Monday, July 2, 2007

10 Things I think I think (Sorry Mr. King)

1. I think that apparently all of NESN's gross cross promoting marketing bullshit might actually work. I cursed the Red Sox all day for all that Rousch Fenway Group bullshit, then yesterday checked to see how the Fenway guys were doing on ESPN. But that being said, I did not watch the race. Watching people drive around in ovals is still boring.

2. I think I'm seeing why Danny Ainge made that trade. Because he doesn't have a few years to wait for these guys to develop. He needs to win now to save his job. And with the weak East, there's no reason PP, Allen, and AJ can get us the 7th or 8th seed. That being said, if you're going youth movement, go all the way. I also think that Bob Ryan can say it better than I can, "It is a fact I signed off on trading the fifth pick for a veteran. But I was kinda thinking about someone born after 1980. On a list of improbable, no-one-of-sound-mind-and-sober-judgment-would-ever-do-such-a-thing acts, trading the fifth pick of the NBA draft in a juicy year chock full of potential All-Stars for a 32-year old shooting guard would have ranked at the bottom...Um, Danny, this is not what any of us had in mind. The five for a 27-year old anything of proven substance? Yeah. The five for Pau Gasol? Yeah. But the five for a banged-up 32-year old shooting guard? Waiter, give me a double. No, wait. A triple."

3. I think the New York Rangers kicked free agency's ass yesterday signing Scott Gomez and Chris Drury. Now, we all know I don't really "do" hockey, but, I have two stories for these guys. I have always liked BU hockey, and used to go to their games. I also love the Little League World Series, and did you know, Chris Drury was the winning pitcher on the team that won 1989 LLWS? As for Scott Gomez, I used to babysit for these two little boys, and their uncle played for the Devils, and when they won the Stanley Cup, Scott Gomez came over and played street hockey in their driveway with the older boy. How cute is that? The Bruins said that they wouldn't be big players in free agency this year. Couldn't we have grabbed one of those guys? I mean, Chris is from CT and went to BU? What, Jeremy Jacobs, is the point of owning a team if you don't spend the change to contend?

4. I think I hate ESPN. So, you know how ESPN loves to do it's fake and stupid little "competitions". They start in March ranking every position in the NFL, then they rank every ball boy, then they rank every water girl, then they rank every post game buffet. Well, they are ranking now, "Who's Now?", a contest to determine who is the ULTIMATE sports star.

Here are the brackets, with my picks and comments in bold.

July 1: (1) Tiger Woods vs (8) Matt Leinart (Matt - Paris? and Britney? Really now).
July 2: (4) Dwyane Wade vs (5) Shaun White (Finals MVP vs. a snowboarder?)
July 3: (2) LaDainian Tomlinson vs (7) David Beckham (Beckham is old)
July 4: (3) Steve Nash vs (6) Serena Williams (Steve Nash is boring)

July 5: (1) Peyton Manning vs (8) Amanda Beard (She swims!)
July 6: (4) Dale Earnhardt Jr vs (5) Chuck Liddell (Who the Hell is Chuck?)
July 7: (2) Alex Rodriguez vs (7) Terrell Owens (That is the All-Hatred seed?)
July 8: (3) Kobe Bryant vs (6) Ronaldinho (Who is Ronaldinho?)

July 9: (1) LeBron James vs (8) Kelly Slater (Honestly? He surfs!)
July 10: (4) Jeff Gordon vs (5) Barry Bonds (Honestly? He drives in circles!)
July 11: (2) Derek Jeter vs (7) Sidney Crosby (Biggest star in the NHL)
July 12: (3) Reggie Bush vs (6) Danica Patrick (So she's a girl that drives in circles!)

July 13: (1) Tom Brady vs (8) David Ortiz (This bracket is designed to tear my heart in two)*
July 14: (4) Maria Sharapova vs (5) Vince Young (Prob pick one girl)
July 15: (2) Roger Federer vs (7) Tony Parker (Even though he does play tennis)
July 16: (3) Shaquille O'Neal vs (6) Michael Phelps (he does swim, but at least he does dominate)

*Okay Page 2, here we go. How is it possibly fair for Tom to draw Papi? Vince Young is a FIVE SEED and David Ortiz is an 8. AN 8! You have a lot of nerve.

5. I think that even though we are going for the split with the Rangers tonight, I'm not anywhere near hitting the panic button. I think that we have been playing good baseball all season, with our 3-4-5 putting up solid numbers, but none of them have found their groove yet. Papi's going to get clutch hits and Manny is going to go on a 16-24 tear any day now. That being said, for having the best record and best bullpen in baseball, I still never quite feel comfortable unless Okajima or Papelbon are on the mound, even though the other guys have not given me any reason to feel this way. I think I'm falling in love with Manny Delcarmen. I also think that it makes me very happy to see that Timlin has gotten his groove back. (whoa black betty).

6. I think that Barry Bonds should start for the NL at the All Star game. He's going to be their only representative, and while I still think he's an ass, he's their ass, and it is in their home park. I think that their must have been a lot of busy San Francisco-ians filling out ballots this past weekend. I also think I wouldn't be surprised if everyone at the Giants front office spent all day stuffing ballot boxes.

7. Incase you missed it, the Red Sox will have five representatives at this years mid-summer classic, with David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon, and Mike Lowell all getting the call. (Youk got screwed). We also have a fan option for a sixth. The All-Star game has the "final vote", and this year, the Sox own Hideki Okajima is in the running, facing off against Jeremy Bonderman, Kelvim Escobar (met him once), Roy Halladay, and Pat Neshek. Anyway, time for us to get our guy in there. So vote early, and vote often. ( Unless you think the Dice is the jealous type.

8. I think the New York Post is becoming my favorite newspaper. Cynthia Rodriguez wore a shirt to the Yanks game yesterday that read, "F--k You" on the back. I'm wondering if it wasn't one of those FCUK French Connection shirts, but, it doesn't appear this way from what the post would have you believe. A-Rod couldn't be a better time for us Sox fans. He can take his 28 home runs and shove 'em.

9. I think Sunday was a tough day to be a manager, with Mike Hargrove resigning from the Mariner's post, and Jerry Narron being asked to leave the Reds.

10. I think I wish I had 350 bucks for the Red Sox "Picnic in the Park". One live auction item is two days quail hunting with Timlin and Wake, and another is to play scrabble in one of the luxary suites with Papelbon. I think that in honor of being too poor to attend, I'm going to go to the Sea Dogs that day. I also think, David Ortiz might not be having his party at Rumor this year, which, would break my heart. Last year I shook David's hand (he pinched my cheek), I won a 1,000 gift certificate, saw big and baby (Joshua) Papelbon, realized how handsome Trot Nixon is in real life, saw Gabe and Mrs. Gabe, had Tek touch my back, say "excuse me" while walking by me, tried to get Katelyn to hook up with a sketchy guy in Papi's Posse, snuck into VIP, and I may or may not have caught a Sox cheating on his wife, and came very close to stealing Wily Mo's wallet (all under Katelyn's influence). I also wouldn't mind going to Jerry's All-Star party, but again, I won't be putting up the $140.00.

I think I'll be back later, but I'm not making any promises.

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