Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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When I moved to NC in August, my mom sent me off with a ton of different piles of junk that I didn't need. Now, we are getting a third roommate, (my cousin, yay!), so I've been trying to cram two rooms full of crap into one.

Anyway, one thing I came across was a box of my baseball card. Back when I was a freshman or a sophomore, and my brother was in first or second grade, we got into baseball cards. Mainly because there was a cool hobby shop like store at my house, partly because I had just started to really like baseball, and lastly because I'm a huge dork. It's a wonder to myself that I had any friends at all in highschool. Okay, friend. I had a friend in high school. Moving on...

I had forgotten a few things about myself.

I loved Mike Mussina. I really, really, really loved Mike Mussina.

Now, please forgive me for a moment and remember that during this time, he was quite the pitcher:

1996 27 BAL AL 19 11 36 36 4 1 0 0 243.3
1997 28 BAL AL 15 8 33 33 4 1 0 0 224.7
1998 29 BAL AL 13 10 29 29 4 2 0 0 206.3
1999 30 BAL AL 18 7 31 31 4 0 0 0 203.3

While those stats are impressive, the real reason I loved him was probably the fact that he took a line drive off his forehead. I love a good sports injury. Anyway, I have more Mike Mussina cards in my collection than any other player, includin an autograph. I think you should know that about me.

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