Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kicking ass and taking names...

I'm getting my life in order and the blog is back, hopefully to stay...

So I've had access to MLB TV for about a week now, (thank you Joe) and in that time I've seen the Sox lose every time I watched. Last night I was planning my lessons for the next week, and my computer was running low on battery. Instead of plugging in my computer and throwing on the Sox game, I put it back on my desk and let it charge, hopped in the shower, and got ready to go out. I got to the bar, and checked my phone, and had a missed call from Katie, and two texts from my brother...the first one read, "The Red Sox have all the hits through the 8th", and the second being, "Clay got a no-no". I was wondering if Paul was messing with me, then Frank's "Awesome" text came in. I got the goosebumps, Paul called and filled me in, then I called Katie back and she told me she had wanted to call but had the whole "fate of the no-no" to worry about. I totally understand. I was the one that made a poor text choice to Katie and Erin during the ill fated Curt Schilling almost no-no and I assured her she made the correct non-call.

Nothing quite like watching a no-no is there? I remember babysitting a crying two year old and infant when I was 16, just beginning to really fall in love with baseball, and I was channel checking and came across David Cone in the 8th inning of his perfect game. I remember wanting to call my Dad to make sure he had on the TV, but not wanting to jinx it, even thought he was a Yankee. There are very few chances in your life to see a perfect game, you don't one to pass you by.

I was babysitting Joey and Nicholas, my all time favorites, when Pedro hit Gerald Williams then almost no-hit the D-Rays. Their parents came home, and Lenny went to take the sleeping Nicholas off me, and I told him he couldn't drive me home now, idea. He was confused till I told him, "You need to sit down, and you need to watch the game, and I can't discuss this right now". He's a huge baseball guy, he got it, and then Pedro's chain broke from his neck, he had to put it in his pocket, and John "Freaking" Flaherty hit a bloop and it was all over. It still bothers me today that when you see the wall in the Hall of Fame with all the no hit and perfect game balls, Pedro doesn't have one there. It always felt like you were just 5 days away from the next chance to see a no-no.

Pre-2004, my favorite Sox memory was Game 5 of the ALDS when Pedro came in and no hit the Indians for 6 innings and risked his shoulder and career for a chance to go to the Dance.

Okay, I'm officially rambling...BUT,

I'm saddened and surprised to learn that Rodney used HGH. He's my guy. I firmly believe that the Patriots were one Rodney Harrison away from a 4th Super Bowl in 6 years. I love him, and I'm sad he didn't think that he had enough in the tank to get back without help.

You see, I have a thing for a certian type player. I like pitchers who aren't afraid to come inside and aren't afraid to hit someone betweent the numbers every once in a while, I like defensive backs who aren't afraid to absolutely cream someone coming across the middle so that for the rest of the game wide recievers are cringing when they go up for a pass, I like shortstops not named Julio Lugo as a rule, I like closers, especially those named Papelbon, I like the slightly dirty player. I like the gamer. And that is why I love Rodney.

One last thing, I'm sure everyone had the same reaction to me when we heard Richard Seymour was going to miss the first 6 weeks. I closed my eyes and said softly to myself over and over, "Clay Bucholz no hitter, Clay Bucholz no hitter, Clay Bucholz no hitter"

Oh, and one more one more last thing. Got to give some props to Bridget for throwing the big f you and your dumb Brazillian super model and giving the baby the Moynahan last name.

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