get walked right now and Im in Brooklyn! Later on I'm going to watch Nomar flail miserably against the Mets!