Friday, July 27, 2007

The Red Sox are continuing to show me why I hit the panic button a little too soon. But, let’s face it. I’m nothing if I’m not a panicky, crazy, worrier of a fan. We just took 3-4 from the Indians, Jon Lester completed his amazing comeback, Matsuzaka and Beckett dominated, Gabby and Tavarez were picked up by the bats for once, and today we are heading onward to Tampa Bay (would give a major organ to be laying on the beach outside the Sirata right now).

Today is the first day when training camp is open to the public and is my last chance to see the Patriots live, probably for the season, unless I somehow make it out to Charlotte on the 24th, but I’m probably not driving 6 hours for an exhibition.

Tonight we got Timmay and the gents taking on those cute (allbeit peskey) little Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

And seeing that it worked last time, let’s not forget who likes to murder small animals.

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