Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some ramblings this morning...

*The Steelers team doctor charged 150,000 on HGH and other drugs. It's not illegal for him to have that because he is a doctor, but it's a little suspicous that he charged in on his CC.

*"According to a photographer on the scene, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino approached Ramirez behind the batting cage on Field No. 5 at the minor league complex and inquired about the health of his mother, who is currently recovering from surgery. Ramirez put his arm around Lucchino and guided him a few steps away from the cage, where he expressed contrition for the “trouble” he caused by arriving one week after the rest of the position players." from the Herald. The article also says that Manny now decided he wants to stay here the rest of his career. I've said it before, and I'm hopefully not going to say this again, but I don't understand what everyones fascination with Manny is. I want him to be the best right handed hitters in the league. And he is. So there.

*My bus made me exactly one hour late. Thank you MBTA. And incase you were wondering, it was a little cold outside for one hour this morning.

*Sean McAdam from Pro-Jo it appears right now that Jo-EL "don't call me Joel" Pinero is in line to be the closer. I still think Papelbon is going to be closing by June.

*Facebook friend Craig Hansen had an MRI on his back yesterday. Everything was normal.

*The B's added some players to shore up the D.

*Rodney is offically coming back for a 14th NFL Season. I am totally in love with him.

*Also, Stonehill College hired a black football coach. He is only the second black head football coach in New England. What I don't understand is how he used to be an assistant for the 49ers and now he's Stonehill's coach? I would think an NFL assistant could do better than the Northeast-10 Division II? Stonehill's locker room is about 2 miles from the football field and was always one of my least favorite places to go. That and me and one of the trainers once got lost walking to the field and almost ended up missing the start of the game. At least they still have those snazzy purple uniforms and fear inducing "Sky Hawk" name.

*Shaun Livingston tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL with that nasty dislocation. Team doctor says he'll be back in 8-12 months. I don't understand how anyone can come back in 8 months from that injury.

*Does any one else get a Netflix pop up ad all the time? I'm thinking about canceling my Netflix subscription in protest. I'm sure that isn't what their marketing folks had in mind.

*Jackie MacMullan talked to Curt yesterday, a few important things of note. First, Curt sees 20 wins in his future. Hopefully he's not talking about in 2007 and 2008. Schilling remains peeved about what he perceives to be media leaks concerning his conditioning. He held Francona blameless and quickly exonerated Epstein as well, leaving the finger squarely pointed in the direction of CEO Larry Lucchino, everyone's favorite piƱata. If Lucchino is indeed the subject of his ire, then why not name him? "I don't need to name anyone," Schilling answered. "The person knows that I know. I don't care if the rest of you know, too."

In regards to the Yankees, Curt said, "I'm probably one of the worst hated opposing players for their fans. I doubt they'd want me there. It's got nothing to do with [GM] Brian Cashman. I love that guy. And I love Mr. Steinbrenner. But if I went to the Yankees, it would be me walking out of Boston and putting my finger up to the fans.

*Ben Watson is going on the USO tour to visit troops overseas. He seems like such a nice person. Now if only he could stop dropping freaking passes.

*Peyton Manning and Danny Ainge watched Pat Summit cheer on the Volunteers dressed in a cheerleading uniform? I guess the Vol's knocked of Florida 86-76.

*The 22 year old unmarried Lebron James is going to be a father for the 2nd time. (not that I think this is a big deal, but why isn't this bigger news than Tom? I mean, he's 22, has two babies, and isn't married. Maybe its because he never hung out with the Pope).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A great fact from the new afterword from the authors of "Shadows" (from Tom Verducci),

"My favorite fact: the authors detail in their afterword the freakish growth of Bonds' body parts in his years with the Giants: from size 42 to a size 52 jersey; from size 10 1/2 to size 13 cleats; and from a size 7 1/8 to size 7 1/4 cap, even though he had taken to shaving his head."

This is since 1993 when he first went to the Giants. How many people do you know whose shoes grow 2 and a 1/2 sizes after they are 29 years old? Please.
Wright Thompson has a great article about Dice-K and adjusting to the Majors.
In about one week, Barry Zito (right, incase you couldn't tell), went from being one of my favorite non-Red Sox to one of my least favorite people on earth. How the Mighty fall.

Again with a late entry! My four readers are going to riot! (but the Barry and Barry was worth it right?)

The first spring training game is tomorrow! Curt is on the mound, and according to the Globe, the line-up looks like this:

1. Julio Lugo, SS

2. Kevin Youkilis, 1B

3. David Ortiz, DH

4. Jason Varitek, C

5. Mike Lowell, 3B

6. Wily Mo Pena, RF

7. Dustin Pedroia, 2B

8. David Murphy, LF

9. Jacob Ellsbury, CF

I'm excited for some real / fake games to get started. I'm also excited to see my friend, Jacoby Ellsbury (I hate when people call him Jacob, I mean, that is probably what he goes by, but how many people do you know called Jacoby? Me, just one. And by friends, I mean, we are facebook friends. Yes, I am that creepy. As if you had any doubt).

I have a couple Manny things to say. First, I think that the questioning of Manny's agents yesterday was completely immature (calling him a 12 year old and a meal ticket). Aren't these guys supposed to be professional writers? How about calling Manny, "your biggest client" or "immature". I think that that was rude and unnecessary. As for Manny coming late, I wouldn't really care if he showed up April 1st. I just don't want to hear about it any more.

Dear Boston Globe Sports Section Photographers and Editors,

I understand that Diasuke Matsuzaka is a big name / face at Spring Training this year. I truly do understand this, I even already bought my shirt. However, I would like to remind you that there are other players at camp. When I browse through the daily gallery and am greeted by 25 Dice-K pictures followed by 3 of other players, it makes me pound my head on the computer. Some more Beckett please. (And Mike Lowell) (and the minor leaguers I am still getting to know) (and more Beckett).

Thanks, and keep up the good work.



Onto the links...

The Sheff won't cooperate with MLB's steriod investigation. I wonder why. I'm going to miss all the tools at Yankee Stadium with their chef hats. On a scale of 1 being not clever and 10 being very clever, that is at least a 2. My favorite Yankee Stadium tradition (aside from Liam trying to murder that MFY fan on the way out), has always been the, "Hip Hip JORGE". That always puts a hop in my step. (a hop towards an opening to jump out of).

Rob Bradford's blog continues to dominate. You should read it.

Shaun Livingston dislocated his knee. It's on Youtube if that's your kind of thing. Ouch. *Random training room story. I only saw this once on a basketball player, and it was pretty much the gory-est thing ever. Second only to the dislocated shoulder.

Monday, February 26, 2007

My apologies for the late entry this morning, I had this thing to do here, it was called...what is the word, begins with a W ends with a K. Anyway, that is done with now. I hope everyone had a vodka tonic filled weekend like I did...

Manny Ramirez decided he wanted to come to Spring Training after all. Personally, I think he found out that Papi brings a puppy to practice and decided maybe baseball isn't so bad after all.

Papelbon is the man. In reponse to the new rules on bean balls, "That’s bullshit, you know? You’re going to gain no respect from your team and we’re in the trenches together, man. If I go out there and say if my guy, Mikey Lowell or somebody like that gets hit, well, you’re damn right I’m going to come get one of their guys. I’ll go get him the very next inning. If I didn't do that I’d would get no respect form my teammates, you know? That’s just not the way the game works, they’re trying to change the game on us, man."

Curt Schilling responded to Dan Shaughnessy's column from last week on Son's of Sam Horn saying,
“Can you guys imagine if we were actually pissed at each other? This could get ugly fast? Now we'll just have to let hacks and idiots like CHB stir up something that does not exist. “I know CHB finds it hard to believe, which is understandable, but the 'gun to the head' approach was never a factor here, both sides knew this.
“I'd love to tell you I look like Gabe Kapler with my shirt off, I don't. However I weigh 243 pounds right now, which is exactly 2 pounds under what I weighed in at at seasons end last year. The clothes make me look fat.......
“Am I disappointed? Yep. Am I surprised? Nope. Is everyone but the parties involved making way too much out of this? Yep.
“. . . One of the lines CHB failed to put into the article he wrote a few weeks back was me, on the phone, calling him an asshole. He knows as sure as he's reading this right now that I think he's a giant sphincter."

The entire thing is posted in its entirety here.

Kevin Millar is trying to get the Orioles to lose their strict - Yankee like hair grooming policy.

...I think that is all for now, if I find anything exciting the rest of the day I will be sure to update!

Friday, February 23, 2007


By Jackie MacMullan, Globe Columnist February 23, 2007

He was the guy who would miss 11 straight shots, then come down the court with everything on the line and drill the game-winner without blinking.

That's how I will remember Dennis Johnson, the freckle-faced bulldog who joined the Celtics in 1983 and was a pivotal member of the 1984 and '86 championship teams. DJ's role was often diminished amid the long shadows of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish, yet he was the one Bird singled out as "the best teammate I've ever played with."

Johnson collapsed and died yesterday in Austin, Texas, where he was the coach of the Austin Toros of the NBA Development League. He was 52 years old, too young to have his life cut so terribly short.

"What a sad, sad day," said McHale. "I tell you, this one really hits you. I was just talking to a friend who had just talked with DJ, and he was telling me how excited DJ was about his team. I guess his guys had started out losing eight in a row, or something like that, but lately they had been winning, and no one was happier about that than him.

"I can't believe this has happened. First Reggie [Lewis] and now him. We're too young to be losing teammates like this."

DJ was memorable on a number of fronts, but mostly for his ability to rise to the occasion when the games mattered most.

"That's when you really appreciated him," offered Bird. "Not during a regular-season game in Cleveland in December."

Johnson's career averages of 14.1 points and five assists per game don't begin to explain his value. He was an unorthodox point guard, a below-average shooter who was a tenacious defender during critical moments, who used his strength, moxie, and high basketball IQ to make exactly the right pass at exactly the right moment, or drill the big jumper when his team needed it.

"I remember that time in the '85 Finals against the Lakers in [Game 4]," said Bird. "I got the ball on the right side at the top of the key, and they sent two guys running right at me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw DJ was open and I said, 'Thank God.' I knew he'd hit it, and of course he did."

One of Johnson's more memorable hoops was during the 1987 Eastern Conference finals against the Detroit Pistons, when Bird intercepted Isiah Thomas's inbounds pass and relayed it to a streaking Johnson.

"He was stretched out on that play," Bird recalled. "He was using his right hand going in on the left side of the basket. But it never occurred to me he'd miss it. Not DJ. He told me once, 'I'm a horrible shooter. But give me the ball down the stretch and I'll hit it every time.'

"He joked about that a lot," McHale said. "I can remember one season when he was going through a really bad stretch of shooting. Danny [Ainge] was always messing with him. He said, 'DJ, you miss every time. What are you doing?' DJ said, 'I'm just setting them all up for the playoffs. If I shoot bad now, they'll lay off me in the postseason, and I'll light 'em up.' "

For all his offensive heroics, though, it was his defense that set him apart. Johnson was acquired by Boston, in part, to slow up Lakers superstar Magic Johnson. A six-time NBA All-Defensive first-team selection, he became Magic's most formidable defensive adversary and haunted him the way Lakers defensive specialist Michael Cooper haunted Bird. Magic has often said no one bothered him more on the basketball court.

"That was the thing about DJ," said Ainge. "He found more ways to help us win than any other player I've ever played with.

"Whether it was hitting the shot, coming up with a steal, blocking a shot, or shutting down the team's best player, he would do it. I've said this many times: He was a true Hall of Famer."
The fact that Johnson was not chosen for basketball's highest honor was one of a number of disappointments he endured after his playing days. DJ dreamed of being an NBA coach, but a messy domestic abuse incident involving his wife, Donna, hampered his efforts to earn a legitimate shot at such a job. Johnson did coach the Clippers in 2003 and was trying to work his way back to the big leagues when he collapsed.

Bird said he was prepared to hire DJ as a scout for the Pacers when the NBA Development League job opened up. "He liked the idea of coaching," said Bird, who last saw his former running mate at his annual golf tournament in Terre Haute, Ind., last summer.

Although Johnson won an NBA championship with the Seattle SuperSonics in 1979 and was named the Finals MVP, he was branded a "cancer" by Seattle coach Lenny Wilkens and traded to Phoenix. Upon his arrival in Boston, a loose bunch of Celtics were waiting with their own good-natured barbs to break him in.

"I used to call him 'Chemo,' because I told him I didn't want him to spread his cancer," Ainge said. "And we called him 'Spot' because he had all those freckles on his face. DJ was a lot of fun. He took jokes well and he gave jokes well. He was a happy-go-lucky guy most of the time. And we all knew how much basketball meant to him."

DJ came to Boston with a reputation as a difficult player, yet that dissipated early on in his tenure with the team.

"We weren't worried," Bird said. "Who can't get along with [former coach] K.C. Jones? There were some days DJ would come into practice at [Hellenic College] and he'd say, 'I don't feel like doing this today.' We'd say to him, 'Then go sit down on the stage over there. You're not going to ruin our practice.' That's how we handled it. He only did that one day out of 10. The rest of the time he was a great, great teammate."

Ainge said he spoke to Dennis Johnson about a week and a half ago to prep him on the arrival of Celtics rookie Allan Ray, who was assigned to his team.

"He was excited to help," Ainge said. "He was excited about his job."

It has been a tough season for Celtics fans. They've lost Red Auerbach, a ton of basketball games, and now one of the most clutch performers in their storied history.

"It's going to take a while to sink in," McHale said. "I don't see DJ much. But whenever people ask me about him, I tell them how strong he was, how clever he was on the basketball court. He was bigger than most guys, and he had those freakishly long arms. He was better than anyone at stealing the ball. He'd just flick it, then go get it.

"I loved playing with him."

The rest of us loved watching him.


A little Youtube well worth watching...
I'm getting some Dice-K-Mania.
Here are some random things from today:

1. I wasn't overly impressed with Grey's Anatomy, and I'm not buying Meredith could just wake up and be fine after being without a heart beat for over an hour.

2. This morning at work was probably the slowest of my career.

3. I am dying for it to be 4:30.

4. I just had a buffalo chicken wrap from my company cafe and it was just like Charlies. I miss college.

Onto the links...

*Eric Wilbur has a great piece about a solider / Red Sox fan.

*David Oritz just gets more and more ridiculous.

*The U of Tennessee football coach is apparently a huge tool. No spring practice should ever start before April, and the fact that the NCAA does nothing to protect its student-athletes from ridiculous amounts of practices is horrible. How can you justify starting spring practice for FOOTBALL less than 2 months after the National Championship and 7 months before the first game. Somewhere in Tennessee there are some pissed off Student Athletic Trainers. I'll tell you that much. Also, from the useless information department, Danny Ainge's nephew, Eric, is the team's QB.

*Dominic Rhodes wet himself when he got pulled over. I'm not sure what is more fun, A-Rod missing sleepovers or the RB of the Colts peeing his pants.

*Old friend Trot Nixon is going to take it easy this spring trying to rehab, and we also learn in this article that Trot has "Dirt Dog" tattooed under his bicep.

*Good luck Corey. I hope you have a great retirement. Of course, if you sign with another team, you will be dead to me. But seriously. Good luck.

*SG has a quality article on the late Dennis Johnson.

RIP Dennis Johnson...

Sad day in Boston sports…

I know very little about the Celtics. I know a lot of the important things, 16 Championships, the retired numbers hanging from the rafters (most of them anyway), Bird, McHale, Parish, Auerbach, victory cigars, Lenny Bias, dead spots, and turning up the heat in the Garden and turning off the hot water in the visitors locker room. I loved Reggie Lewis and even tried to talk my dad into buying me a “35” jersey. That being said, I didn’t know a ton about Dennis Johnson, I knew he was a great player, World Champion, I even knew that he laid in Bird’s steal. When I did my nightly check of and saw, Dennis Johnson: dead at 52, I guess the highest form of flattery would be that when I told my mom, she was legitimately sad. (this is the same woman who asked me if Walter Payton was Peyton Manning’s father before the Super Bowl because she had heard that Peyton Manning’s father played football). The second form of flattery is that neither one of us wanted to be the one to tell my dad. The third, is that Larry Bird, the Legend himself called DJ the greatest player he ever played with. That is good enough for me.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wait till next year...


Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets for a future Red Sox home game. Unfortunately your entry was not selected for this ticket purchase opportunity.Please be advised that if you registered for the opportunity to purchase Right Field Roof Deck tickets, you are still eligible for that drawing which will take place over the next few weeks.As a fan, your loyalty to the Red Sox is unparalleled and we would like to thank you by offering you a 10% discount at the Red Sox online store.

Take 10% off your total order at the Official Online Shop of the Boston Red Sox. Simply enter promo code BOSGM07 at checkout. Offer valid through 3/7/2007 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Limit one use per customer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount does not apply to taxes, shipping and handling.Thank you again for your participation.
All kinds of fun this morning (mainly because Papi came to camp yesterday and he's always good for a ridiculous quote or two.

*Curt Schilling told WEEI this morning that he would file for free agency after the season after being told by Theo yesterday that the Red Sox would not be offering him a contract before the end of Spring Training. Now, I love Curt, I really do, but I'm sick of hearing his voice. It's great that he doesn't want a raise in '08 and will be willing to play for 13 million, but its not crazy to think that the Red Sox will be hoping any one of a number of young pitchers will be ready by then to take over the 3, 4, 5 slots in the rotation, with Dice-K and Beckett (hopefully!) holding down the 1, 2. Curt also said he would not pitch for the Yankees, but I've heard that some where before.

*The Red Sox present David Ortiz with a truck yesterday, which, I guess is a gesture of, "We know you are a bargin at 13 mil, hopefully this Toyota will keep you happy", but I still find it bizarre that you would buy someone making 13 million dollars a Toyota Tundra truck. Maybe I just think that because my dad hates Toyota trucks and people who buy them (except David Ortiz of course).

David isn't surpised the Sox didn't trade Manny, "It’s hard to find a player like Manny. When you go out there, Manny’s got to be one of the best hitters in the game, no doubt about it. It’s hard to trade Manny because of his salary. It’s hard to get somebody when you trade Manny. That’s what’s been the problem…get what you deserve. Manny is still crazy I’m still babysitting him. Same thing,” Oritz

David wishes he was Japanese? “I always tell people that everyone looks the same to me in Japan,” Ortiz joked. “Which is cool, man because I wish we could be like that in the Dominican, so we can hide.”

*Manny is going to be late because he is going to a car show in Atlantic City this weekend. That and cough cough, his Mama is sick.

*J.D. Drew is going to wear 7, and DelCarmen is going to wear 17. I guess when you give someone 70 million dollars and a long term commitment you should let him wear whatever number he wants, but quite frankly, I don't think anyone other than Trot should be roaming RF wearing 7 next year. It's like showing up to your wife's funeral with your new girlfriend.

*PacMan Jones had $81,000 in a trash bag with him at a strip club where 3 people were later shot. I mean, I obviously don't have $81,000, but if I did, I imagine I wouldn't walk around with it in a trashbag. Also, I read something yesterday, but I don't remember the source, that Jones told one of the boucers he was going to kill him, and that bouncer is now paralyzed from the waste down. (he could be pretty screwed I think).

*Dwyane Wade dislocated his shoulder last night...Dr. SoxGal says he's out at least 6 weeks, although the Heat haven't said anything yet. In my four years as a make believe sports trainer, the nastiest injury I saw was a dislocated shoulder. Also, a dislocated should was the cause of the loudest scream I ever heard on a sideline. (although, in fairness, a torn ACL was close).

*Delonte West has lady friend issues, as in, she tried to slit her wrists and bit him.

*Peyton restructured his deal to save the Colts some cap space.

*This is from Sports Illustrated Magazine from the "Go Figure" section I read on the bus this morning. "2030 - Year in which injury-prone outfielder J.D. Drew will receive the final payment of his five-year, $70 million contract from the Red Sox if he misses too many games by 2010." 2030! From the time my kids are 3 all they are going to do is field baseballs and hit in a cage from the time they wake up till the time they go to bed. I'm going to make Serena and Venus Williams, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods' Dad, along with every other psycho parent look relaxed. My kids aren't going to have time for elementary school.

Well, that is all the news from the reputable sources like ESPN, Boston Globe and whatnot, I'll update later after I have read all my daily blogs.

Oh, one more thing, I went to Dunkin Donuts this morning, and ordered an ice coffee because I've been craving one for a while and it wasn't that cold out. And they made it with hot coffee (does anyone else know what I am taking about here?). I hate when they make it with hot coffee! It's not nearly as good and the ice all melts. They should tell you in advance that they are going to make it with hot coffee, so people can change their minds.

Actually, two more things. This one I just got courtesy of Katie P. Give credit where credit is due, that's my motto.

The Marlins won 78 games last year, with a $19.7 million payroll for a cost-per-win of $252,564 apiece.

The Red Sox won 86 games last year, with a $120 million payroll for a cost-per-win of just under $1.4 million apiece.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, this is the 40th post here since the blog opened on February 1. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far.

As for today, there is not a whole Hell of a lot going on in the sports world. I didn't really find anything link-worthy today, so instead, you can just have my ramblings.

*I don't care if Manny doesn't report till April 1, I really don't. Just so long as he does his usual .300-40-120, I'll be happy.

*Everyone is at camp except Manny...David is having his physical as we speak. I'm excited to see him. Word is he's put on a lot of muscle over the winter.

*If you were looking for a team to give your 40 year old ass another 13 million dollars, don't you think you may show up in great shape? Curt Schilling did not think so.

*Next year I am going to spring training.

*The B's beat Toronto last night 3-0 with Tim Thomas recording his 3rd shut out of the year. They have now won 5 of 6.

*Michigan State knocked off Wisconsin last night in a very fun game. If the SEC is going to fine Vanderbilt for letting its students rush the court after it knocked of Florida, they should consider fencing in baseketball courts like hockey rinks (that sounds stupid? so is a 25,000 fine).

-Maybe I'll update more later if something exciting happens.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pap back in the pen?

From the looks of things below, Papelbon could be back in the pen for 2007. That would be a huge stress relief off my shoulders. Of all things I hate in sports, shaky bullpens are at the top.

February 20, 2007

The closer?

By Eric Wilbur, Staff

Has the closing situation been solved already?

In an interview with the Globe’s Gordon Edes that will air on NESN tomorrow night, Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein hinted for the first time that Jonathan Papelbon remains an option to be the team’s closer this season, which would suggest that the medical staff likes how Papelbon's shoulder has reacted this week. And during their meeting with the media, owner John Henry and Tom Werner seemed even more confident that a decision had been reached.

Werner: Well, we don’t have one today, but hopefully we’ll have one soon.
Henry: I thought we had one today.
Werner: Well, you said we did.
Henry: We do have one, I guess we just can’t tell you who that is. It hasn’t been announced? No closer has been announced?...You can’t always believe what you hear.

We’ll post the audio from Henry and Werner’s press conference in a bit.

I feel that it is my duty to give you links like this. Pictures of Tom and Giselle in Paris.

Random thoughts from the weekend...

After spending the majority of my weekend 1. googling "Tom Brady Bridget Baby", 2. being drunk, 3. being hungover, I have neglected the rest of the sports world. Here are some random thoughts from the weekend:

*After an exhaustive search, the San Diego Chargers hired ... Norv Turner? I guess it was his 58-82-1 career record that won them over. Also, I find it bizaree that the Bear's defensive coordinator Ron Riveria signed on to be a the linebacker's coach after being the defensive coordinator for the Bears. Maybe he's banking on this not working out. Also, after a lot of the surprise teams this year were coached by relatively unknown guys like Sean Payton and Eric Mangini, why would go to with a guy like Norv. That Alex Smith is a genius (the GM, not the QB).

*Bernie Williams hasn't reported to Yankees camp yet. (as far as MFY go, I always thought Bernie seemed like a nice guy). Oh, and A-Rod misses having sleepovers with Derek. Seriously. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

*Josh Beckett had this to say about Keith Foulke, "He was so miserable last year. He doesn't like being hurt. So, in that aspect, no, not at all [surprised]. My locker was right next to his last year. I knew he was dying inside. I think his elbow, I think his back, and his knees [were hurting him]. I think his knees were just killing him. He couldn't walk, he couldn't run. And pitching was just a pain in his butt."

*Gerald Green won the All-Star dunk contest, I missed the first round but did see his sweet over the table dunk. He seemed to be having a really good time. I have said this before, and I will say it again. I find it super annoying that Nate Robinson can miss 8198186 dunks in a row during his two minutes, then get one at the last possible minute. Just dunk the basketball already. The Herald has Dee Brown being happy that Gerald Green paid him tribute.

*Tony Dungy will be back and Dwight Feeney got tagged. Dominic Rhodes when from hanging out with Mickey Mouse to getting arrested with a DUI.

*Rob Bradford's blog has all kinds of good stuff.

Monday, February 19, 2007

More baby news

The girls of the Inside Track have never been more excited...

They do have some good info in here, I'll give them that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The NY Post has a report that everyone's favorite QB is going to be a daddy. Rumor has it that Bridget Moynahan is 3 month's pregnant with Tom's baby. I wonder what Giselle thinks about all this?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Birthday Wishes!

Happy 24th Birthday Erin! I love you!
Happy 25th Birthday Manny DelCarmen! (love you,too)


So, supposedly this is the from the audio that the NFL records of what goes through the coache's headsets during games. This from NE @ SD.

This is from the AOL Sports Blog...

You'll remember the infamous 4th and 11 call that probably doomed SD in the first quarter. This was the exchange that was heard "down-the-line" between Marty and Cam Cameron.

Marty: We're going for it.
Cameron: No f'ing way coach, we're kicking.
Marty: Find a play. We're going for it.
From then on it was a huge argument with cursing left and right. They had to call a time out and when Rivers came over he said, "What's going on, why aren't we kicking the field goal?"

So early in the second quarter, Marty yells into the mic, "Goddamnit, I'm so hyped up someone needs to get over here and calm me down." So the special teams coach comes over to him and talks to him and Marty says, "I was pulling into the parking lot today and I decided we were going to be aggressive. People don't think I can be aggressive but I decided driving in that we were going to be." And the ST coach says, "Coach. You can't let the outside stuff get to you."

Foulke rides off into the sunset...

Keith Foulke announced his retirement today saying that he has been experiencing elbow pain in recent weeks. I absolutely believe that he ended his career winning us the 2004 World Series. In 14 innings pitched in the 2004 playoffs, Foulke gave up 1…ONE earned run and four hits in playoffs in which it seemed like he pitched every game. He pitched a scoreless 1.2 against the Angels in the clinching game of the ALDS. In the ALCS against the Yanks, he appeared in games 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6. He pitched 2.2 innings in game 4, followed by 1.1 innings in game 5 (what closer would pitch almost 3 innings one day, then come back and pitch the next day?!?), and then came back with an inning in game 6 for the save and force game 7. I mean, you can’t argue with Papi being MVP, but Foulke made a good case. He was never the same in 2005 or 2006. He was the kind of guy who wanted the ball when the game is on the line and I believe we’d still be hearing 19-18 with out him. Also, he always seemed like he’d be a good time to have around didn’t he? The kind of guy that would be fun to have a few beers with (or vodka tonics with). Anyways, I’m a little bummed out that he’s not going to be making the trek back to the Fens in May with Trot, I was looking forward to seeing him.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

oh Tom

Charlie Weiss testifies that Tom was the only one who knew he was having surgery. They are so in love.
So long Lenny

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From the bottom of my broken heart...

DiNardo to A's

By Steve Silva, Staff

Cross Lenny DiNardo off your list of potential Red Sox closers for 2007 because he's headed for Oakland. The A's claimed DiNardo off waivers today.
Lenny DiNardo was tipping his cap as he said hello to a friend when he came on to the field to work out this morning, but by the end of the day he would be waving goodbye, as he was claimed off of waivers by the Oakland Athletics. (Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)
The Red Sox announced that right fielder J.D. Drew, who signed a $70 million deal with Boston as a free agent on January 26, was officially added to the 40-man roster. Drew's deal had to be reviewed by major league baseball and the Sox needed to open a slot on their 40-man roster for Drew.
The 27-year old DiNardo went 1-2 with a 7.85 ERA in 13 games, including six starts, with Boston in 2006. He missed missed 92 games after straining his neck in May. The lefthander came back from the disabled list on Aug. 31 and made one start and five relief appearances for the Red Sox in September.
To make room for DiNardo on Oakland's 40-man roster, the A's designated outfielder Hiram Bocachica for assignment.

Okay, I am really confused.
First, Why did Theo need to trade one of me and Katie's favorites on Valentine's Day?
Second, Why did they have to relase him? Couldn't they have dedicated one of the babies to Pawtucket? I don't really know how roster moves work, but I would assume that pitchers like Hansen, Lester, DelCarmen, or Pauley can be moved off the Major League Roster, seeing I don't think any of them have enough big league experience to prohibit something like that, (certainly not Pauley who I think we saw in 2 games last year?) or players like David Murphy and Brandon Moss who are most likey going to start the season in Pawtucket would also be able to be removed from the roster.
Third, Wasn't pitching shown to be the most valuable asset this offseason? Wouldn't it have been worth it to keep good old Lenny around to see how his neck feels and what not?
Fourth, Thanks for ruining my Valentine's Day Theo.
Fifth, I am not enjoying the JD Drew era so far.

Deion Sanders...

Here is Buster Olney's blog entry from today from I know not everyone has Insider access so I'm posting the whole story here.

For those new to the blog, it is a tradition -- a three-year tradition, now -- to begin spring training with the Deion Sanders story. And I'm flying to Florida Thursday.

I don't collect autographs, and the one souvenir baseball I have on my desk contains a full sentence, rather than a signature. The black print is all but faded now, but the message remains indelible, 16 years later.

Deion Sanders wanted to kick my ass.

In 1989, I was just out of college and working for the Nashville Banner, covering the Nashville Sounds, the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. I loved the job and jumped at any chance I could to write.

So when I heard some griping about the Columbus Clippers' new center fielder -- Neon Deion, as he was known back then -- this had all the makings of a perfect feature. He was mostly known for his football exploits at Florida State, and when writing for papers in the South, you find any way to make a football connection, even during baseball season.

The Clippers came to Nashville for a two-game series, and before the first game, I walked up to Deion's locker in the visiting clubhouse, which, in the middle of summer in Nashville, smelled like rotting garbage. It was hot and damp, without air conditioning.

"Deion," I asked, "do you have a second?"

He glanced upward at me, and within the quarter-second that we made eye contact, he might have calculated that I was a very young-looking writer from a college paper. Or maybe a high school paper. Or maybe he just saw my notepad and realized I was a reporter. Or maybe he quickly sized me up as someone he didn't need. Or maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe he was having a good day.

Deion stood, reached into his locker and collected his glove and cap, and walked away wordlessly.

Being relatively new to the business, I was not familiar with the technical definition of what he had done. But later, after experiences with the likes of Albert Belle, I would learn: It's called being blown off.

I returned to the press box and wrote my column, which lacked Deion's perspective on Deion. There were details about how he had managed to draw a distinction between himself and his teammates: He was the only Columbus player who traveled with a girlfriend and the only player who didn't carry his own luggage. He drew a dollar symbol each time he stepped into the batter's box, which tended to annoy opponents -- and his teammates, as well, who were reminded with each Deion illustration that he had a lot of cash and they didn't.

About five years ago, I found a copy of the column, and it was poorly executed and harsh -- probably too harsh, actually, enough to make me cringe. I could understand a little better why Deion apparently was not pleased with what I wrote.

The members of the Sounds who saw the column loved it; they were put off, too, by the dollar signs, by the special treatment that was fueling his rapid ascent through the minor leagues. Many of the Nashville players were career minor leaguers, guys who might've had a few days in the big leagues but were destined to rides buses through small towns for the rest of their careers. Some of them would never get a break and now this football player with an awkward swing was being hand-delivered into the big leagues.

I didn't understand at that time that some of them were probably jealous of Sanders.
A couple of them chortled about the column and I was feeling good about myself, and that's about the time a batboy walked out of the visiting dugout. "Hey, Deion wants to see you in the clubhouse."

His words were flat, but the kid raised his eyebrows the way someone might while informing you a falling manhole cover is about to part your hair. "And he's really pissed."

This is one of those crossroad moments in each of our lives. Sportswriters come in all sizes -- all heights, all widths. But they tend to be vertically challenged and I fit the trend; throw in a pair of well-heeled work boots and I'm still not flirting with 5-10. Buster vs. Deion equals total physical mismatch, so I wasn't enamored by the idea of him and me having a chat in that cramped visitors' clubhouse, in front of 20 other players.

But I also thought that personally delivering myself bodily to him -- especially after he ignored me the day before -- would be something of a surrender.

I wanted a more neutral site than the visitors' clubhouse, but I had to stand behind the words I wrote. Some of the Nashville players heard all this going on and listened in; my rep was at stake. So I took stock of all this and told the batboy, loud enough for all the players around to hear:
"Tell Deion," I said, with far more bravado then I felt, "that if he wants to talk to me, I'm out here."

I glanced around the batting cage. A couple players smiled and nodded. Yeah, that's right, don't give in to that guy. Make him come to you. Way to stand up behind your words, man.
Yeah, what a tough guy. What a joke.

So I leaned against the cage and waited and considered all the possible resolutions to the confrontation that was now inevitable. In later years, the NFL rap on Deion was that he didn't like physical contact, he wasn't a great tackler and you could run right at him. But at that time, he was still larger than most baseball players and I didn't think my 150 pounds would intimidate him (I've put on 20 poorly placed pounds since then, but I don't think they would change the basic dynamic of any Buster vs. Deion confrontation).

I knew the possibilities of what was to come, generally:
1. Deion would rush out of the clubhouse and clothesline me like I was a receiver catching a pass over the middle.
2. Deion would rush out of the clubhouse brandishing a bat and give me the Juan Marichal treatment.
3. Deion would rush out of the clubhouse and go nose-to-nose and get so far in my face that I might accidentally nudge him, therefore giving him the opening to slap my notepad and my head over the left field wall.
If he did come after me, my options for self-defense were limited. I wasn't going to run, so my only shot was one later popularized by an NBA coach about my size:

1. Dive at his legs, hang on and wait for everybody else to break up the fight. The Jeff Van Gundy Rope-A-Dope.

I was new to the business, so I never considered the possibility that Deion -- who was much more experienced in the athlete-writer give-and-take than I was -- would simply verbally challenge what I wrote. I prepared only for the worst-case scenario.

I kept waiting behind the batting cage as Nashville finished hitting. No Deion. No Columbus Clippers, in fact; turned out they were having a team meeting. If Deion actually wanted a piece of me, well, he would miss his chance, because the Clippers were getting an earful of inspiration in their clubhouse, probably inspired by a Steinbrenner dictum.

So I returned to the press box before game time, not knowing about the Clippers' team meeting, wondering if Deion's anger had subsided and he thought it a waste of time to complain about a column written in a small afternoon paper (which would fold a decade later).

In fact, Deion was still quite perturbed.

In the fourth inning of the game, the same batboy who had summoned me on behalf of Deion walked into the pressbox, holding a baseball. "Deion told me to give this to you."

The baseball was dirty, probably a left over from batting practice. In the sweet spot, Deion had scrawled a message. He didn't include his signature.

Keep writing like that your whole life, he wrote, and you'll always be a loser.

Words to live by. It's my one true souvenir.

Charles Barkley vs. Dick Bavetta

Sir Charles and the worlds oldest ref are going head to head in a race all star weekend.

Thanks for nothing Mother Nature

Good Morning. I'd like to thank Mother Nature for giving us enough snow to make it a pain to go to work, but not nearly enough snow to close the office. I'd also like to thank her for giving our New York offices enough snow that they are probably going to close early. I'd also like to mention that our Ohio and Kentucky offices closed early yesterday, so thanks for that.

Anyway, not a lot going on today. The B's beat the Oiler's 3-0 last night in "Hail to the Chief" night. Apparently, the Celtics did not play the Bucks last night in Milwaukee, but rather will play them here in Boston, tonight. The lesson there is that you should never take what I have to say about the Celtics to be true.

Down in good old Fort Myers Diasuke Matsuzaka played CATCH yesterday. Wright Thomson, writer for drove 110 from Miami to Fort Myers to watch Dice-K play catch. (scroll down a little in the blog). A good AP story on Lester. My favorite person named WilyMo is going to arbitration on Friday. (because 1.75 million isn't nearly enough to strike out all the time and make pop-ups look difficult).

Also from the Globe:
"Lugo plans to arrive early, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Lugo will be playing alongside Mike Lowell, who won't be playing next to Alex Gonzalez on a regular basis for the first time since 1999. That's when they began to play together with the Marlins, and both came to Boston last season. Gonzalez signed this winter with the Reds. But while Lowell said it will be an adjustment not to be playing with Gonzalez, he named a different player as the one he'll miss most: Gabe Kapler, who retired as a player at age 31 to become manager of the Sox' Single A team in Greenville, S.C."

I'm going to miss Gabe too. Someday, our paths will cross again Gabe, someday.

Thanks to work Katie (aka, WKatie), we have this pretty funny picture of David getting his grove on (check out the pictures on the right). Chris, you should translate this article and post it in the comments.

From the MFY, Joe is trying to get in touch with Bernie, and Cashman is going to talk to Mo (after his comments that he would sign with another team after 2007)

Peyton Manning tried to keep Super Bowl a "normal" day. "Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning told David Letterman he tried to make Super Bowl Sunday as close to a normal day as possible. Manning, who was a guest Tuesday night on The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, said that was the advice he got from three Super Bowl alumni -- Hall of Famers John Elway and Troy Aikman and Colts nemesis Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. "And that was the best advice they gave me, was to do whatever you normally do," Manning said. "So I kept my routine as normal as I could so I felt real comfortable all week and the game felt pretty normal to me."

Okay, I don't want to be a jerk here, but Bill left Peyton a message wishing him luck and Tom gave him advice. WTF?
(okay, that ^ is the last time I talk about the Pats till the Combine).

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More baseball news...

A very interesting article on Devern Hansack who no hit the O's for five innings in Trot's last game.

Dice-K arrives in Fort Myers

Dice-K played a little catch with George Kottaras and met with some of the Sox staff. Now, is it just me, or does he look a little chubby?

It's begining to look a lot like baseball

Anyone watch the new last night? They had RED SOX HIGHLIGHTS. Of course, it wasn’t an actual game, it was Beckett, Delcarmen, Lester, and Papelbon playing CATCH. That’s right, catch, with an actual baseball and glove. After a winter of hot stove talk and “10 questions about the Red Sox” columns, I’ll take it gladly. I was at the gym when they showed the sports part of the news (I know, the gym, I’ve been so bored that I have gone to the gym the past two days to kill time). Anyways, Josh is sporting some new facial hair, which, I’m still up in the air about. Papelbon has some long on top, short on the sides thing going on (it’s not quite a party in the back yet, but well on its way). And, best news of all, Jon Lester looked tanned and healthy, which is so great.
Here’s some good quotes from Amalie Benjamin’s blog…

With a cap on, hiding his still growing-in hair, Jon Lester appeared almost like his old self today at the minor league complex. Lester was one of the first few to arrive in Fort Myers, where he's been for about a week already, as his strength and mechanics work back into the shape they were in before he was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma last season. He threw a session on the mound wearing a black T-shirt that read "it's a strong man's game" across the back.
"When I first saw Jon today, I almost didn't recognize him because I didn't expect him to look that good," said Jonathan Papelbon, after arriving today for the first time. "Look the same old Jonny to me. Obviously I've said prayer after prayer for him this off season, me and my wife. It's just awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome to see him come back from that. The fight that he's gone through, you know, it's just amazing. For me that's the kind of teammate I want, somebody that's never going to give up, somebody that's going to go out there and bust his butt to succeed and bust his butt to get where he wants and deserves. That was awesome, almost like a pick-me-up."

"It's a strong man's game"

Also within the blog, a story how Papelbon spend his off season hunting with Eli Manning among others. How do they know each other? Too bad there wasn’t a Dick Cheney like accident. (just kidding – think of how many less jokes there would be in the world without Eli around. It would even be hard to make fun of Peyton for not winning a big game. Oh, wait, never mind. That is it! That was my last Patriots related comment till the draft. Or the combine. Or until they tag Asante and he holds out.)

Also, Lester had changed his number from 62 to 31, Delcarmen from 57 to 17, Kyle Snyder from 52 to 39. Those three are all very lucky I am not currently an owner of their jersey. I wonder if Lester wore 31 in HS or something, seeing that 62 is 31 + 31 and then they didn’t have it available when he got here. I think he wore 62 in Portland too though. This is why I need to be a Red Sox reporter. Because I would get to the bottom of these important topics. Lenny DiNardo also reported yesterday. Also known as the second hottest Red Sox employee at Hot Stove Cool Music.
Matsuzaka arrived in Tampa last night.

Some good Lester stories out there today by Gordon Edes and Jeff Horrigan.
The Padres signed a minor league deal with a Marine who lost a finger in Iraq...
Marty's out in San Diego...

In other Boston sports news -
- BU won the Beanpot over BC (what else is new?)
- The Celtics are going to attempt to end the skid tonight against the Bucks in Milwaukee.
- 'The Chief' Johnny Bucyk is being honored tonight at the Fleet. (er, TD Banknorth Garden) and Ray, Cam, and friends are expected to be on hand. I saw an ad for this in the paper last week, was going to buy tickets because I thought it would be a fun thing to go to, and promptly forgot about 3.8 seconds later. I got more important things to spend my money on anyway, like, 150 dollar charity event tickets and PawSox games (especially if Lester and DelCarmen are down there) {are you supposed to capitalize the C? I think you are, but I'm not sure.} Okay, I'm rambling...(but who cares! People are throwing balls in Fort Myer's, woohoo!)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to be doing my, "so-much-snow-they-close-my-office" dance all day long in my beautiful gray cubicle. I also thing that I am going to take down all my Patriots stuff in my cube today. It is depressing me. (okay, that is the last time I write about the Patriots).

Monday, February 12, 2007

My old buddy...

This is a pretty funny story, kind of related to my old friend Nomar Garciaparra.

*I don't want to hear anything about how it's from the Toronto Sun.

Everyone loves truck day!


Today is truck day. Which means we're all one step closer to nights with Remy and DO. Afternoons with Timlin and Tavarez. Breakfast with Coco and Papi. Checking scores on Sportsdesk and staring just a bit too long at Hazel's cleavage and swearing this is the year I finally grow a 'stache like Eck's. Begging for tickets and refusing to leave the house before the final out is recorded and taping up my knuckles for those nights when we just can't push that winning run across in the ninth. Soundproofing the apartment and fire-proofing the furniture and re-installing that layer of bulletproof glass over the TV screen. Leafletting the neighborhood so they know that the bloodcurdling screams they'll be hearing from my place are nothing to worry about. Unless it's in October. And we're playing the Yankees. And I've got my gun permit.It all begins with a truck. With a convoy. And we're ready to roll once again.

Some left over Super Bowl pictures...

They have a very special bond. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

There is a reason they call him Sexy Rexy.

Happy Truck Day!

The truck carrying all the Red Sox equipment down to Fort Myers leaves today!
Hopefully this dark abyss that is not quite football and not quite baseball will end soon.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

but I always thought he'd look so handsome in a Red Sox uniform

Joe Mauer signed a 4 year contract extension with the Twins, with 33 million. With the way teams were spending like drunk sailors this past off season, you'd think he could have gotten way more in the open market, but he is a hometown boy.

Morning links..

I love waking up on Sunday mornings, er, afternoons and knowing the Globe is just waiting outside my doorstep.

Gordon Edes has a great article at the ridiculous lengths the Sox are going through to make Dice-K feel comfortable. It's a good thing that he is going to get those 10 free flights each year because I'm sure the millions of dollars he's going to be paid won't be able to cover those flights. Edes also has the top 10 storylines of spring training.

Happy 90th Birthday Dom Dimaggio!

Mike Reiss has the football notes...I love him.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not much going on today...

I laid in bed this morning, wondering how come getting ready, going out, dancing, taking shots, and waking up with a hangover the next day never seems to get old.

Just read the Globe's Sports section. Nothing going on at all today, the Celtics lost 17 and the fans at the TD Banknorth Garden let 'em hear it. I'm re-thinking my decision to buy a cute Celtics shirt at the game last week. I guess there is always St. Patrick's Day.

There was, however, this except this little tidbit about Tom. "Quarterback Tom Brady, who is playing in the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, told KNBR radio in San Francisco that he didn't watch the Super Bowl XLI because he wasn't interested and it was "too painful to watch." He also said "general soreness" kept him from playing in today's Pro Bowl as the first alternate.

General soreness is going to keep me from watching todays Pro-Bowl in Hawaii.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Some proof I'm still not over the Colts...and neither is Tom

Bill Simmon's has some thoughts about the Super Bowl...including this little tidbit...

It's also the place where I finally met Tom Brady -- not because he knew my columns, but because one of his friends knows a good friend of mine from back home. Poor Brady was trapped inside a roped-off area hiding next to the bar, with his buddies shielding him from any unexpected approaches, almost like an offensive line. He's extremely friendly and jarringly tall (a legitimate 6-foot-5). We ended up commiserating about the Pats-Colts loss for a few minutes (needless to say, he was still kicking himself about the 21-3 lead) before one of the Farrelly Brothers appeared out of nowhere and I ducked away -- if we were introduced, either he would have taken a swing at me for my "Fever Pitch" review, or I would have taken a swing at him because it was his fault that I had to see Jimmy Fallon high-fiving Curtis Leskanic 45 seconds into the greatest sporting moment of my life. So that was my brush with Brady. Much more exciting than the time I met Neil O'Donnell.

This is an excellent process...

I went 0-3 on the chance to buy Red Sox tickets for Opening Day, Patriots Day, and the Yankees. Anyone have any luck?

Slow day in the sports world

Pretty hilarious post from Kissing Suzy Kolber regarding Chris Simm's brother Matt's party habits / him being a tool.

The Bruin's gave up a natural hat trick (I don't know what natural means) in 100 seconds last night, which, I imagine to be pretty quick.

Tony Romo not only isn't dating Carrie Underwood after all, he is going to be the NFC's holder in the Pro-Bowl. They are going to have Rex Grossman start at QB also. Bill is thrilled.

Daniel Graham and Asante Samuel do not want to be tagged as franchise players. I'm shocked.

That's about it. I'm off to look into buying some Paw Sox tickets.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Does Wily Mo know how to pitch?

but I thought Bronson loved that Dirty Water...

Sweet 16?!

Some thoughts from the Celtics last night...

Celts scored 27 in the 1st quarter to lead 27-17, and then scored 52 the rest of the game, including 13! in a terrible 2nd quarter.

They gave up an 11th pick for Telfair? Good thing he's played 15.53 minutes last night.

I really like Gomes. Even if he is a Yankees fan (he's from CT). He led all Celtic scorers with 15.

Wally Szcezerbiak started to look good off the bench, hit a few 3's and promptly sprained his ankle. Kind of the story of the Celtics right now.

In the begining of the 4th they started throwing up 3's even though they were down 12, with 12 minutes left. Why not go to the paint and get 2.

I really don't like Scalabrine, I just don't.

Dwayne Wade is unbelieveable. He had a very quiet 30, had a ton of amazing defensive plays, and throws himself around with abandon. I feel like eventually he's going to hurt himself because he's always slamming himself into the floor. (he also maybe got the loudest applause during the introductions)

8 players on the Celtics are younger than me. 8! I feel like that is a lot.

They had a thing on the jumbo tron last night about Paul Pierce having the Non-Invasive Surgery Center named after him at Tufts, which I found kind of ironic seeing he was in the hospital last night. Just how do you infect your elbow anyway?

This is going to make me sound old, but I really don’t like all the stuff that goes on at NBA basketball games. I can do with out the swirling jumbo-tron, the throwing of shirts, the paracutes, and the dance team. Maybe my main problem is I am easily distracted.

The only blind man to climb the world's tallest mountain on all seven continents was honored last night and got a standing ovation. (the biggest of the night). It was very nice.

I had a gross nerdy married couple that were Miami Heat fans sitting in front of us, which, I usually don’t mind opposing fans, (so long as they are knowledgeable / not jerks), but these two were making out, oh, hunny, get me a beer too. And the girl had her hair in pigtail buns and was probably 25 at least. I hated them.

Miami shot 51 % from the floor. Impressive.

They had a little kid dance group called, “Da Phunk” and they were awesome. There was probably about 50 of them, and they were doing a step team like performance. I could have watched them all day.

They also had an acrobat that rode a unicycle while throwing bowls onto her head. It sounds less impressive than it acutally was.

The Celts have the NJ Nets up Friday, then the TWolves Sunday...I hope it doesn't get to 18.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Alex, oh Alex, too easy.

Alex Rodriguez has a new book about a boy names Alex who makes an error to cost the team the game and then loses his confidence as a result. I wonder how he ever came up with that idea.

Also, this is worth mentioning, a die hard Bear's fan has legally changed his name to Peyton Manning after the Bears beat the Colts.

Red Sox thoughts heading into Spring Training...

Some important info here. I’m so excited to be talking / thinking about the Sox. My outlook is a lot more optimistic than usual. Don’t worry though, I’ll probably be my old, miserable self by opening day. I just can’t wait for some baseball. As you read this you’ll probably notice at some points I tried to write using stats and stuff, and then I got bored with that and started rambling.

Also, thanks to for all these stats that will be used today. This site is a great way to kill a few hours / days.

1B Youuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk. Last year was the first time Youk appeared in 100 or more games (147) and responded with 13 HR, 72 RBI, and a .281 batting. Obviously you’re hoping for more power from your 1B but more than anything, I’d like my mom to stop asking why everyone is booing him every time he is up.

2B I was going to write how Dustin isn’t ready and how the Sox should have resigned Loretta. Then I realized Dustin was born on August 17, 1983, making me a full 6 months older than him. He’s 23 and not turning 24 till August! So while I sit here at my entry level job, he’s going to be playing 2nd base for the Sox. At some point, you have to see what your young guys can do and I’m excited to see if he’s got it or not.

SS Julio Lugo has a lot of questions. How bad is his defense? Did he smash his wife’s head into the hood of his car? How will he respond to the crazy fans of Boston? An Alex Gonzales fan at Hot Stove Cool Music asked Theo why the Red Sox thought it was necessary to go get Lugo instead of resigning and he replied, “Because he can hit”. So, hopefully, he’ll hit.

3B Obviously if we trade for Todd Helton tomorrow this is a big waste of time. Actually, this blog is probably a pretty good waste of my time whether we trade Lowell or not. As for Lowell, he won the distinguished award of, “Amanda’s Favorite New Red Sox” last season. And made my favorite catch of the season (the one into the stands)

RF Ah, J.D. Drew. Welcome to Boston. I strongly suggest you hustle in your first few weeks here if you know what is best for your health. I am glad I am not replacing one of the most beloved Red Sox players of all time. Here’s some comparisons of J.D. Drew over the last 9 years, and Trot over the past 10.
Sim Player From To Yrs G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB
J.D. Drew 1998-2006 9 960 3161 605 905 160 33 162 509 529
Trot Nixon 1996-2006 10 982 3285 547 912 204 28 133 523 454

They are pretty similar stats, with David Jonathan getting the slight edge in most categories, with one less season, but similar games played. Trot is also a year older. I have obviously heard all the “Nancy Drew” comments, but I’m expecting big things from JD. I think he’s worked out his injury problems, and is excited to play in front of a rabid fan base like Boston. (or at least this is what I keep telling myself).

CF Here is what I know about Coco. They made those stupid brown Crisp shirts for him. His dad is an official card carrying member of Red Sox Nation. He lets little kids pour milk on his head. It takes an extraordinary amount of time for his pinkie finger to heal. That being said, we really don’t know much about Coco, but I do think his finger wasn’t healthy all season and that caused a drop off in his numbers. I don’t think he will ever be Johnny, but I think he plays a better CF than Johnny, and with the batting on this team, he won’t need to put up big numbers to contribute. (and he won’t)

LF Yesterday, Tito held court with the media at Fenway, and said he hasn’t spoken to Manny since December but that Manny had talked to a few of the clubhouse attendants. Is there a more bizarre super star than Manny? This off season, Manny Ramirez was again speculation of a number of trade rumors, but once again, nothing came to fruition. I really do feel bad if Manny really does hate it here, but it is obviously in the best interest of the Red Sox to keep the career average .314 AVG, 42 HR’s and 135 RBI behind David. I fully expect Manny to put up his same 300/40/130 numbers he has been putting up his entire career. Sure he’s a baby sometimes, takes a long time to return from some injuries, but all those walk offs we’ve got to see David hit over the past 3 season would not have been possible with out #24 batting behind him.

DH David Ortiz. Just saying his name makes me happy. No other Boston athlete has come close to making me as happy since 2004 as David has. No one even comes close. I mean, doesn’t just looking at that picture put you in a good mood? My favorite in person moment at Fenway last year came in the bottom of the 9th, 2 strikes, 2 outs against the Texas Rangers.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, David was the only player to pinch my cheek and say, “Hi Sweetie” at a nightclub last season.

SP Assuming everyone can stay healthy, our starting pitching should be one of the strongest in baseball.
Curt – I think the Red Sox should just give Curt his 13 million and not have to listen to him talk about being a free agent all season. Mainly because I don’t want to have to listen to him talk about being a free agent all season. If a 4 years older David Wells is pitching this season, Curt must have two years left in him right?
Joshua - Probably the most frustrating pitcher to watch last year. However, he’s not yet 27 and throws gas. Hopefully the new pitching coach can talk him into throwing more off speed and breaking balls, and hopefully he’ll give up less than 36 HR’s this year.
Diasuke – Remember during the Pedro era when you’d wake up and think to yourself, “Pedro’s starting tonight”. That is what I’m hoping for out of the Matsuzaka era. But I’ll take 15-5 3.25 ERA.
Jonathan – I wish he was still closing and we could have Lester / Clay / Hester in this spot, but the medical staff knows more about subluxation (sp?) and shoulders than I do, so I’ll take their word for it. I think he’ll be great in the starte’rs role as long as he too, mixes his pitches more. I almost jumped from the upper deck of the Trop last year when he blew the save with two strikes on the guy because he came at him with fastball after fastball after fastball. In his own defense, I think Corkey Miller was his catcher that game.
Tim – The one starter whose jersey I do not currently own, and it’s not because I don’t love him, it’s because, well, Curt, Papelbon, Beckett and Matsuzaka just seemed more exciting. That, and I need a day to wear my Ortiz and Lowell shirts. (I’m not sure how I’ll work Jason into the mix yet). You know what you are going to get with Tim. A ton of innings, great pitching when the knuckleball dances and a shellacking when it doesn’t. Either way, I love Tim.


I’d be a LOT, and I mean a lot more confident about Craig Hansen’s chances to close if I hadn’t seen him at the Purple Shamrock wearing this coat. I showed my dad this picture the following day and he huffed, “Trade him” before walking away in disgust. However, he was very nice and didn't even seem annoyed we were bothering him.

As for the rest of the pen, it will be interesting to see how Pinero, Timlin, Lester, and the rest of the young guns get it done. Hopefully Lester is feeling strong. I was a little concerned when I read that his hair is growing back (makes you realize how much his body has been through), and that he went down to Florida early to give his body time ot adjust to the temps down there. Obviously the most important thing is that he is cancer – free and should be able to contribute at some point. Donnelly has big game experience from the WS with the Angels (and I bet he has a cool Orlando handshake as well).
I really think Alex Cora has naked pictures of Terry Francona somewhere. I think he played way too much last season, none the less, I think he’ll be good to have to play behind Dustin and Lugo. I love Doug. Oh, and Wily Mo is extremely handsome in person. I thought everyone should know that. Too bad he seems to strike out every time he’s up.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Random tidbits...

Matt Light is going to the Pro-Bowl. I bet he's glad Jason Taylor and him are on the same team this time around.

Mike Lowell is answering the phone, "Now batting 6th for the Colorado Rockies" when Terry calls.

Julian Tavarez sprained his ankle in the Dominican. There goes the season. That could put a damper in the Todd Helton trade.

Paul Pierce has a fever and Gerald Green is going to the slam dunk contest. Anyone care? Didn't think so, but I am going to see Dwayne tomorrow night.

J.D. Drew Getting Ready for the season...

Here is an interesting tidbit of J.D. Drew's off season work out / recovery plan. Quite frankly, I don't trust anyone who goes by J.D. but whose actual name is David Jonathan Drew. Is the J.D. his middle initial and last name? Was he called Jonathan as a child? These are things I need to know..and until further notice, everyone can call me J.A. (Jane Amanda).

Anyways, here is his "routine". I especially like how he has a special device in his cell phone to limit radiation.

QRS: Daily, 24 minutes on a relaxed session before bed; Apply to needed area (shoulder, knee) after workout.

Lubriflex: Supplement to enhance joint cartilage and preserve joints.

Vitatonic: Replenishes valuable nutrients.

P2R (Prepare 2 Repair): Helps mitigate shock protein response created cellularly from exercise trauma; helps cells hydrate and recover faster.

Cell phone strategy: Use of BIOpro chip and BIOpro pendant to limit radiation-induced damage to body's cells.

Hyperbaric chamber/Far-infrared sauna: Device to remove toxins from the body

...tomorrow I'm going to have my spring training preview. I hope everyone still sleeps okay tonight.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Thoughts while perusing's free agent tracker...

I cannot believe a 36 year old Jim Edmonds got 19 million dollars and a 33 year old Nomar signed for $500.000 less. We all know how I feel about Nomar.

I can't believe Shawn Estes signed a minor league deal, he's only 33, didn't he used to be good?

I have a terrible feeling Keith Foulke wins the AL Comeback Player of the Year.

I think the BoSox over paid for Julio Lugo.

I think the Red Sox, throwing around money like me with an open tab at 1:30 AM, should have signed Loretta for $3 million incase Pedroia can't hit.

With the amount pitching costs these days, and Gil Meche and his 55-44 career record and 4.65 ERA getting 5 yrs / 55 million, the Sox could have found $5 million dollars for Foulke.

Trot Nixon, RF 32 Signed Cleveland 1 yr. $3,000,000 I think I just threw up a little.

I thought Andy Pettitte was 40, not 34.

I'm very happy to see Rudy Seanez signed with the LA Dodgers. Better them than me.

I can't believe David Wells has another year in him at 43. He's only 4 years younger than my dad.

I think Kerry Wood and his one year / 1.75 milllion were a good idea by the Cubs, even if hurt elbows are tricky.

I think Roger is going to sign with the Yankees, but use the Sox to up his asking price.

I can't believe Barry Zito got 126 million and 7 years out of the Giants.

11 Days till Pitchers and Catchers!
I just checked my gmail, and I have an email from inviting me to buy Colts Championship gear. How many Red Sox fans are going to be interested in buying Colts Championship gear. Honestly? How dare they?

Peyton really has a ring? Really? UGH.

I don't know why I am even reading these articles because they are only making me depressed, but...

I am overjoyed that Adam is so freaking happy. Really, I am.

I like the shot Bob Ryan takes at Eli at the end. Those always cheer me up.

I am mildly happy that I won't have to read any more about how the Manning's can win the big games. How Peyton lost 3 State Championships in a row in high school, how he never beat Florida...Actually, I take that back, I'm really going to miss those.

Overall, I have to say, that between the ridiculous pre game show, the horrible calling my Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, the poor play, crappy commericals and the fact that Peyton now has a ring, it was probably my least favorite Super Bowl ever.

I'd have to put the over under on the amount of commericals Peyton films this week at 284. And I like the over.

At least Papelbon is excited about starting. Gives me something to look forward too.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


I don't think I have EVER seen anything so bizarre as that Cirque du Sole pregame show. It was like the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on LSD.

Yeah, I caved and am watching the game.

My Super Bowl Pick...

I really like the Colts today. I think that defense came together at the right time, and Peyton Manning is without a doubt the best quarterback in the NFL. You can't be a talented as Peyton and not get a ring, it just doesn't happen.
My pick: Colts - 33 Bears - 22
Manning: 28/40 350 yards 4 TD 0 INT Grossman: 10/33 173 1 TD 2 INT
(can you tell my Super Bowl squares numbers are Colts-3 Bears-2?)

So, hopefully, my reverse jinx above is enough to curse the Colts.

I got my "I hate Peyton Manning" shirt on and am ready to go.

My real pick: Colts - 23 Bears - 32 (yes, I know my numbers are improbable)

Manning: 20/38 175 2 TD 1 INT

Grossman: 22/40 275 3 TD 1 INT

Also, if Adam kicks the game winning kick, I will absolutely not get out of bed till Opening Day.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Here it is, the inaugural blog entry. I’m planning to use this space to post my thoughts on the Red Sox, Patriots, Boston, pop culture, life, and whatever else I might think up. I’m hoping this will give my friends a reprieve from the massive amounts of emails that I fill their inboxes with daily, and hopefully add something insightful and worth reading.

It has been a dark two weeks here in Patriot-land, and I don’t see any chance of reprieve anytime soon. If the Colts win this weekend, we will be subjected to the anointing of Peyton Manning for the rest of the off-season. If the Bears win, well, the Patriots will still not be SB Champs for the 4th time in 6 years. Personally, I’m still pretty upset the Colts have managed to ruin one of my favorite days of the year. I love the Super Bowl. I love the game, love the commercials, love Super Bowl parties, love it all. And this year, I will be spending it wearing my “I hate Peyton Manning” shirt hiding under a rock. At least if the Colts collapse, my suffering will be eased up slightly.

In Patriots news today, Jackie MacMullan has an interesting article about Ted Johnson and his concussions.

As for the Sox, we’re still 14 days away from pitchers and catchers. While I am excited for the begining of Spring Training, I'm much more excited for April to head down to Texas for the Sox series.