Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now, I would hate to be those people who are still complaining about the tuck rule. I would. That being said, Ellis Hobbs got a letter of apology from the NFL for calling an incorrect penalty on a play that eventually led to a Colts touchdown. So, I'm not going to whine, I'm not going to complain. I'm just going to say that Peyton's Super Bowl doesn't count and needs to be removed from the record books. That's all. The Patriots are free to play the Bears next Sunday, by the way.

Man I've missed these boys...

Man it is good to see you Mr. Harrison!
The always adorable Bruschi family.

My God I have missed you!

Mike Vrabel playing with Tedy's kids.

Bill, I've missed you too. Especially your cut off sweatshirts and surly disposition.

All photos from The Boston Globe because I spent two hours in traffic trying to get to training camp yesterday before finally giving up and coming home.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I love him.
The Red Sox are continuing to show me why I hit the panic button a little too soon. But, let’s face it. I’m nothing if I’m not a panicky, crazy, worrier of a fan. We just took 3-4 from the Indians, Jon Lester completed his amazing comeback, Matsuzaka and Beckett dominated, Gabby and Tavarez were picked up by the bats for once, and today we are heading onward to Tampa Bay (would give a major organ to be laying on the beach outside the Sirata right now).

Today is the first day when training camp is open to the public and is my last chance to see the Patriots live, probably for the season, unless I somehow make it out to Charlotte on the 24th, but I’m probably not driving 6 hours for an exhibition.

Tonight we got Timmay and the gents taking on those cute (allbeit peskey) little Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

And seeing that it worked last time, let’s not forget who likes to murder small animals.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The big move...

Faithful readers, I have an announcement to make. I’ve accepted a teaching job in North Carolina and will be moving very soon down there to get an apartment and whatnot. I will do my best to keep the blog up, but if I’m MIA for the next few weeks, I appreciate your patience. (That means I don’t want nasty, are you ever going to blog again messages).

I do, however have some tickets that I am not going to be able to use because of the move. Let me know if anyone is interested!

I have five tickets to the games August 11th and August 12th games at Camden Yards if anyone knows anyone looking for any. The Friday night, August 10th ones were $40 each and are in Section 262 and the Saturday ones are on August 11th for Section 71 LR and were $18. I'll sell them as 5 together, or as 2 / 3 if anyone knows anyone that is interested. I also have 5 tickets to the Phillies / Marlins game for that Thursday night, as we were going to stop on the way down.

Also, I have 2 tickets to the PawSox against the Rochester Red Wings on Monday, August 6th @ 7:05 that were $10.00 each, and 3 tickets for the PawSox against the Yankees on August 31st at 7:05 that were also $10.00.

I have 3 tickets that were $4.50 each for the Spinners against the Tigers on Sunday, August 5th, and 4 tickets for the Spinners against the Staten Island Yankees on August 27th at 7:05 that were $6.50.

If anyone is interested email me at and we can work something out.
Do me a, "A Rod is a little bitch" great is that. I'm so famous.

Thanks to Ashley for pointing that out!

Dear Thomas Edward,

Hi, how’s it going? I know you’re a little busy these days with Baby Brady and birthday celebrations and whatnot, but I just had to write you a quick little long rambling note. First, let me tell you a few things about me. When I get 12 cents in change, I think of you. When I picked up one of the new David Ortiz hats at the Reebok outlet the other day and realized that it had come in contact with an Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Champion hat, I threw it back, and then went and washed my hands.

So, maybe right now, you’re thinking, “So, you’re completely out of your mind! So I have a Yankees hat on my head! Who cares? You shouldn’t care, just so long as I keep winning you football games.” And that theory is well as good, except you play football here. In New England. And I’m not your average fan Mr. Brady, incase you haven’t noticed. (although I know there are plenty out there like me). I worry constantly. I fret. I overanalyze. I was depressed for months after the AFC Championship loss. I didn’t go out to watch the Super Bowl (even though it is one of my favorite days of the year). My heart physically hurt and I thought I was going to be sick when the confetti came falling down in the RCA dome. I know enough facts about players on your team to write a book. I agonized over whether or not to resign Troy Brown like it was my decision. I believe that Scott and Bill can do no wrong, but Theo still makes me nervous.

But most of all, when all things are said and done. I love the Patriots and the Red Sox. And I hate the Yankees and the Colts. I love more than I hate, but I really enjoy the hating. So when you’re prancing around Manhattan with your Yankees hat on, it hurts a little. (I mean, how would you like it if David Ortiz started prancing around with a Colts hat on?). The Yankees fan in my office puts your picture on the bulletin board. I have to look at it. I hear about. And I don’t like it. I know you’re probably thinking, “but it’s just a hat”. But it isn’t just a hat to me. It’s painful and annoying and quite frankly, a little disrespectful to all those who cheer you on every Sunday, snow, rain, sleet or shine in Foxboro.

There are a lot of hats in the world. I even have some suggestions. You seem to love Europe, been spending a lot of time there with the gf and all, so what about a futbol team hat from Europe? You could be chic and stylish and not pissing me off all at once. Not much of a soccer fan? Me either. What about a Michigan hat? If you loved Michigan ½ as much as I loved Assumption, this should be a logical choice. I believe you to be sponsored by Nike. What about a nice little plain hat with a cute little swoosh on it? I’ve seen you in those Gap ads. What about a nice little “GAP” hat? I’ll even buy you and Baby Brady matching hats if you want.

Now, there is one scenario that I haven’t given much thought to. That you may, actually be a Yankees fan. Tom, this would hurt my heart a little. If they make you happy, then I’ll accept that fact. Maybe, you grew up wearing Reggie Jackson’s jersey. Maybe you know Roger Maris’ career stats. Maybe you are delusional enough to believe Roger Clemens is the second coming. However, if this is true. You may never wear a Red Sox hat again. (and I don’t want to see you taking BP in a Sox jersey either Mr. Brady)

There is only one kind of fan I hate more than I hate Yankees fans. And that, is the bandwagon fan. So, Tom, lose the Yankees hat, or lose the Red Sox hat. But don’t make me come down to Foxboro on Friday night and have a talk with you about this.
Love always,
PS. Who runs in khakis?

Monday, July 23, 2007

A couple links on Jon Lester Day!

*I hate when, after a tragedy, someone says, "This kind of thing reminds you what really matters". As if something horrible needs to happen to remind me that baseball is just a game.

However, story is just horrific. The AA hitting coach of the Tulsa Drillers, Mike Coolbaugh, was struck in the head and killed during a game Sunday during a Texas League game, he was 35 years old. He leaves behind a wife, Mandy, two sons, Joseph and Jacob. His wife is due with their third child in October.

*"Reliever Joel Pineiro has been designated for assignment to make room for Jon Lester on the Red Sox roster, Terry Francona announced after the game. Pineiro is out of options, meaning the team has 10 days to release or trade the pitcher." From the Extra Bases Blog. I'm pretty surprised by this one, Pineiro seemed to be pitching better as of late. I think that we must have something in the works / almost complete for another bullpen arm. Also, we have 10 days to trade him, and the deadline is creeping up on us, so we'll see. Our overall team hotness factor was severely effected by this move.

*After giving all of RSN a collective heart attack with that head first slide, we hear he might be out till Wednesday. From Edes notebook,

"David Ortiz is still sore, Francona said, indicating he may miss more games. Ortiz said he might not be back before Wednesday.
"David has been examined and everything's fine in that regard," said Francona. "He's sore and stiff. I'm confident you'll see him in Cleveland at some point. I don't know which day."

*Let's all say a little prayer for old friend Alex Gonzalez, who has missed a lot of time this year with the Reds to be with his ill son.

Gonzalez still out: Shortstop Alex Gonzalez missed the seventh and final game he's permitted under the bereavement list rules to be with his ailing 10-month-old son, Johan, who is hospitalized in Cincinnati. Because he is not ready to return, Gonzalez is expected to be placed on the restricted list by the Reds on Saturday. It will enable the club to play with a full 25-man roster. There was no word on when Gonzalez might return. (from

*David Beckham played soccer for LA for the first time.

*Someone won the British Open.

The Great Autograph Experiment

I got another returned SASE only this time, there was a real life autograph in it. Good old Mike Timlin is my first success story! I sent him the card of him on the Blue Jays, and he sent me back that card signed, and the card of him on the Red Sox with a spiritual message on the back of it.

Running Tally:

Items returned signed: 1
Items returned unsigned: 1
Items still out there: 18

The back reads, "I play baseball and I hunt. While those seem very opposite activities, they are actually quite similiar - at least in one aspect. They both require focus-whether the focus in on the outisde of the plate, or on the target in the woods.
Actually, focus is parkt of what it means to be a believer in Jesus as well. The focus is not on what we're trying to do-but on Who we're doing it for. Read the rest of my story at
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men: since you kno wthat you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward." Colossians 3:23-24.
Better late than are some pictures of Clay and Jacoby from the Paw Sox last week!

Look at that action shot! I should be a professional!

It's a strong man's game

On April 30th Jon Lester made his season debut for the Pawtucket Red Sox on a cold damp New England night. Tonight, the amazing comeback story comes full circle as Jon will be taking the ball for the big club tonight against those hard hitting Cleveland Indians. I am so excited for him and for all the people he has inspired this last year.

Is it 7:05 yet?

(also, I know I have been slacking, but I have all kinds of good stuff on the way, promise!)
photo credit goes to the Boston Globe

Friday, July 20, 2007

Closing my eyes and hiding under my desk...

I don't want to talk about last night, or how we could put the Yankees back to 8 games back and didn't, or how we've played like crap the past month, or how JD Drew and Lugo really have done nothing to win me over, or how we cannot buy a hit with RISP. And don't you dare give me the whole, "Amanda, if we had said in April we'd be 8 games up on the Yankees heading into August you'd be thrilled" bullshit, okay? So there we go, that is me, not talking about it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

These pictures are worth MUCH more than 10,000 words...

It's kind of like someone took this picture specifically for me. Like they said, "Hey, look at Paps and Mikey sitting there drinking beers, playing cribbage, you know who would love this picture, Amanda. I better take it for her"

Joshua's girlfriend. Now, I'm not saying that Josh isn't infinitely hotter because he plays baseball than he actually is. I'm just saying his girlfriend is...surprising.

Manny and Okie drinking wine. My only question is, where is Papi in all these pictures? Maybe these are Papi's pictures? Maybe he took them for me? Papi's probably sitting on the floor indian style between the pilots touching buttons and trying to grab the controller with a huge grin on his face.
I mean, how great are these pictures? Kansas City who? Whoever took them, thank you for bringing them into my life.

Objects in rear view mirror may be closer than the appear...

This is going to be a rambling mess, but I haven't posted in a while and I have a about 29293 things running through my head right now. Proceed at your own risk.

Okay, I'm offically stressed out. Our in ability to hit with runners in scoring position is so freaking frustrating I can't take it anymore. David's single followed by Manny popping out last night just added to my tension. I'm wondering if we need to make a move for another bat (although if our lineup could just hit how we know our lineup can hit, all would be well in my world). July 31st is quickly approaching and I think Theo has a big move in store for us. Here is my things with trades. I don't think in terms of statistics or productivity or contracts. I think in terms of how much I love the player. Under those rules, Jon Lester, MDC, the Typo Twins (Jacoby and Kason) (Credits to Surviving Grady for that one), Mike Lowell and Wily Mo would not even be considered for a possible deal. (I didn't mention Jonathan, Tek or Papi here, because they are clearly not going anywhere). Anyway, the moral of my story is, I wouldn't trade any of those guys because I love them. Theo, obviously, doesn't go with this heart. Lenny Dinardo performed at Theo's Hot Stove Cool Music event and then got released just before opening day. And, if I was the GM of the Red Sox in 2004, I never would have traded Nomar, and we probably wouldn't have won the World Series with him. And we'd be on 89 years of futility and my whole life would probably be different. So, the moral of this story is well, I don't know, but hopefully Theo does.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm off to see Clay tonight! I'll have full details and pictures tomorrow!

(Red Sox texts are welcome)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Let's remind those Blue Jays who is the boss around the AL East!

Hello on this lovely Sunday, I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I am currently enjoying the Sox game, but I was going through my mail and I had one of my SASE from the Great Autograph Experiment of 2007. I sent out 20 "fan" notes with SASE to 20 Major Leaguers, just to see who I'd get back. I got my first back today, unsigned along with my note, from Manny Ramirez. Apparently Mr. Ramirez doesn't deal with fan mail, but someone took the time to send my card back, which is nice.

Dear Mr. Demarlo Hale,

If you ever run my torn minicus boyfriend into a GD out at home to end the inning again, I promise to inflict SEVERE bodily pain.



And I leave you with the handsomest third baseman and El Capitan...

Friday, July 13, 2007

So I have the attention span of a gnat today. Sue me.

Could HE be anymore dead to me?

Be wary of our 5th starter, he just might wreck your shit...

The badass picture of Wake seemed to work out last night, so here goes it again, this time with your starting pitcher, ladies and gentleman, Mr. Julian Tavarez.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I think I see Cashman in the distance Mike...

A little bit of bad-ass to start the second half. Tonight, it's Wake vs. Holliday. As for me, I'll be at the Spinners with the rest of the gang.

Road Trip: Toronto

Sunday morning, we got up at 7:30, d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g and finally hit the road about 9. We got to the hotel in Toronto, the Holiday Inn on King Street about 1:30 after a wrong turn or two. If you ever go to Toronto, I highly recommend the HI on KSt. It’s nice, is right near both the Air Canada Center and Rogers Center, and has a sweet pool on the 16th floor. We went to Toronto for two reason, one, so Kerry and Colleen could cross the Rogers Center off their list of parks to go to, and two, TROT.

We arrived at SkyDome / Rogers Center / Rogers Centre (those silly Canadians) a little before two. We bought 9 dollar tickets and promptly sat about 7 rows back from Mr. Nixon in RF. I had decided prior to the game that having no real vested interest in the game, that I would cheer for the Jays out of respect for the home team, and for Trot Nixon, out of undying love. It was the 5th when we arrived. I looked up at the scoreboard and told my cousin, “Hey look, Josh Towers has a no-no”. The next pitch was a line drive for a double, so, sorry Josh. We said hi to Trot. Told him we missed him. Told him to come back to us. Told him he was beautiful. Told him that JD is nothing compared to him. Told him we loved him. You know, the usual hello’s.

The surrounding Blue Jay fans, and I use the term loosely, seemed mildly annoyed. But listen you dumb asses. I stood and clapped after the double. That is what you do when a no-hitter gets broken up. Of course, none of you idiots know that do you? I may have been a little touchy after my interactions with Detroit fans, or maybe Blue Jays fans hate us too. I told one Blue Jays fan to get a life and lose the inferiority complex, and asked another how it felt to be in 2nd place, since I had no idea. And the rest I murdered and buried in the woods near the border.

Anyway, Trot seemed happy to see me (this my imagination talking - but he could def. hear us seeing you could have confused the Dome for a lib). We were glad the Jays won in the bottom of the 9th because we were going to have to hang ourselves from the empty upper deck if we had another extra inning game. After the game, we went and got some dinner and then went back to the hotel, loaded up on Tylenol PM’s and went to bed at 5:30 at night, and got up at 4:30 for the big ride home. We made it from Toronto to Woburn in about 9 and a ½ hours, getting back about 3. All in all, a fantastic time, although the only real downfall of the trip was the actual games.

Next Road Trip: Philly and Baltimore – August 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Road Trip: Detroit

After leaving Niagra Falls at the crack of 11, we finally made it to our hotel in Detroit about 5 after stopping off to see some old friends, and me almost getting us arrested at the border for not remembering where we had been the night before. (Hey, it was a long trip). We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Dearborn, after hearing that this is where the Red Sox stay. That was not our only reason, part of it was that we wanted to stay somewhere where wouldn’t get murdered, but, it did have something to do with it. We asked the bell boy when we checked in, and he told us the Sox stayed in downtown Detroit at the Atheneum Suite Hotel, which, is where our bell hop friend told us they stay. We never actually checked it out, because we aren’t those kind of girls. (Okay, we are, but we were scared to leave the area directly around the stadium, and directly around the hotel). I guess the Yankees and Twins stay with the Ritz, but the Sox and White Sox stay at the Antheneum. Just so you know. Anyway, after a quick change, we headed down to Comerica. On the ride, our friendly cab driver told us that he had picked up some Red Sox coaches and dropped them off at the Sox players entrance earlier in the day. So now we weren’t sure where they stayed. Anyway, the game up, sucked. Julian didn’t have it from the beginning and it was a really fun time to be in Detroit. (Not).

Let me tell you a few things about Detroit. I have now been to Fenway, Camden Yards, Sky Dome, Yankee Stadium, Tropicana, and the Ballpark at Arlington. Of all those places, my favorite stadium, hands down, is Comerica. It’s huge, had awesome architecture, really cool Tiger statues everywhere, plenty of concessions, beer men in the stands, lots of bathrooms, ect. Just an absolutely beautiful park overlooking the Detroit skyline.

That being said. Let me tell you a few things about Detroit fans. They bring kitchen utensils to the game and wave them around when Gary Sheffield is up (no wonder he wanted to be a Red Sox), they only make noise when 1. Red Sox fans make noise, 2. The scoreboard instructs them to do so, their old park, Tiger Stadium, opened the same day as Fenway, yet they don’t know to stand with two outs and two strikes. They are all covered in 2006 ALCS Champions shirts and hats. I don’t know about you, but where I come from, I don’t celebrate championship losses. It’d be the equivalent of me wearing an AFC East Champion shirt. I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a pen. And finally, the most damning evidence of all that they suck…Saturday’s game with Gabby pitching was the second highest attendance in the HISTORY of Comerica, AND Tavarez’s start Friday was the fifth highest in attendance. How is this possible? They played two ALCS games and 2 World Series games last year! More people come out to see the Red Sox than the World Series? And, it wasn’t like the Nation completely invaded Comerica like we usually do, we were definitely in the vast minority, with a scattering of Red Sox fans in our section, but completely outnumbered.

When we got to our seats in the first game, we sat in the wrong seats and I sat next to a Tiger’s fan who didn’t actually believe I was a Red Sox fan (because I was just dying to go to Detroit on vacation and needed an excuse?). He asked me how long I’ve been a Red Sox fan…(implying that it was since 2004), and didn’t seem to buy that I have been a diehard since 1997 when Nomar Garciaparra came into my life. He asked me if I knew the significance of the day Old Tiger Stadium and Fenway opened (the Titanic sank). Then, he told me the Tiger’s called up a bunch of players from their AAA team to face and I told him that the Paw Sox would destroy the Mud Hens (I don’t know how I knew their AAA team was the Mud Hens, sometimes I just know random shit). At least he was convinced that I was, in fact, a baseball fan, he began to explain to me how Curtis Granderson was screwed out of a spot on the All Star team by Major League Baseball. I informed him that the teams select which outfielders to put on the ballot, not MLB, so in fact, the Tigers screwed Granderson. At this point, I realized that he, in fact, didn’t know his shit, and had us move to our proper seats (okay, that’s a lie, the people whose seats we were sitting in came).

We went out for drinks after and came back to the hotel. I went into to full scale stalker mode, staking out the lobby in search of signs of Sox. (Not that I would have said anything anyway, seeing I was in my PJ’s with no makeup and such dark lack of sleep circles under my eyes that I looked like I’d been slapped around). Of course, there weren’t any, the bell boy had been telling us the truth.

For the second game we had the human typo, Kason Gabbard on the hill. He pitched great, giving up two runs, and of course, once again our O couldn’t get anything going. From the 8th inning on, every time the Sox got a batter on, Papelbon began warming up. This started to make me nervous, thinking that if this game goes a while, we are going to wear him out before we even see him. The entire pen does his job, and as we move to the bottom of the 13th, Terry decides to bring in cinco-ocho. Sometimes with Pap, I just know it isn’t going to end well. I knew he had thrown a ton of warm up pitches, and we didn’t even have the lead. When he hit Sheff and I was surrounded by waving kitchen utensils, my stomach sank. Still though, I had faith. Then Pudge came through with the game winning hit, and we headed to the exits in a hurry (skipping the free post game fireworks). Now, I understand that I was wearing a Papelbon shirt, and I understand we were in enemy territory. However, I have never, in my life, been called the things that we were called on the way out of that park. (including Yankee Stadium. I really think that the Yankees fans giving us shit, and they do, are more in good fun than the Tigers fans were). I mean, I don’t get why they hate us so much. I really was surprised. I mean, we don’t even play each other that much! And I’m not sensitive, I was fully expecting a ton of shit when we were walking out of there, but I was surprised with how ridiculously vicious a lot of the fans were. When I was at a Tiger’s game at Fenway earlier this year, no one was giving them a hard time. It’s indifference when they are here, and apparently a huge deal when the Sox are there. So much so that people would rather go rag on Red Sox fans than see their team compete for a World Series. After the second game, we wanted no part of the locals, so we retreated to the friendly confines of the Ritz and had some cocktails in our room before bed. Because, of course, we once again had a big day of driving ahead of us.

Road Trip: Cooperstown and Niagra Falls

Kerry and I left our lake house in NH at 5:30 on Thursday morning, picked up Colleen and her 34 Vera Bradley bags at 7:45, we were off to Cooperstown. We got there in a little under four hours, thanks to my fantastic navigation skills and superb parking job, we entered the hall about 12. As soon as we entered we realized our first mistake. Going during the summer. Little kids EVERYWHERE. Now I love little kids, but only if we share DNA. These little rugrats where everywhere, getting in my way, stepping on my feet, and standing in front of my camera. So, we immediately decided that if we ever go to Cooperstown again, we are going during the day, during the school year. Anyway, besides that, there is obviously a ton of cool stuff there, my favorite two items were the Cy Young jersey and THE sock. I have the complete album on my facebook, but here are a few of my favorite pictures. One thing I don’t like about the H of F is that there is so much stuff, it’s hard to walk through without the feeling that you just missed something important. The way the rooms are set up and the artifacts are arranged I think if confusing. Or I’m an idiot. Both are probably true. After Cooperstown we continued on our journey to Niagra Falls. This part of the trip took about four hours as well. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot, went down and saw the falls, went on this really cool ferris wheel that gave both Kerry and Colleen panic attacks, had some shots, drinks and dinner at the Hard Rock Café, and went to bed because we, of course, had a lot of driving to do the next day.

Blogger hates me today. Hopefully be back later.
Sox1Fan has some great quotes from our All Stars, including these,

Of Manny’s absence, Papelbon quipped: “Manny is here. I think he might have checked into the wrong hotel or something, knowing him. He did come on the flight with us here. After that, I think he got lost. It’s more like, ‘Where’s Waldo?”... we give him a hard time about it all the time, (but) he just tries to be as private as he can”.

The Red Sox all-stars were transported to San Fran on John W. Henry’s Leerjet after the three game debacle in detroit wrapped up on Sunday. Asked about the trip westward, starting pitcher Josh Beckett said: “It was great. We got to listen to Cinco Ocho (Papelbon) yell at Mike Lowell for beating him in cribbage the whole way, it was great”.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh those Phillies are nice!

I'm going to have my road trip recap tomorrow, but in the meantime, I leave you with the single greatest link of all time.

Even their mascot sucks...

Home Run Derby Recap!

Well, I'm back. I hope everyone missed me. I'm starting off today with a Home Run Derby recap and will then have a road trip recap later on today. The quote of the road trip definitely goes to our cab driver the last night who said, "You girls know what the best thing about Detroit is? Chicago is only 3 and a 1/2 hours away". Right on sir, right on.

We have a pregame concert by the Counting Crows, which, whatever, but we do also have....Mike Lowell videotaping the CC with baby Mike Lowell! This is absolutely my favorite part of the HR derby, cute pictures of cute players with cute little kids.

The Home Run Derby starts off with all the players being introduced by the always horrific Chris Berman. Honestly! What does he bring to the table? He's just loud and annoying and I don't know anyone besides Bill Belichick that likes him. I can't wait for him to tell us that a ball is hit to Japan when we clearly see it landing in the bleachers. Grrr. We do, in the annoucements, get our first "Bermanism", Albert Winnie the Pujols. Shut UP!

The Derby contestants were, for the American League, Alex Rios, Vlad Guerrero, Magglio Ordonez, and Justin Morneau. From the National League, we had Matt Holliday replacing the injured Miggy Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder.

The pregame ceremony, I imagine could not have gone worse for the ESPN production team. The microphones were all screwed up, I'm sure we were hearing things that we weren't supposed to, no one seemed to know how Willie McCovey was supposed to hand out the bats. They made an old man with two canes stand up to do the whole thing. That being said, I thought the gesture was a nice one, and the players all seemed pretty excited to meet him. Alex Rios shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Sir". I like Alex Rios, he's my pick for the derby. On Sunday in Toronto they had this video montage of Alex Rios, and the PA announcer said, "Let's hear it for our All Star, Alex Rios" and everyone in RF (where we were sitting), stood up and gave him a standing O. It was a nice moment before the Toronto fans started yelling at us.

Matt Holliday is in the running for my new non-Red Sox boyfriend.

Barry Bonds loves Peter Gammons apparently. Barry could almost be described as, well, jovial. He was nice, almost considered charismatic in his interview. He's trying to win everyone over for when he gets Hank's record. Barry says that he's disappointed people judge him by what a third party said. I haven't finished Game of Shadows, but from what I've read, I'm pretty convinced he's guilty. He says that he has, "The utmost respect for Hank Aaron" and understands that, "Hank has a life" and doesn't want to follow him around the country waiting for him to hit the HR.

Next up was Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers. I was hoping he'd tear both ACL's during his swings, but instead he sucked. In Detroit they do this, Magggggllliiiioooo, OH EEE OHH, Maggggllllliiioooo, OH EEE OH song everytime he's up. It's almost as annoying as Hip Hip JORGE in the Bronx, and just as gross.

We then had a fantastic interview with A-Rod, who put on a suit for his big prime time appearance. He said he, "Had dinner in about an hour". He didn't say if he had it with Cynthia or Joceyln. He also said, "NY has been great, there's something special about putting that uniform on day in and day out". A-Rod, they hate you. You are so opting out. Cut the BS.

Alex Rios hits 5 HR's, while Erin Andrews talks with Jake Peavy who is looking extremely handsome and is joined by two extremely cute little boys.

The camera then cuts to A-Rod chatting up Barry Bonds, "Really Barry, they hate me more, I'm sure of it"

Prince Fielder steps in, and he will absolutely be an American League DH very soon.

I have a few issues with ESPN's Derby coverage, but mainly, there are not nearly enough cute little kids. Also, why aren't they interviewing the players after they hit? And how come they don't have any players miked up?

Ben Sheets son looks EXACTLY like him. Almost creepily.

Vlad is up, and he gets a few quick outs and Papi steps in (the first real clutch thing he's done all year), and gives Vlad a new bat, and he gets on a mini tear and doesn't seem to be too distracted by Papi yelling at him the whole time.

Ryan Howard has a disappointing outing, kind of like his first half, and when he walks back over, Dmitri Young's son yells at him, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?". Please, the only reason your dad is an All Star is because of the "one guy from every team" rule.

..."That's all the way to Saucilito"....kill me now.

Oh I got to ask, who is the guy with the spray painted tee shirt that keeps running up to and tackling all the Dominican guys? Who let that guy on the field? Someone look into this and report back please.

I really like Karl Ravech. I always feel bad for him because he's usually the one smart person in a room full of idiots.

I find it very cute Matt Holliday is having his brother pitch to him. It almost worked out. We also learn Matt Holliday was a QB at Oklahoma State. He looks like a QB.

We get some Freddie Sanchez and Trevor Hoffman complete with cute little kids. Yay!

At this point, we have the always hard hitting journalist Joe Morgan ask Dusty Baker about the infamous "Game 6" decision. He doesn't explain anything about it, but I did some research and this is what I found, (from wikipedia)

Game 6
October 26, 2002 at Edison International Field of Anaheim in Anaheim, California
The turning point in the series came in Game 6. Leading 5-0 with one out in the bottom of the 7th inning, 8 outs away from the Giants' first World Series title in San Francisco, Giants manager Dusty Baker pulled starting pitcher Russ Ortiz for setup man Félix Rodríguez after Ortiz gave up consecutive singles to third baseman Troy Glaus and designated hitter Brad Fullmer. In a widely publicized move, Baker gave Ortiz the game ball as he sent him back to the dugout. During the pitching change the Rally Monkey came on the jumbotron, sending 45,037 Angels fans into a frenzy. Angel first baseman Scott Spiezio came to the plate and fouled off pitch after pitch before finally hitting a 3-run home run that barely cleared the wall in right field. The rally continued in the 8th inning, as Angel center fielder Darin Erstad hit a leadoff line-drive home run, followed by consecutive singles by Tim Salmon and Garret Anderson. (Chone Figgins pinch ran for Salmon.) When Bonds misplayed Anderson's shallow left field bloop single, Figgins and Anderson took third and second respectively. With no outs, two runners in scoring position and now only a 5-4 lead, Baker brought in closer Robb Nen to pitch to Glaus, hoping that Nen could induce a strikeout that might yet preserve the Giants' slim lead. However, Glaus slugged a double to the left-center field gap over Bonds' head to drive in the tying and winning runs. In the 9th inning, Angels closer Troy Percival struck out Rich Aurilia to preserve the 6-5 victory in front of the jubilant home crowd.

I guess giving Russ Ortiz the game ball turned out to be a bad idea. Dusty was never a Red Sox fan. We would have known better than to do shit like that.

Seriously? Who is the guy with the tee shirt?

Vlad hits 3 HR's in the final round to beat Alex Rios' 2 as I fade in an out of conciousness. I'm happy for Vlad, but would have liked Rios to win. In a bizarre turn of events, ESPN has a guy from ESPN Deportes interview Vlad in Spanish, and then translate what he has said. I'm pretty sure that Vlad speaks English. A bizarre night from the ESPN production team all around.

All Star game tonight, Peavy and Haren starting it off, and this time, it counts. (whatever)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Hi from

I did not bring my laptop because I forgot my charger at work, but I did just pay 5 dollars for 10 minutes of internet.

Anyway, we left NH at 5:45 and got to Cooperstown at noon. We went through the Baseball Hall of Fame in a about an hour. I would love nothing more than to do it over myself. I think it's a great take, but I think that the set up makes it easy to miss stuff. I did see Cy Young's jersey, Curt's bloody sock, Manny's bat, and of course the plaques of Bobby Doerr, Ted Williams, Yaz, Fisk and all the others. I took some nice pictures that I'll post when I get home.

One final thing, Okajima is IN! And the fact that him and Chris Young both made it when I voted about 34 times for both is no slim coincidence. At least I am pretending it isn't.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well, I said I'd only be back if I came across something really great, and well, I came across something really great. Ladies and Gentleman, Wily Mo's Myspace. I am about 99% certain it's legit. And I love it.
Went to the Rangers game last night. I really wanted to get there early and yell at the Texas players how weak their fans are and how annoying the song, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" clap clap clap, but I had to return some overdue library books and go to the ATM on the way. As Katie and I were cutting through the common, a man yelled to us, "Going to the game?", we told him we were, and he asked who they were playing, we told him Texas, and he proceeded to argue that we were actually playing the Devil Rays and that Matsuzaka was pitching. You're a day early, buddy. Don't let this pony tail fool you Sir, I know my shit.

There was no line at the Cask and Flagon, so we had to stop in and have a beverage. The Old Cask is 10 times better than the new Cask, by the way. Anyway, two drinks later we head into Fenway and stop behind home plate to watch the pre-game stuff and come to realize we are standing right next to Larry Lucchino donning a red hat with the Sox on it. He went inside after the first pitch, which was thrown by the newest member of the Celtics, Ray Allen, who, received a very nice ovation from the faithful. I was very disappointed with myself that I didn't air all my grievances regarding how much I hate Red Sox Nation: The Official Fan Club of the Boston Red Sox.

Anyway, we make our way to our seats, where we are sitting in front of a man how is doing play by play into his camcorder, next to a man who looked completely miserable the entire game, and behind a guy with the biggest head ever. (I always sit behind that guy). You know how the game went...Kason pitched great, Jacoby made us drool, and we finally got some timely hitting. 6 Twisted Teas later Katie and I head off to the Baseball Tavern, wrangle some free drinks from some older gentleman, head over to Dominos, realize we missed the last commuter train home and the last T, and ate a small pizza, buffalo kickers, and cheezy bread. I make best friends with the employee there named Carlos from Ecuador. Well, he just goes by Carlos. I tell him I'm going to become his pizza assistant. We end up getting a very sketchy cab ride home. I was thinking the odds were probably 6:1 I was going to end up in a trash bag in the Charles. I arrive home safely, call Katie ("I was 45 seconds away from calling the cops"), and pass out. I woke up to a BLARING headache about 4 this morning, chugged two glasses of water and 3 Excedrine, woke up at 6:30 and chugged another glass of water and two more Excedrine, and sadly got dressed (thank God I laid out my outfit last night). I am now just WAITING for it to be lunch. I have a bad case of the hangover munchies. Anyway, it was a superb time, great game, good to get that winning feeling back.

First game against the D-Rays tonight. I actually thought the MLB contracted and no one told me. The Dice and Kazmir tonight, should be a good one.

*Stephen Gostkowski looked snazzy at a charity golf tournament in Quincy yesterday for WAAF.


"From an article by Jason Quick in The Oregonian yesterday, it sure appears that Danny Ainge made an immediate effort to get the number one pick from the Blazers after Portland won the draft lottery:

As he drove to Eugene to watch a play with his daughter on May 23, less than 24 hours after winning the lottery, Pritchard took a call from an Eastern Conference general manager, with whom he had past dealings.

The executive made an offer that was moderate in shock value: A five-time All-Star and this year's lottery pick in exchange for the No. 1 pick and the Blazers' 2008 first-round pick.
As enticing as the offer was -- the Blazers in years past had made a run at the All-Star player -- Pritchard declined on the spot.

Five time All Star...who the Blazers had made a run at before...sounds like Paul Pierce to me."

I really can't imagine that Danny Ainge thought he had any shot of getting the 1 and the 2008 first rounder. I wonder what Pritchard would have done had he just offered PP and the 5 for the 1. Very interesting.

*Mrs. Papelbon feels bad for Mrs. Rodriguez, saying, "It would kill me if people said the things they’re saying about A-Rod about Jonathan. I mean, that’s her husband. People forget that. He may play baseball, but he’s still human and she’s still married to him. I’m sure she’s embarrassed, but I don’t know how she feels. It would be my worst nightmare.”

*Bill Burt says, Pardon the Interruption, but Wilbon is a jerk, after Wilbon said that the reason Garnett and other NBA super stars didn't want to come to Boston is because Boston is a racist city.

*I really don't like the Herald, but I do enjoy the inside track on are some goodies...

We hear...that NESN vixen Hazel Mae chickened out of crashing starter Josh Beckett's roped-off table at Saint the other night. How bashful of her! Beckett was hoisting a few with fellow pitchman Julian Tavarez and sidelined outfielder Coco Crisp. Other baseball biggies in da house: Texas Rangers slugger Sammy Sosa, who headed over from Bar 10 at the Westin Copley Place with closer Eric Gagne and fielder Jerry Hairston...

Tracked Down...Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell signing autographs and showing off the Lumber Liquidators Red Sox race car at the company’s HQ in Braintree . . . Sox hurler Curt Schilling and wife, Shonda, buying paper baseballs at Shaw’s at Fenway to support the store’s Pitch’n to Win campaign that supports Curt’s Pitch for ALS . . .

*The Red Sox stepped up to the plate for David Ortiz's hometown.

*Jacoby is a great time.

*Richard Seymour was the top paid player in the NFL last year, raking in nearly 25 million dollars. I love the guy, we all know that, but that is some serious coin. USA Today also has a kick ass database salary sorter thingy. Tom was 6th on the list with 16 million.

Here are the top paying teams in the NFL. (The Texas should get some kind of refund.)

Indianapolis Colts $ 131,189,741
Minnesota Vikings $ 125,025,909
Dallas Cowboys $ 113,595,442
Cincinnati Bengals $ 113,000,016
Baltimore Ravens $ 111,596,746
Washington Redskins $ 110,340,460
Houston Texans $ 108,675,881
New York Giants $ 108,196,454
Seattle Seahawks $ 107,449,932
Carolina Panthers $ 106,554,612
Arizona Cardinals $ 105,685,931
New England Patriots $ 105,110,495

*And finally, be sure to vote early and vote often for Okajima as the final gentleman to make the All-Star team!

My next post, unless something exciting happens this afternoon, will be an update from NH, then a post-Cooperstown post on Thursday. Everyone be safe this week.

Happy 4th of July & God Bless America!

Monday, July 2, 2007

If you see someone in a Varitek tee shirt with a ponytail run onto the field tonight and tackle Julio Lugo...

...start collecting bail money please.

*Amalie says the Red Sox have not exactly been lighting it up. Hadn't noticed.

*A.J. Burnett is going to Birmingham to see Dr. James Andrews. Dr. Andrews has done wonders for Matt Clement. Good luck A.J.

*Tim Lincecum is the man.

*Miggy feels bad for Dan Uggla and Hanley for not making the All-Star team.

*The dude who ran onto the field during the Cub's game last week? Being held on $75,000 bond.

*Bob Kraft was listed as the best owner in the NFL.

I'm off to see Kason & the boys this evening, then just one more day of work before the big vacation.
10 Things I think I think (Sorry Mr. King)

1. I think that apparently all of NESN's gross cross promoting marketing bullshit might actually work. I cursed the Red Sox all day for all that Rousch Fenway Group bullshit, then yesterday checked to see how the Fenway guys were doing on ESPN. But that being said, I did not watch the race. Watching people drive around in ovals is still boring.

2. I think I'm seeing why Danny Ainge made that trade. Because he doesn't have a few years to wait for these guys to develop. He needs to win now to save his job. And with the weak East, there's no reason PP, Allen, and AJ can get us the 7th or 8th seed. That being said, if you're going youth movement, go all the way. I also think that Bob Ryan can say it better than I can, "It is a fact I signed off on trading the fifth pick for a veteran. But I was kinda thinking about someone born after 1980. On a list of improbable, no-one-of-sound-mind-and-sober-judgment-would-ever-do-such-a-thing acts, trading the fifth pick of the NBA draft in a juicy year chock full of potential All-Stars for a 32-year old shooting guard would have ranked at the bottom...Um, Danny, this is not what any of us had in mind. The five for a 27-year old anything of proven substance? Yeah. The five for Pau Gasol? Yeah. But the five for a banged-up 32-year old shooting guard? Waiter, give me a double. No, wait. A triple."

3. I think the New York Rangers kicked free agency's ass yesterday signing Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. Now, we all know I don't really "do" hockey, but, I have two stories for these guys. I have always liked BU hockey, and used to go to their games. I also love the Little League World Series, and did you know, Chris Drury was the winning pitcher on the team that won 1989 LLWS? As for Scott Gomez, I used to babysit for these two little boys, and their uncle played for the Devils, and when they won the Stanley Cup, Scott Gomez came over and played street hockey in their driveway with the older boy. How cute is that? The Bruins said that they wouldn't be big players in free agency this year. Couldn't we have grabbed one of those guys? I mean, Chris is from CT and went to BU? What, Jeremy Jacobs, is the point of owning a team if you don't spend the change to contend?

4. I think I hate ESPN. So, you know how ESPN loves to do it's fake and stupid little "competitions". They start in March ranking every position in the NFL, then they rank every ball boy, then they rank every water girl, then they rank every post game buffet. Well, they are ranking now, "Who's Now?", a contest to determine who is the ULTIMATE sports star.

Here are the brackets, with my picks and comments in bold.

July 1: (1) Tiger Woods vs (8) Matt Leinart (Matt - Paris? and Britney? Really now).
July 2: (4) Dwyane Wade vs (5) Shaun White (Finals MVP vs. a snowboarder?)
July 3: (2) LaDainian Tomlinson vs (7) David Beckham (Beckham is old)
July 4: (3) Steve Nash vs (6) Serena Williams (Steve Nash is boring)

July 5: (1) Peyton Manning vs (8) Amanda Beard (She swims!)
July 6: (4) Dale Earnhardt Jr vs (5) Chuck Liddell (Who the Hell is Chuck?)
July 7: (2) Alex Rodriguez vs (7) Terrell Owens (That is the All-Hatred seed?)
July 8: (3) Kobe Bryant vs (6) Ronaldinho (Who is Ronaldinho?)

July 9: (1) LeBron James vs (8) Kelly Slater (Honestly? He surfs!)
July 10: (4) Jeff Gordon vs (5) Barry Bonds (Honestly? He drives in circles!)
July 11: (2) Derek Jeter vs (7) Sidney Crosby (Biggest star in the NHL)
July 12: (3) Reggie Bush vs (6) Danica Patrick (So she's a girl that drives in circles!)

July 13: (1) Tom Brady vs (8) David Ortiz (This bracket is designed to tear my heart in two)*
July 14: (4) Maria Sharapova vs (5) Vince Young (Prob pick one girl)
July 15: (2) Roger Federer vs (7) Tony Parker (Even though he does play tennis)
July 16: (3) Shaquille O'Neal vs (6) Michael Phelps (he does swim, but at least he does dominate)

*Okay Page 2, here we go. How is it possibly fair for Tom to draw Papi? Vince Young is a FIVE SEED and David Ortiz is an 8. AN 8! You have a lot of nerve.

5. I think that even though we are going for the split with the Rangers tonight, I'm not anywhere near hitting the panic button. I think that we have been playing good baseball all season, with our 3-4-5 putting up solid numbers, but none of them have found their groove yet. Papi's going to get clutch hits and Manny is going to go on a 16-24 tear any day now. That being said, for having the best record and best bullpen in baseball, I still never quite feel comfortable unless Okajima or Papelbon are on the mound, even though the other guys have not given me any reason to feel this way. I think I'm falling in love with Manny Delcarmen. I also think that it makes me very happy to see that Timlin has gotten his groove back. (whoa black betty).

6. I think that Barry Bonds should start for the NL at the All Star game. He's going to be their only representative, and while I still think he's an ass, he's their ass, and it is in their home park. I think that their must have been a lot of busy San Francisco-ians filling out ballots this past weekend. I also think I wouldn't be surprised if everyone at the Giants front office spent all day stuffing ballot boxes.

7. Incase you missed it, the Red Sox will have five representatives at this years mid-summer classic, with David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon, and Mike Lowell all getting the call. (Youk got screwed). We also have a fan option for a sixth. The All-Star game has the "final vote", and this year, the Sox own Hideki Okajima is in the running, facing off against Jeremy Bonderman, Kelvim Escobar (met him once), Roy Halladay, and Pat Neshek. Anyway, time for us to get our guy in there. So vote early, and vote often. ( Unless you think the Dice is the jealous type.

8. I think the New York Post is becoming my favorite newspaper. Cynthia Rodriguez wore a shirt to the Yanks game yesterday that read, "F--k You" on the back. I'm wondering if it wasn't one of those FCUK French Connection shirts, but, it doesn't appear this way from what the post would have you believe. A-Rod couldn't be a better time for us Sox fans. He can take his 28 home runs and shove 'em.

9. I think Sunday was a tough day to be a manager, with Mike Hargrove resigning from the Mariner's post, and Jerry Narron being asked to leave the Reds.

10. I think I wish I had 350 bucks for the Red Sox "Picnic in the Park". One live auction item is two days quail hunting with Timlin and Wake, and another is to play scrabble in one of the luxary suites with Papelbon. I think that in honor of being too poor to attend, I'm going to go to the Sea Dogs that day. I also think, David Ortiz might not be having his party at Rumor this year, which, would break my heart. Last year I shook David's hand (he pinched my cheek), I won a 1,000 gift certificate, saw big and baby (Joshua) Papelbon, realized how handsome Trot Nixon is in real life, saw Gabe and Mrs. Gabe, had Tek touch my back, say "excuse me" while walking by me, tried to get Katelyn to hook up with a sketchy guy in Papi's Posse, snuck into VIP, and I may or may not have caught a Sox cheating on his wife, and came very close to stealing Wily Mo's wallet (all under Katelyn's influence). I also wouldn't mind going to Jerry's All-Star party, but again, I won't be putting up the $140.00.

I think I'll be back later, but I'm not making any promises.