Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Ode to Tommy Glavine.

Hey Tom,

I just wanted to say, "Sorry", I'm sure you don't remember meeting me at the Burlington Mall. But I was about 13. I had on a Charlotte Hornets starter jacket and I had Paul and Chris with me. My biological brother and his best friend who never left my side. I had convinced my mom to drop us of at the mall to meet you. We had heard that you were going to be at the Burlington Mall raising money for the Bridgewater State Girl's softball team or something like that. I was in the beginning of my love of baseball. Paul and I had started collecting baseball cards and making Daddy buy us cards (all of which are now dusty in our cellar just waiting for a hot water tank to blow so my mom can toss them). Anyway. I was starting to like baseball, but mainly I liked liking something that my dad and brother liked. Then we went to the Burlington Mall. We were allowed to get one thing signed per person. I had an 8X10, and about 9 baseball cards. You smiled at me and said you didn't mind signing them all. I took an awkward picture of you signing the cards, and you smiled at me and told me you'd be happy to take a picture with all of us. I still have it. The boys smiling like their heads would explode. Me, completely awkward wearing my Hornets jacket, a pimply face and a really bad haircut. You asked the boys what positions they played. Who their favorite team was. You told them you understood they liked the Red Sox, but that they should like the Braves too unless they met in the World Series. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I was pulling for you today. That despite my Ryan Howard crush, I wanted you to win. You to go 7 strong, force the playoff, and everything else. I wish you had gotten a chance to wear the Red Sox uniform. Despite the WS with the Braves, the millions, the success, I can't believe it still doesn't hurt a little that the Boston kid didn't ever wear the Old Town's Team's colors. So, I'm thinking that you might come back next year, or, maybe you're done. But whatever you are, thanks, for making me think all baseball players were that nice. You kept me along till Nomar came along and I fell in love head over heels. And for that, I am grateful. I've been sucked in ever since. So sorry about todays game. I'm happy about the AL East and homefield. And I would never root for two teams at once. But just know it hurt a little to see your line score today. Thanks for everything.



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