Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love us...

Finally got the Sox highlights on Sportscenter. Saw Lester's reception. Man I miss us.

PS. In North Carolina, they have these things called Palmetto beatles, a fancy name for cockroaches, and a lot of people have them, and we are currently working on killing the little mo-fo's, and I just spent a good 20 minutes at war with one, chasing him around my apartment with a spray bottle of "home defense". I finally was getting nervous I might miss the Sox highlights and had to go get a shoe. I will kill these bugs.

PPS. Michael Vick shouldn't have waited so long to plea. Always better to go first in these kind of things.
"They're loud, they're drunk, they're obnoxious. They're one of the few places you'll hear racial comments . . . it's just different." Angels outfielder Gary Matthews, Jr. on Red Sox fans at Fenway Park.

I'm always surprised when I hear things like this said about Fenway. I took in 20+ Red Sox games this year, about 15 last year, and about 10 the previous year. Not once, in all that time, have I ever, ever heard a racial comment. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. Every village has its own idiot. But I really think that Sox fans are fair when it comes to race. We will cheer for, love you, boo you, hate you, regardless of color, creed, ect.

I'm sure Mr. HGH himself will find Fenway a much more hospitable place the next time he comes to Boston.

I'm backk...

After 8 long days without internet AND cable TV with the exceptions of some sneaking done at the Sheraton I am back thanks to the shady internet guy who came today and and the new roommate who figured out how to get my wireless internet working.

Anyway, for the last week + I have been like a junkie in need of heroin. Through phone calls, texts, bits and pieces of info through the Chicago news (for some reason we get there here), and the occasional break from high school football in the local paper, I have been without sports. I haven't seen Sportscenter, I haven't seen the Sox play except for when we could pick up Maryland TV in the Outerbanks last weekend, (I saw the O's first walkoff), I haven't read Rob Bradford...it has been a cold dark world. It's also been a kind of stress free world. I haven't been on Tom Brady Baby Watch 24/7. I haven't spent nights worrying about our lack of offensive production. I haven't heard announcer after announcer complain about Manny playing too close to the wall. So, I don't know what is going on in the land of Boston sports, but I'm going to be working my way back. I'm trying to figure out how I can get the Patriots down here, I have mlb.tv thanks to Joe and Katie for the rest of the baseball season, and now I will back in the world of basegirls, surviving grady, papelblog, deadspin, onemoredyingquail, extra bases, eric wilbur, chad finn and everyone else that keeps me up to date one things. But I don't want to leave you with a boring entry about how I don' t have shit to tell you, so instead, I'll tell you a dream.

Last night, I didn't feel that well, and my mom and I have been sharing my full size bed till she goes back to Massachusetts. So, we are both laying there unable to sleep, so she breaks out a xanyax for both of us. After about a half hour, we are still awake, so I break out a sleep aid. I passed out. At some point in the middle of the night, my Red Sox deprived sub conscience puts me at Fenway, and I decide I'm going to the clubhouse (now, I've been to the Press Box, EMC Club, and State Street Pavillion, so sneaking around Fenway isn't something new). Anyway, I get into the clubhouse, and am greeted by my college friends, who I don't see nearly enough, Katelyn and Freddie, who tell me that they do this all the time. I know that I have to find Jonathan Papelbon, and get my picture taken with him. I find him, he's as friendly as I would hope, and takes a picture with me, and proceeds to start making out with me. Then, he tells me has to go, and that he'll be back later. So, I need to call all my crazy Red Sox obsessed friends to share my ridiculous story. Of course, I can't find my cell phone in my dream. So I find Katelyn and Freddie, and Katelyn scolds me for making out with a married man. Then, I find Jeff, who I also graduated with and now coaches football at our college. He tells me that he now coaches the Red Sox, who now play football. (I think this must be where my lack of training camp coverage come in). I turn around to find Mike Lowell and Joshua Papelbon in shoulderpads, which, lets face it, Mike Lowell could totally play middle linebacker, Baby Papelbon, I'm not so sure. Anyway, I then turn around again, and it is my entire college football team (which, I was thier student athletic trainer), and Youk is yelling at me to tape his ankles and Sweeney (one of my footballers) is telling me that he should get to go before Youk. I then woke up.

Anyway, I'm glad I can rejoin the Nation starting today. I've missed being neurtoic, psychotic, and all the other good things that go along with being a Red Sox fan.

PS. I could not be more excited about this Patriots season. If I don't figure out a way to get the Patriots in NC I'm flying home every weekend.

PPS. Reggie Miller eh? I know I'm a week late but this Celtics off season is turning out to be a much better time then we first thought huh?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just a quick update to let everyone know the big move to North Carolina is happening tomorrow, so posting may be a little scarce for the next week or two, but hopefully I'll have internet up and running at the new house soon! In the meantime,

Go Sox!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well, last night was fun wasn't it? It was one of those Red Sox games where you just knew something good was going to happen. The Sox finally got some timely hitting, Batshit pitched alright, the bullpen was once again great, and, incase-you-forgot-who-your-mother-fucking-closer-is, it's me, Jonathan Papelbon. He makes me a ridiculously happy girl.
Today is Bobby Doerr (it might get a little dusty when you read that one) day at the Fens, where Bobby says he his making his last trip because he's getting too old to fly out from Portland. Also, it's Timmay's birthday. The amount of good karma flying around Fenway today will be too much for the lowly Orioles.

*Also, the picture above is UNDEFEATED!

The List...

I realized this morning while writing the ESPN entry, that I commented on my “list” of sporting events that I planned on going to. I’ve decided to make an actual list of places I’ve been and places I’m going for your viewing pleasure.

Places I’ve been…

Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY
Oriole Park @ Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
Tropicana Field, Tampa, FL
Rogers Center, Toronto, ON
Comerica Park, Detroit, MI
The Ballpark at Arlington, Arlington, TX
The Boston Marathon, Boston, MA
Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA
The Boston Garden, Boston, MA
The TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA
The Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY
The Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, ON
Saratoga Horse Races, Saratoga, NY
LeLacheur Park, Home of the Spinners (A), Lowell, MA
McCoy Stadium, Home of the PawSox (AAA), Pawtucket, RI
Volcanoes Stadium, Home of the Salem Keizer Volcanoes (A – San Fran), Salem, OR

Places I’m going…

Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ
Turner Field, Atlanta, GA
Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL
Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH
Jacobs Field, Cleveland, OH
Coors Field, Denver, CO
Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL
Minute Maid Park, Houston, TX
Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO
Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Miller Park, Milwaukee, WI
Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN
Shea Stadium, Queens, NY
McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, CA
Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA
PNC Park, Pittsburg, PA
Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC
A Summer Olympic Event
A Winter Olympic Event
A World Cup Game
World Series
Super Bowl (I don’t actually need game tickets, I just want to be in the city)
NCAA Tournament
The Masters
Rose Bowl Parade and game
Big college football game (Michigan, Ohio State, ND)
Duke / UNC basketball game
Kentucky Derby
Nascar Race
Lambeau Field

If I forgot anything, or anyone has a suggestion for something to add to the list, please leave it in the comments!
ESPN loves lists. They are a lazy journalist’s best friend. (Yes, I know I wrote a list yesterday, I am not trying to be the exception.)

Anyway, ESPN currently has a Page 2 list of the “Cantonized” or current NFL players with a “ticket for Canton”. Anyway, I decided to take a peak. Starting off the list is 3 QB’s, Farve, Brady, and Manning. At some point in my life I am going to Canton to check it off my list, and I think I’m going to wait till the weekend Thomas Edward Brady is inducted. The only reason I’m writing about the list is that we are pretty well represented on the list, both current Patriots or former Patriots on the list.

Incase you were curious, here are the “Cantonized” Patriots.

2. Tom Brady
6. Richard Seymour
10. Adam something, used to kick for us?
14. Junior Seau
33. Randy Moss
35. Ty Law

Not to shabby. They then had a list of “on the bubble” and here is what read for Rodney Harrison.

Dirty player or ultimate glue guy? Harrison has been called both. He's the NFL career leader in sacks by a defensive back. As a Charger in 1997, he became the first player to score a touchdown on a fumble return, interception return and kickoff return in the same season. Harrison has raised his game in the playoffs, with six interceptions in six playoff games in the Patriots' Super Bowl runs in the 2003 and '04 seasons. He already has two Super Bowl rings. Would a third seal his enshrinement?

So, I guess the moral of the story is, we need to win another Super Bowl to get Mr. Harrison his ticket to Canton.

PS. I'm kind of surprised Corey didn't get a mention, he's 14th all time in rushing.

PPS. Asante, see your name there? Nope? Get on the freaking plane.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

10 Things I think I think...

Well, I’ve been a little bit MIA lately eh? I promise to never leave you alone on the trading deadline again. I left to go shopping with my mom yesterday morning and my cell phone was 100% dead, so, not realizing the significance of the day, I left it at home charging. A trip to Walmart, Homegoods, the dentist, Target, TJ Maxx, and Sports Authority later. I returned home to find a panic related voicemail from Katie telling me, “I really needed you to be at work today”, and about the Gagne deal. I will never again be away from the TV / internet on the 31st of July again.

Anyway, here are 10 things I think I think (again, sorry Mr. King) about the trading deadline, Celtics (yes, the Celtics!), Patriots and whatever topic I need to get to 10.

*I was surprised how disappointed I was to see Kason go. I was legitimately bummed out. The kid came up, pitched well, always kept us in it, and was very good looking. Everything I love in a starter. I wish him very good luck in Texas (except for the 9 games a year), and I would like to tell him, Kason, no matter what the bartender tells you in Texas, it is a not a “Texas Thing” to drink Jack Daniels, it’s an idiot thing. So steer clear of that. Also, steer clear of Clicks, and whatever you do, leave the Sooner’s flag alone. Oh, and try out the Cheesy Fries at Saltgrass.

*Welcome Eric. I am so happy to see you. It’s always a good thing when you can shore up a league leading bullpen. Gagne is a career closer, so having him for the 8th inning will be sweet. Think Papelbon will be a little bit more fired up to close out the game now that he has Eric in the bullpen breathing down his neck? I do. Also, I love how Gagne had a no-trade clause and an incentive laden contract and the Red Sox were able to get him here by saying, “We’ll pay all the incentives”. Loyalties run deep in MLB.

“So Paul, did you hear we got Simon Gagne,” Me
“Yeah, but I think you mean Eric,” Paul
“Yes, Eric Gagne, why do I keep calling him Simon?” Me
“I think he is some kind of figure skater,” Paul
*I am kind of disappointed we had to send Kason, and two minor leaguers to Texas for Gagne when we could have had him for the same money we paid Jo-it was fun while it lasted-EL. Happy Trails Jo-EL. Also, best of luck to Mr. Brendan Donnelly who will undergo Tommy John surgery.

*The biggest strengths and flaws of your team is always magnified in the playoffs. For example, the biggest flaws in the 2003 team was the inability to finish games and Grady Little, it showed in Game 7. The biggest strength of the 2004 team was the ability to come back, and it showed in the playoffs. The biggest issue of this 2007 club is the inability of the Sox to score with RISP. I swear it will kill me before this season is said and done.
*My fantasy team has been bit by the injury bug as of late and as of early. I currently have Curt Schilling, Joel Zumaya, Carlos Beltran, and Mike Napoli on the DL. I’m also down in the max number of innings for pitcher, so I decided to go out and pick up some probable’s to get some innings, so tonight I have Oliver Perez of the NYM and Boof Bonser of the Milwaukee Brewers. What could go wrong?
*After last nights two home runs, I can’t help but hope that Papi has maybe found his mojo. While David’s power numbers have been down but his average is up, you can’t help but miss that 9th inning feeling, when the Sox are down by two, and you start going the walk-off math in your head. Just so long as one person gets on, and then the next two strike out, we get to Ortiz. If the first batter walks, then the second person gets a fly ball, we only need a double from David and all will once again be right in the world.
*I can’t believe that Wily Mo is still a Red Sox, (although, how much fun was that catch / belly flop / face plant last night?). I am in shock really. I would have thought that we could have at least gotten a case of Gatorade for him. I mean, think how handsome he would have looked in a Kansas City / Texas / White Sox uniform.

*So the Celtics landed KG. I don’t believe it. I wonder if this was Ainge’s plan all along or if this just kind of fell into his lap. The press conference was jovial with the new, “Big 3” showing their smiles and uniforms. I hope that these three mesh as well on the court as they did in the press conference. I really hate to see Big Al go, but we have a chance to win now, and we had to take it. I really liked SG and Jackie Mac’s take on the deal. There is a buzz in Boston and it is about the Celtics, I didn’t think I’d see the day. I am not going to pretend to be a huge Celtics fan, but I’m a huge Boston fan. I am really excited for all those Celtics fans who are just plain giddy right now.
*Good luck Chad Scott with the rehab. This Patriots team has one huge ? and that’s the secondary, so it disappointing to see him go down. That being said, I don’t remember being much more excited for a Pats season. All is well in the New England sports world right now.
*Dear Asante,

I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that I am moving to North Carolina next week, which means I am an 8 hour drive from the Florida border then just a short 13 hour drive away from Fort Lauderdale.

I want you to know that I empathize with your plight for a long term contract, I do. NFL careers are fleeting. One neck injury could end it all. The thing is Asante, the Colts are the defending Super Bowl champs and this is completely, 100% inexcusable. We need to bring the Lombardi trophy back to our house, and you should want to do this for me. (And don’t think for a minute that I don’t understand what is like to be disrespected with a 7.2 million dollar offer, because, in the world of customer service and teaching, this happens a lot.) As your tattoo says, you need to, “Get Paid”. So really, I understand, I do.

But if you think that for one minute I’m going to stand by and watch you sit out till week 10 , you, my friend are mistaken. 7.2 million dollars is enough for your family to live comfortably for the rest of your life, and for the rest of your children’s life. So you are about to, “get paid”, so stop being a little bitch, sign the freaking contract, get to camp, talk to Gene Upshaw about getting the franchise tag removed from the next CBA and prove you are worth the $$. The thing is, I don’t think you are a franchise player. I think you miss tackles by always going for picks and I think that you are soft.

Right now, I’m speaking for myself, although Scott and Bill and I usually agree on things, so here goes. If you sit till week 10, we are using you at all this season, and we are franchising you again in 2008, and then if you don’t play till week 10, we are sitting you the whole season. Try getting a huge multi year deal on the open market with big guaranteed money after not playing for two years.

So go ahead, make a ½ million a game, win the championship sign with someone else in the off season and never so much as get a whiff of the Super Bowl again.

If you think I’m above duct taping you up, throwing you in the backseat and driving you to Foxboro myself, you are mistaken.

If all this seems a little bit over the top, I get a little testy when the Colts are Super Bowl Champions, okay?

Thanks for your time.



I should be back later with some massive links once I get a chance to read everything I missed the past few days.

The middle finger is for Theo...

Working on a post right now, but found this while google image searching for Kason and thought it was too good to pass up.