Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Good news!

*Talk about absolutely fantastic news, Kevin Everett is moving his arms and legs. Everett, a tight end injured in the Bills game Sunday, originally was thought to be paralyzed. So great.

*Not that everything is about us, but it is, anyone who as ever seen Travis Roy at the Bruins game or the "Dream On" montage at Game On or read 11 Seconds knows how devasting this kind of thing is.

*This is a really sad story about high school football players paralyzed in games. As someone who stood on the sideline for 40 plus college football games, I have to say this was always one of my biggest fears. The story does, however, have a somewhat bright light, and that is a charity started to help these injured high school football players. I swear, if I am ever a millionaire, I am going to have a lot of fun giving my money away.

*Well, the Patriots kicked ass and took names on Sunday, as expected. Now we learn we may have cheated by stealing Jets signs. I say, whatever works. I don't need to win higher and mighter than any one else. I just really need a Peyton-free Super Bowl Sunday okay? I am coming home Columbus Day, mainly so I can watch a Patriots game on TV before Thanksgiving. (Only partly joking)

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