Thursday, May 31, 2007

Please read this article about Tom, and then watch the video. As if I didn't love him enough already.
Even the NY Daily News is hopping on Stray-Rod bandwagon. This has all kinds of good gossip.

Just another reason why A-Rod is a complete tool...

I don't know why the video won't post here, but you can go to the link here.
*And, for good measure, A-Rod being chased for autographs by a bunch of kids wearing Jeter shirts.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who doesn't love those Papelbon brothers?

Thank you Mr. Hill...


*Someone is going to be in the dog house.

*Trot Nixon deserves the tip of a dirty hat. The only other time I've heard applause that loud was when the Sox came back against the Yankees and Okajima got the save earlier in the year. It was awesome.

*The Sox right now, it appears, can do no wrong. Josh Beckett came back from his 15 days on the DL and got his MLB leading 8th victory.

*Roger Clemens will not make his first start against the Sox, and the Red Sox are skipping Tavarez's start to align their rotation against the Yanks. It will be Wang and Wake Friday, Moose and Schill Saturday, and Andy and Joshua on Sunday. Tavarez's next start will be against the A's on Monday, with Matsuzaka taking the ball the following day. (Also in there it says Ortiz took BP yesterday, but his hammy is still bothering him.)

RIP Marquise Hill

The death of Patriots DE Marquise Hill was ruled an accidental drowning yesterday. His fiancee remembers him in this article. And here is another article on how his mom kept him on the straight and narrow.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Not much to talk about with no game last night. The Sox are in Dallas (bored, I'd imagine), and Dice-K is on the hill tonight. Everyone have a good weekend. I'll check in if anything big happens this weekend, otherwise, see you Tuesday.

Go Senators!

*LeBron almost beat the Pistons again. He takes the shot in game 1 and gets the foul call in game 2, this whole series could be different. Or, so I've been told. Haven't actually watched one minute.

*Youk is great.

*Sean McAdam says the Sox have three weaknesses...J.D. Drew, the bullpen, and CF.

*Did A-Rod apologize to Pedroia? Does anyone care?

*John Smoltz got his 200th and denied Tom Glavine the chance to move closer to 300.

*NFL security is offering to help Virginia in the Vick dog fighting case.

*Things got fiesty in Florida last night between the Marlins and Phillies.

*Jeter passed Joe Dimaggio on the all time Yankee hit list. That's crazy.

*Josh Hancock's dad is suing the restaurant that he says, "overserved" his son. I don't think it's the bar's fault, I think it's Josh's fault, but I'm sure his dad is angry and I really can't blame him here.

*I can't believe Nick Saban did something scummy. That seems so unlike him.

*Brett Myers hurt his shoulder last night. Karma's a bitch.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

So, I didn't want to talk about last nights game clearly, and there is no game to talk about tonight, so, instead, I'm leaving you with a fun thing I found today...

^ Rules for the above map is that I have been to the state (and airports don't count). I didn't stay overnight in every place, but I'm pretty sure I spent enough time in Delaware driving to North Carolina to know that I would never stay the night there.

^ Rules for this map is any place I have been to, airports counting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cute quote of the day...

"It doesn't matter. I could throw a perfect game and in my next start throw a perfect game... Jon Lester comes back here and this job belongs to him. . . . That lefthander is going to be one of the greatest in baseball.. . . I'd be more than happy to give him his position. This is not about being the No. 5 starter or about hoping that Jon Lester doesn't come here quick. If there's one thing that I want in my life right now it's that Jon be healthy and come back and play for this team because he's going to help us get to the World Series." Julian Tavarez

In case you forgot...A-rod is a little bitch.

A-Rod does some bizarre take out slide to take care of Pedroia last night. Which, didn't end up mattering as the Sox took care of MFY once again.

Manny and Mike Lowell homered and Tavarez pitched well on his 34th birthday.

Eh, does this feel 1/2 hearted? I'm too bummed out about the C's to write something great. But I will say to Boston fans everywhere, "Now don't be sad, cause 2/3 ain't bad"

Well...that sucked.

The absolute worst thing that could have possibly happened to the Celtics, happened. I mean, what did Portland to do to deserve Oden? And Seattle? They don't even know where they will be playing next year!! Seriously? Seriously?

Sportsguy wrote about karma yesterday (And quite frankly I'm a little concerned we haven't heard from them yet.)...I really think karma took the night off last night. The Celtics were due for something good to happen to them, and it...well it didn't.
However, one thing I want to mention is that the Celtics hired extra people to man the phones to take season ticket orders today...and (I'm just assuming this isn't usually there), a 1/2 page ad in the Globe. Do they know nothing? That is just like mapping out the victory parade before the championship win.
I've only read the Globe coverage at home, but Peter May has a good recap of last night while Bob Ryan wonders what exactly this is the curse of? A look at it from the owner's perspective comes from Shira Springer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meanwhile...the fate of an entire Boston franchise rests on a bunch of ping pong balls...

As the great Meatloaf once said, "2 out of 3 ain't bad"

I was an angry Red Sox fan last night. It may have been the 4 raw teas I chugged when I got home. It may have been that the Yankees tend to do that to me, it could be the fact that I have Wakefield on my fantasy team too. Mainly, I think it is that I hate watching him pitch for my real team, then I have to deal with him sucking for my fantasy team too. And it's not just the 6 runs, it's also the fact that games seem to take forever when he pitches, and that the knuckleball isn't that exciting to watch. I would much rather roll the dice (no reference to Dice-K intended) with Gabbard, Lester, or even one of the really baby babies. I'm tired of watching high knuckleballs dance their way right out to the upper deck of Yankee Stadium. (that, and I think everytime I see Tim out there I get flashbacks to a year...four years ago...didn't get out of bed for a week...don't want to talk about it).

Anyway, got Julian tonight. Hopefully he has some momentum going form his last start.

(I want Lester okay, I'm done with Wake, done with Julian...give me the lefty please).

Monday, May 21, 2007

So long Atlanta, hello Big Apple.

Hello MFY, so we meet again. It’s nearly June and the Red Sox are (get ready, breathe in, breathe out) 10 and a half games up on the 2nd place Yankees and Orioles, and…drum roll please, only 1 and one half game out of last place. See Devil Rays fans (all 3 of you), there is hope for you yet!

Anyway, two months in and heading into the 3rd Yankees series of the season…here are some of my thoughts:

*I don’t want Karma to take this the wrong way, but it almost seems like it’s going too easy. I mean, I’m a Boston fan, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. (all while hoping it doesn’t).

*Dr. Charles Steinberg is really responsible for Papelbon having “Shipping up to Boston” play when he gets to the mound? And here I was so excited that he loves that song. (and another thing, I hate people called doctor that aren’t actually the people you want working on you when you drop from a heart attack or something…If I ever get a doctorate of History or something, I am not having people call me doctor...).

*Who would have thought that the two players in the biggest slump after two months would have been the corner outfielders? I have full faith that Manny is going to come around. As for Mr. Drew, he best get his little bat going or he’s going to start hearing something from the crowd…and they aren’t saying, “Moovers”. He has gotten a free pass thus far because the team has been winning…wait for the first home sweep Mr. Drew when your 0-4 just won’t be cutting it.

*I picked up Coco for the Sox Stalkers. I know, I know…it’s going to get ugly.

*Mr. Varitek is swinging the bat quite nicely lately wouldn’t you say?

*Lugo hasn’t quite won me over yet. I’m not saying he won’t, I’m just saying he hasn’t.

*I’m looking forward to Roger leaving a game after 2 and a third and 6 runs with “tightness” in his groin or some other wussy injury. Are you sure the problem isn’t the stick you have up your ass?

*The thought of Mike Timlin coming out when it matters makes me very nervous.

*Brendan Donnelly is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Which one are you going to get?

*Lester pitched 3 innings of one hit ball the other day in Ottawa....(yes, Chris / Steve / Conor…I love Canada).

*After seeing Kason do well, having Kyle Snyder pitching well, and knowing Lester is waiting in the wings, I just want to remind Theo…”You can NEVER have too much pitching. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH PITCHING”.

*I miss Alex Gonzalez. I just do.

*Eric Hinske is a great time. How about he was AL Rookie of the Year. And now he’s a 4th outfielder. Well actually tied for 4th outfielder with Wily MO.

*Mike Lowell is simply en fuego. Not to mention so handsome.

*The more I see of Kason Gabbard, the more I like him. I want to know what the logic was going with Jason with a K. Think we can get Tina on this one?

*I absolutely have a crush on John Farrell. I was telling my mom why I love him yesterday at lunch, and she goes, “Wait, who are you talking about? That older guy on the TV? All the Red Sox to choose from and you love him?” I mean, I love all the Red Sox. But, any man that has my pitching staff in first in most categories is going to get my love…that’s all I have to say. (if Katie can have a crush on John Fox…John Farrell is open game.)

*Dice-K hasn’t walked anyone in the past two starts…and he’s pitched 9 and 8 innings, respectively. Giddy-up.

*I’m sure even Theo is surprised how great Okajima is.

*Three players on the MFY seem remotely interested right now, some guy who used to have long hair that plays center that will not be referred to by name, Posada, and Jeter.

*How many more saves does Mo have in that arm? More importantly, how many blown saves against the Red Sox does he have left?

*I really can’t believe how unlucky a team can be with all the come backers and broken bones and pulled muscles and whatnot…As Basegirl said today, “I think Marianne might be right when she said that Mystique and Aura have been replaced by Karma. And Karma's a bitch.” Karma, if you could do me a favor and save one more come backer for this older fellow, he’ll be wearing 22, you could probably find him making out with Andy Pettitte before the game, maybe shooting some HGH into his ass. You know, if you don’t mind. Otherwise, just keep up what you are doing. Thanks again!

*One non-MFY related word…The whole fate of the Celtics franchise for the next 10 years rest on the shoulders of Tommy Heinsohn and a bucket full of ping pong balls. (Also, if we get #2, take Durant, and then trade him, I’m burning down the Fleet Center…Take note of that Mr. Ainge).

Friday, May 18, 2007

First pumps for everyone...

Well, how about them Red Sox?

The Sox doubled up on the Tigers twice yesterday, beating the Tigers 2-1 in the first game, with Julian Taverez pitching a great game, going seven innings, allowing four hits and one run. Coco scored a run on a Manny RBI (both members of Sox Stalkers, not that it does me a whole hell of a lot of good), and then Okajima pitched a scoreless 8th and Papelbon K'ed the first two outs of the 9th before getting a weak grounder to Lugo for the last out. Tavarez also had a fantastic quote.

"Jonathan, we call him 'Gasolina'. This guy goes six, seven days without pitching and then he goes out there and throws 95, 96 without walking anybody. No panic with Pap. Once the game gets to the ninth inning, it's over. That's how we see it with Jonathan."

*Curt beat the Tigers 4-2 in the second game (although of course didn't get the win, because that would help my fricking fantasy team). (Confession time - I don't know too much about what happened last night because it was a very busy night with Grey's Anatomy and The Office season finales)

*Beckett is going on the DL. He is scheduled to return on May 29th against the Indians (guess who has tickets to that one?). Devern Hansack will take his start tonight against the Braves. (well, assuming that this rain stops anytime soon.) I'm in favor of him going on the DL, letting his hand heal completely, and getting this fixed rather than having to deal with it later.

*Michael Silverman says role players had a big role in the wins yesterday, with Eric Hinske making a huge catch in the 5th and having big HR in the 6th.

*Jackie MacMullan has a piece on Okajima continuing to dominate. Jackie Mac is pretty good when she isn't miserable or complaining.

"Okajima hasn't given up a run in 20 2/3 innings, has retired 56 of the last 65 batters he's faced, and has submitted a Papelbonesque ERA of 0.44."

*(is it too politically incorrect to call him Japelbon?)

*Amalie Benjamin has some Minor League notes. Says here that Kason Gabbard is going to be getting the spot start on Sunday, and also has this little tidbit.
Jon Lester is not taking it easy, that's for sure.

Instead of driving back to Boston and taking a flight to Ottawa before his start tomorrow, Lester elected to ride the bus tonight with the PawSox, a trip of about nine hours.

When Lester starts in Ottawa, he'll throw 50-55 pitches, going no more than four innings. He'll use his fastball, curveball, and changeup, though he will not be allowed to throw his cut fastball, a directive straight from Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell.

Lester said the cutter would be shelved for potentially three to four starts while he concentrates on building his pitch count back up.

This will be his first game since he suffered forearm cramping May 2.

*Is their controversy brewing in the Big Apple? Kyle Farnsworth says that the Rocket shouldn't be allowed to leave.
*Jason Giambi thinks the MLB should issue an apology for the steriods. "I was wrong for doing that stuff. ... What we should have done a long time ago was stand up -- players, ownership, everybody -- and said, 'We made a mistake.' "

Thursday, May 17, 2007

home sick..

but I PROMISE to have a great blog entry tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, he's no 45 year old from Texas, but I guess he'll do...

Awesome game last night. Here are a few random thoughts because I'm too tired to put together a coherant paragraph.

*I'm very thankful that Curtis Granderson's HR didn't end up being the difference, after I jokingly cheered for him during introductions and kept singing his praises the first few innings.(he's a SoxStalker {my fantasy team} and he writes a great blog on MLB Insider on

*Me and Katie were annoyingly keeping any eye on the empty owner's seats, and eventually they appeared to be filled with a tall blond and a tall dark haired gentleman with slight sideburns. We both immediately got nervous that it was Tom, so I had to go down and investigate. Alas, it was not Tom. I did find it funny thought that in the owners seats John Henry sat in the 2nd row and let his guests sit in the first. It wasn't a completely wasted trip however, because I did have a sweet seat for an inning or so.

*And on the way back up I saw Mrs. Papelbon, Mrs. Varitek and family, and Mrs. Matsuzaka, Baby Matsuzaka and their very large security guard.

*Dice-K had everything working for him last night...even some of the hard hit balls that screamed "hit" were gobbled up by the defense. Not so with the Tigers.

*When the Sox were up 3-1 it seemed that we were going to see Papelbon, but after the Sox tapped on some extra insurance making it 7-1, there didn't seem any reason not to let Dice-K finish his game. (luckily Sal isn't our manager).

*I was pretty surprised last night with how heartily Sheff was booed last night. I know there are steroid allegations, but now that they are testing with more regularity...he's still a house. And I know that he wore the pinstripes, but he said before the season that Boston was where he really wanted to play. (And he's on my fantasy team...really now guys).

Here are a few links...

*In case you haven't heard...Dice-K pitched his first complete game in the bigs...well, in our bigs.

*You know what I love about Bob Ryan? You can tell he really loves sports.

"Daisuke Matsuzaka threw a complete-game six-hitter. I just had to pound out those words one more time."

*Gordon Edes has the game story for the Globe.

*Gary Sheffield says that this is the best Sox team he's seen since he joined the Yankees in 2004.

*Edes notebook says Beckett is probably heading for the DL. I think they should get it fixed now and then they won't have to worry about it going forward.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh I love that dirty water...

Went to the game yesterday. Sometimes I swear you just know something good is going to happen. After standing behind home plate for most of the game, and my 13 year old cousin Ty decided to sneak down to the good seats. We ended up getting to 5 rows back for the whole 9th. It was unbelievable. In an inning where you needed everything to go right, we got everything to go right. I still have no idea why you would take Jeremy Guthrie out in that situation...he had only thrown 91 pitches! (but, thanks anyway Orioles, a good time as always). As for Josh, nothing worse than being at the game when something happens like your starter getting taken out early and having no idea what is going on.

*Also, a note to the media that seems to be annoying Mr. Ortiz. I want to make it clear right now, you make David unhappy or put him an a bad light, I will hunt you down, and I will hurt you, then, I will burn your house down. Okay? Just want to make sure we are on the same page here.

::looking cross-eyed at the headline writer for the Herald::

*The Lefty Nate Robertson (3-2, 3.43 ERA) against Dice-K (4-3, 4.80 ERA) tonight. And I will be in attendence.

*Katie pointed out that Rob Bradford is so my new baseball boyfriend. So, if you aren't reading his blog...well, you should be.

*Dan Roche, the genius behind the cookie contest, has this fun tidbit in his blog,

"Finally, I love what we heard coming from the clubhouse after the game. Josh Beckett says he turned to Tim Wakefield and they both said they were going to win the game early in the 9th. Meanwhile, Jonathan Papelbon told us on "Red Sox This Week" that he said to clubhouse attendant Pookie Jackson in the 5th inning, "I bet you 100-dollars we come back and win this thing". He was right on."

*Lots of good stuff from the other Sox bloggers out there...Chad Finn, Papel-Blog, Soxaholix, and Seth.

*I know this happened a bit ago, but could there be a tougher guy than Roy Halladay? He got his appendix out just after pitching a game? That is just crazy. Hallady out 4-6, Ryan out for the long till the firesale JP?

*Debbie Clemens sells jackets...tacky, hideous jackets. Horrific even. I'll say it now sports gods. Roger injures something seriously or gives up 8+ run in the first inning and has to be taken out by Joe in his first start at Fenway, I will buy one of those horrible, disgusting jackets and wear it over my Red Sox garb to a game.

*Jim Leyland says that if the All-Star game was played today then Josh would be his starter.

*Brett Farve asked for a trade after the draft, then changed his mind. What? He wanted Randy?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

just because this needs to be shared with the world...or, my friends.


Sometimes, it's better to say nothing at all.

Jonathan Papelbon chimed in on Barry and Schill.

“This is the most balanced team I’ve probably ever been on and the most professional team… besides the things that Schill said yesterday about Barry, that wasn’t too professional, but we’re just a really balanced team. We’re good because we pick each other up.”

When asked if Barry is good for baseball...

“Yeah definitely. He’s doing it for baseball. And I think it’s good for baseball. And I think that he’s going out there and crushing home runs and getting baseball back to where it was in the late 1990s and such that, hey, fans are going to come out and see the home runs, there’s no doubt about it. And fans will come see good pitching. And I think he’s doing great for the game itself, so I can’t complain.”

Barry Bonds is good for baseball the way that vodka is good for my liver.

Some links...

*Boston Sports Media has all the links from last nights win. Dice-K looked great and my love for Mike Lowell grows daily.

As far as the whole Barry Bonds debacle, Ortiz shouldn't be suprised where the Herald went with his steroids comments. And I think Curt was right both in what he said and apolgizing. As we know, the story is always about us.

*Dale Earnhardt Jr. is considering leaving Dale Earnhardt International because him and his stepmom can't work out a deal. Don't you think Dale Earnhardt Sr. should have had some kind of will about this?

*Roger Clemens is um, a little bitch. But you knew that already.

*Hanley Ramirez is nasty, but no one is noticing says Ethan J. Skolnick. Well Mr. Skolnick, I assure you, a small piece of my heart dies everytime he goes 4-4. Maybe people in South Florida don't notice, but I assure you, us Bostonians do. (not that that means I love Joshua any less).

*Torii "why the extra I?" Hunter made his number one web gem last night. Amandaa is going try and find some video.

*Buster Onley seems a little obsessed with the whole alcohol in the clubhouse thing. The Brewers are keeping beer in the clubhouse. There's a shock.

*A well done article on the Newbury College baseball team.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I don't know where this picture is from but it was posted on the comments of Surviving Grady yesterday and I thought it was funny. Jon Lester on the left, Chad Spann throwing the ball, and they look about 15.

I didn't catch a ton of the game last night because 1. I had to cook dinner because my mom is sick, and 2. It was the season finale of The Deadliest Catch. In case anyone missed it, Captain Phil won the most amount of crab, but Capt. Sig's boat made the most money per deckhand, and the Captain with the highest average crab per pot was Jonathan's boat, which had some good karma working for them after they saved that guy from the other boat. And, incase you were were wondering, me and Paul's favorite Capt. is Sig.

*The Sox brought their bats to Toronto and got Josh plenty of run support.

*Jemele Hill has a letter to God, ask him to stop Barry from breaking Hank's record.

*Ellis Hobbs is ready to go.

*Manny and Craig had a rough night for the Paw Sox.

*Bill took his lady friend to Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People dinner.

*Peyton got to go to the State dinner with the Queen?

*I kind of want this shirt.

*This is a few days old, but Vernon Wells sent this message on a baseball to some center field fans in Cleveland, "Dear Mr. Dork,Here is your ball! Can you please tell me what gas station you work at, so when you are pumping my gas, I can yell at you!!! Now sit down, shut up and enjoy the game.- Your favorite centrefielder"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Manny lovingly stroking Julian Tavarez from the other night.

Joshua goes for 7-0 tonight...weee!

(this may be it for the day unless something groundbreaking happens, got a lot of work to do!).
Curt updated his blog to say what he had to say about CHB's misrepresentation of his quote.

His reaction is exactly what I was saying yesterday, in his position, what else would you have wanted him to say? "Well, we were going to win the World Series, but now, well, we're screwed!"
My favorite part of this is, "I’ll take the Texan we got and pit him against anybody in the game over the next 5-10 years. He’s special and starting to show people a glimpse of what he’s going to be."

Also, I agree with what SG said yesterday, "There's finally a villain on the 2007 Yankees. Just like the good old days. I was tired of talking myself into despising A-Rod and Posada."

Monday, May 7, 2007

"This is historic … who ever heard of a rat jumping ON a sinking ship?"

For those of you still at work, SG has a new blog entry on the fight this weekend and R$o$g$e$r signing with the Yanks, including my favorite line of the day above from the mailbag.
Surprise Surprise, Roger is a Yankee. I really didn't see him signing with the Astros again as they continue to get worse each year. And I never really saw him coming back here either. So the Yankees have the Rog, which, I'm not sure I could have ever been completely comfortable rooting for him anyway ever.

Roger is going to be making 4.5 million a month…

Or, $640,857 a start

Or, $107,142 per inning (if he averages 6 innings per start like last year)

Or, $35,174 per out.

That is just plain sick.

*Carl Pavano went and saw his BFF Dr. Andrews and is probably going to require season-ending elbow surgery.

*Lester is with the Sox and is going to be playing catch Tuesday in Toronto.

*The other day I was saying that the Futures at Fenway game was actually at Fenway. But it isn't, its being played at McCoy. Why do they call it that? I guess NESN is broacasting the game, but couldn't someone have come up with a better name for it?

*Red Sox, aren't amused.

*Rob Bradford's blog is awesome.

*Bruce from Boston Sports Media makes a good point here:

"Still officially "off" today, but couldn't help but post on this horrific misrepresentation in the Boston Globe today.

From the "and the media wonders why people hate them so much" category:
Dan Shaughnessy today:

After the Sox beat the Twins in Minneapolis yesterday, Schilling was asked his reaction to the Rocket's re entry into the Yankees clubhouse. Ever the blowhard, Schilling declared, "We don't need him" -- a comment of stupefying arrogance that is sure to come up a couple of million times between now and the end of the 2007 postseason.

What Shilling actually said (AP Story):

"It would have been nice to have him, but we didn't need him. We DON'T need him," Red Sox ace Curt Schilling said. "It's May, a long way to go, but I like the way this team is comprised right now. This team has incredible makeup, it's got great chemistry and I feel like we were a legitimate World Series contender without him, so it doesn't change my mind."

If there's any "stupefying arrogance" going on here, it's from Shaughnessy. This is exactly the kind of twisting of quotes and misrepresentation that the Boston sports fans have come to loath and despise from the knights of the keyboard. While admittedly most writers don't stoop to this level, writers like Shaughnessy poison the readers against all their colleagues."

*As if I didn't already love Gabe enough, this is from Peter Gammon's blog. "Someday, Gabe Kapler will manage the Boston Red Sox. He is starting in Greenville (South Atlantic League) on a five-year program to learn his trade and eventually get the Sox job when and if Terry Francona retires. This is what you need to know about Kapler. He approached one of his players, Zak Farkes, who happened to go to Harvard. "What is the best book you've read in the last year?" Kapler asked Farkes, knowing he is a voracious reader. Farkas identified the book, and Kapler told him he wanted to read it to better understand his player."

*Peter King as a new MMQB.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Okay, Tom, I love you, you know that, I LOVE YOU, however, what is up with the man purse? If you have that much stuff to carry around, buy a backpack for crying out loud.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The word "tired" doesn't really describe my current state. "Exhaustion" is closer, but I'd say I'm some point past there as well. "Corpse" is probably the closest thing to how I feel this morning.

I went to see the Sox beat the A's on Wednesday and the Mariner's on Thursday. Here are some quick thoughts:

*Beckett looked great Wednesday (well, I mean, he always looks great).

*I needed Manny to break out, both for my real team and my fantasy team.

*I think Dice-K next year will be Beckett this year. There is going to be an adjustment period.

*Unless your name is Okajima, then, you just dominate. (My favorite nickname I have heard so far, from the comments on Surviving Grady, is Japelbon. Very politically incorrect, and pretty awesome)

*I am falling more in love with Mike Lowell by the minute, I loved his little shuffle step against the A's when he popped the ball out at second, I loved his quote after he hurt Piazza, "What, was I supposed to give him a hug?", I love his .327 batting average, and I love that he got a new glove (even though the same one that gave him the 8 errors this season gave him 6 all of last year...he believes in Karma too).

*I was kind of bummed that I didn't get to see Papelbon last night, even though JC did a good job. After me complaining about how much he sucks for a 1/2 hour when he was warming up.

*Look at Wily Mo starting to swing the bat better and better.

*I thought for sure Papi's first game winning hit of the year would be last night. I feel as though his .317 AVG is a quiet .317.

*Coco made some great grabs the past two nights.

*Lester's forearm cramp doesn't appear to be any big deal. If his next start goes as planned, he's next scheduled to pitch in the Future's Game on Saturday night, the 12th at Fenway. I think all tickets are 10 dollars and its general admission. Maybe we should go?

10 Most Akward Interviews...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Say it ain't so Tom

Here is thing with Tom wearing a Yankee's hat. If Tom was a full fledged Yankee's fan, it would make me unhappy, but I could understand, if maybe he didn't like a team growing up, he lives in NY, ect. My main problem is that he wears Red Sox hats too. In college, he played in one of the greatest rivalries in sports. You think he ever wore a Buckaye's hat when he was in Columbus? I don't think so. You can't have it both ways Tom. Either your with them or your with us.

Here's the Inside Track article:

Say it ain’t so, Tom!
The ever-vigilant paparazzi snapped New England
Patriots [team stats] QB/QT Tom Brady [stats] sashaying through the streets of New York City yesterday shamelessly sporting a New York Yankees cap!
Tom and his galpal, soon to be ex-Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen, were strolling hand-in-hand in the West Village when he was snapped committing the horrid topper transgression.
Red Sox [team stats] Nation was shocked and appalled and - as is our way - making excuses for the Bronx Bombers blasphemy.
“We know that Tom has an array of Red Sox caps from which to choose,” said team spokesguy Dr. Charles Steinberg. “But we fully respect that he needed to wear a suitable disguise for his own health and protection. We don’t doubt that he’s a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.”

Perhaps Tom was wearing the hat as a sympathy gesture. Alex Rodriguez & Co. are, after all, in last place.
But avid Brady Bunchers know this isn’t the first time No. 12 has committed the ultimate in homer heresy. We told you way back in 2003 that Tom was sporting a Pinstripes lid when our ever-vigilant spies spotted him fueling up at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Foxboro.
At the time, the excuse was that it was a gesture of solidarity with then-Yankees rookie Drew Henson, who, like Tom, is a former quarterback for the University of Michigan. Of course, that lame-o rationalization has gone by the boards now that Henson has ditched MLB for the NFL to play third-string quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.
And although Tom has sported a Sox cap on numerous occasions - including during a Super Bowl XXXVIII press conference - and he was in the Fenway stands rooting for
Josh Beckett [stats] & Co. on Opening Day, he has been busted in Bombers’ mode before. He was also, need we remind you, caught in flagrante with A-Rod at Tao in NYC, shortly after the Yankees third baseman was declared Public Enemy No. 1 for slapping Bronson Arroyo!
Of course, most of Tom’s Yankee-lovin’ has come when he’s been conveniently outside the jurisdiction. And now that the lovesick stud has semi-permanently relocated himself to the Big Apple - to be closer to Gi - he’s apparently in a New York (Yankees) state of mind!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

This cheered me up...

Ugh. This rainy, shitty morning perfectly amplified my mood. First of all, I can no longer get out of my bed in the morning. (I am actually thinking of taking off my featherbed to make my bed less comfortable), then, I do the good old 50 yard dash to the bus (which, at very least, ammused my bus drive), then, I get to work a full 1/2 hour early (which is not a bad thing, except its an unpaid 1/2 hour spent in this god forsaken cube), I head over to Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee, find 37 people in front of me, and end up settleing for a Metro ice coffee and corn muffin which are not nearly as satisfying. But of course, none of these things are the real reason I am in a terrible mood this morning, the real reason I am in a bad mood is this.

Jonathan Papelbon is human after all. I know deep down I knew it all along, but with every blown save, a certian sense of smugness is lost. For example, I liked reminding all those Yankees fans out there of the pretty ERA that looked something like this, 0.00. I mean, that is a good looking ERA right there. A 1.74 ERA is good too, just not quite as pretty.

Tell me those pictures don't hurt your heart a little...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Glasper learns the hard lessons of football

I don't understand where the trainers and doctor was on this? The coach should have no say at all whether a player is ready or not.
A few afternoon links from Katie...

First, the TMQ is amazed by the Patriots. Me too, TMQ, me too.

New England: Traditionally the Belichick brain trust banks a high draft choice every year. In the 2006 draft, you knew Belichick was worried because it was smoke 'em if you got 'em -- the Patriots used every pick. This weekend the Flying Elvii returned to their previous management pattern, giving up a late first-rounder to bank San Francisco's 2008 first pick, then giving up a late third-round choice to bank Oakland's 2008 third. If the Patriots are banking picks again, that means Belichick thinks his roster is reloaded: which appears to be the case. Last season, New England nearly won the AFC championship despite having volunteers from the audience at wide receiver. Now Tom Brady will be throwing to Donte' Stallworth, Wes Welker and a perhaps-recharged Randy Moss, while the Pats' roster has gotten stronger in other areas, too. Plus New England is holding two extra high draft picks for 2008. How do these guys do it so much better than everyone else?

Moss is annoying, but if his head is screwed on straight he is potentially a major acquisition. You have to think Belichick is challenging himself here. Minnesota couldn't manage Moss, Oakland couldn't manage Moss, most NFL coaches were afraid even to try: if Belichick turns Moss into a team player who hustles, this will be yet more proof he is football's best-ever coach. Note that New England gave twice as much -- a second-round choice -- to obtain Welker as the fourth-rounder it gave for Moss. Who would have guessed a couple years ago that on the open market, Wes Welker would have double the trade value of Randy Moss? And note that with all those decent quarterbacks available in the mid- to late rounds, New England didn't draft one. Brady's understudy continues to be Matt Cassel, who has not been a starting quarterback since high school.

Jason Stark talks about the importance of April.
*We all know how I feel about him, but I mean, how great is Tom Brady? Tom restructured his contract so that they could add Randy Moss and still come in under the cap.

*Dan Shaugnessy says that love is blind when it comes to us Boston fans. Here is the thing with this article, he starts off strong, saying that we are blind when it comes to the Patriots acquiring Randy Moss, and that if the Sox had signed Barry Bonds this off season, we would have gotten on the bandwagon, and if the Sox sign Roger Clemens, then he'll go back to being the Rocket we all know and love.

First of all, on Barry, I will never, ever, root for Barry Bonds. It has nothing to do with steriods, because, who really knows who is on and who is off and who has been on the juice. Do I think Bonds cheated? Yes. Am I sure that all my favorite players never did? No. So, I don't hate Barry Bonds because he's a cheater. I hate Barry Bonds because he's a dick.

Dan then says to bring on Terrell Owens. Um, no, because Rodney already says that he would never let T.O. in the locker room. And, whatever Rodney says goes. (which, if anyone can find the Rodney quote about T.O. and wants to put in the comments, please do).

As for Roger, I think we've all accepted the fact that one stat is the most important to Roger, the $$. It was never about being a Yankee for Rog, it was about the $$. Sure he wants to be close to Koby, Kole, Krispy, Knight, Kreme, but, when it comes down to it, $20 mil for a few months work isn't a bad deal. I don't think its about the love of the game for Roger, I think its about a love of the zero's adding up at the end of his bank account statement. That being said, what team out there has a comparable rotation to Schill, Beckett, Dice-K, Rog, and Wake? Um, no one. For Roger, it's about the money, for me, a lowly entry level customer service rep making 30 grand, it's about walking into Yankee Stadium wearing my 2007 World Series shirt. And if Roger is going to get me there, well, I'm that easy. (But I will, under no circumstances, own a Clemens shirt).

As for A-Rod, I personally always really liked him when he was a Mariner and a Ranger. I think that he was stupid to give up the chance to be the greatest SS of all time to be a Yankee. I think it isn't his fault he signed that deal that would cripple any team's payroll not in NY or Boston. I think it would be hard for me to cheer for him. That being said, if Barry ends up hitting 777 and A-Rod can hit 778, I'd take it.

Then there is Bill Laimbeer and Ulf Samuelsson. Now, most of the time I don't pay too much attention to what goes on on Causeway Street, (except Disney on Ice, I love Disney on Ice). There aren't any NHL or NBA teams that I like more than the C's and B's, those sports just aren't quite my thing. But, I know two things. And that is that everytime a WNBA game comes up during a channel check and Bill Laimbeer is coaching, my dad makes a comment not appropriate for others ears, and that Ulf hurt Cam Neeley, and that the name Samuelsson still makes Bruin's fans everywhere cringe, so, to say that they could have suited up for the hometown team and been accepted, is well, bullshit.

And, also Dan, we didn't turn on Johnny, Johnny turned on us. We would have been fine if he signed with any of 29 teams. There's just one that isn't okay, and he knew that and did it anyway. I'm pretty sure I could live pretty well for the rest of my life on the 40 mil the Sox were offering, so, I'm sorry if I'm not oozing with sympathy.

Manny is Manny, you can either get annoyed when he doesn't run out a ground ball, or you can accept .300-35-120 and move on. Sometimes it is better to move on.

We can be negative about Randy and his past transgressions, or, we can trust that Bill and Scott knew what they were doing, and that Tom wouldn't go through the trouble of restructuring his contract for someone that wasn't worth the effort. Personally, I love the idea of Moss and Stallworth lining up on opposite sidelines and a fully healed Malroney in the backfield. Also, I don't agree with the fact that this move solidifies that Troy Brown is gone. Troy can play defense and our defense backs have't been the most durable in years past. If Troy wants to play, Troy will be on the Patriots.

*The Pats also signed a bunch of college undrafted free agents yesterday, outlined in Reiss's blog.

*Chris Carter says Randy will be fine in Foxboro.

*David Brown (who writes from some newspaper called South Coast Today?) has a good response to the media over reacting over the Patriots drafting /signing. (I really liked this one).

*Rob Bradford talked to Papelbon who, poor guy, only makes 400,000 grand this year, talks about his future with in the game. (He will be eligable for arbitration after 2008).

*Tavarez wants Dice-K to teach him how to throw a cut fastball. Edes also has this...

Papelbon's younger brother, Josh Papelbon, was not perfect in April, but he came close. The younger Papelbon, pitching for Single A Greenville in the South Atlantic League, had five saves, and held opponents scoreless in eight of his nine outings. He allowed three earned runs in the one outing he was scored upon, so he has an ERA of 2.61 . . . Sunday was Jacoby Ellsbury's first day off this season. The Portland outfielder has hit safely in a career-high 13 consecutive games, batting .404 (23 for 57). He has reached base in 23 straight contests dating to Aug. 27, 2006. His .455 average (30 for 66) leads all minor leaguers, and he ranks first in the Eastern League with 30 hits, 10 doubles, and a .507 on-base percentage. Ellsbury has started 15 of Portland's 16 games this season.

Think Lester and Josh hung out when he was in Greenville? I'd like to think so. Also, some weekend this summer we should do a little Portland Road Trip, and go shopping in Freeport. (Northface, Coach, and Dooney and Bourke outlet. What more could you possibly want?)