Thursday, July 19, 2007

These pictures are worth MUCH more than 10,000 words...

It's kind of like someone took this picture specifically for me. Like they said, "Hey, look at Paps and Mikey sitting there drinking beers, playing cribbage, you know who would love this picture, Amanda. I better take it for her"

Joshua's girlfriend. Now, I'm not saying that Josh isn't infinitely hotter because he plays baseball than he actually is. I'm just saying his girlfriend is...surprising.

Manny and Okie drinking wine. My only question is, where is Papi in all these pictures? Maybe these are Papi's pictures? Maybe he took them for me? Papi's probably sitting on the floor indian style between the pilots touching buttons and trying to grab the controller with a huge grin on his face.
I mean, how great are these pictures? Kansas City who? Whoever took them, thank you for bringing them into my life.

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