Sunday, September 16, 2007

Waiting on 8:05

"They show no class, no class at all, and maybe that comes from the head coach" L "I steal nick names and am a little bitch" T

Good afternoon! I am going to be semi-live blogging today while I eagerlly await tonights killer matchups. Chargers @ Patriots and Yankees @ Red Sox. A very busy night in New England. I am in prime form. I alept till 11:00. Had some homefries and sweet tea. Watched the pregame shows. I'm ready to go. I got 7 hours to kill and you do too...

A few thoughts from the pregame show...

*Boomer annoys me.

*Why do we need so many people on the show?

*Everyone likes the Patriots. Me too.

*"Coach" Mike Ditka keeps forgetting his picks. Good work "Coach". I once coached a basketball team at the Boys Club. From this day forth, I would like to be called, "Coach" please.

*Eli Manning will play today. Well thank God. I still can't get over the feeling that Eli would rather be running around a field with butterflies, curling up on the couch with a nice cup of coco, an afghan, and a good book.

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