Monday, March 10, 2008

Excuse me Sir...

Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek with the fam waiting in line at Carrabba’s in Fort Myers . . . Sox rookie Brandon Moss meeting friends to catch a flick at the Regal 20 . . . Pitcher Jon Lester begrudgingly signing his old Pawtucket Red Sox cap offered up to him by a PawSox long-time season ticket holder now in possession of it . . .

I usually don't take my news from the Inside Track, however, Jon, you best not be signing things begrudingly until you are 18-4 with a 2.49 ERA. Do I make myself clear?


The Professor said...

wow. bailed on your team in March? And we are the bandwagon fans? tisk, tisk.

Anonymous said...

let me guess. about 200 pounds. wear a pink hat and drink enough to make an alcoholic blush.

Anonymous said...

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