Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well, last night was fun wasn't it? It was one of those Red Sox games where you just knew something good was going to happen. The Sox finally got some timely hitting, Batshit pitched alright, the bullpen was once again great, and, incase-you-forgot-who-your-mother-fucking-closer-is, it's me, Jonathan Papelbon. He makes me a ridiculously happy girl.
Today is Bobby Doerr (it might get a little dusty when you read that one) day at the Fens, where Bobby says he his making his last trip because he's getting too old to fly out from Portland. Also, it's Timmay's birthday. The amount of good karma flying around Fenway today will be too much for the lowly Orioles.

*Also, the picture above is UNDEFEATED!

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