Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Went to the Rangers game last night. I really wanted to get there early and yell at the Texas players how weak their fans are and how annoying the song, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" clap clap clap, but I had to return some overdue library books and go to the ATM on the way. As Katie and I were cutting through the common, a man yelled to us, "Going to the game?", we told him we were, and he asked who they were playing, we told him Texas, and he proceeded to argue that we were actually playing the Devil Rays and that Matsuzaka was pitching. You're a day early, buddy. Don't let this pony tail fool you Sir, I know my shit.

There was no line at the Cask and Flagon, so we had to stop in and have a beverage. The Old Cask is 10 times better than the new Cask, by the way. Anyway, two drinks later we head into Fenway and stop behind home plate to watch the pre-game stuff and come to realize we are standing right next to Larry Lucchino donning a red hat with the Sox on it. He went inside after the first pitch, which was thrown by the newest member of the Celtics, Ray Allen, who, received a very nice ovation from the faithful. I was very disappointed with myself that I didn't air all my grievances regarding how much I hate Red Sox Nation: The Official Fan Club of the Boston Red Sox.

Anyway, we make our way to our seats, where we are sitting in front of a man how is doing play by play into his camcorder, next to a man who looked completely miserable the entire game, and behind a guy with the biggest head ever. (I always sit behind that guy). You know how the game went...Kason pitched great, Jacoby made us drool, and we finally got some timely hitting. 6 Twisted Teas later Katie and I head off to the Baseball Tavern, wrangle some free drinks from some older gentleman, head over to Dominos, realize we missed the last commuter train home and the last T, and ate a small pizza, buffalo kickers, and cheezy bread. I make best friends with the employee there named Carlos from Ecuador. Well, he just goes by Carlos. I tell him I'm going to become his pizza assistant. We end up getting a very sketchy cab ride home. I was thinking the odds were probably 6:1 I was going to end up in a trash bag in the Charles. I arrive home safely, call Katie ("I was 45 seconds away from calling the cops"), and pass out. I woke up to a BLARING headache about 4 this morning, chugged two glasses of water and 3 Excedrine, woke up at 6:30 and chugged another glass of water and two more Excedrine, and sadly got dressed (thank God I laid out my outfit last night). I am now just WAITING for it to be lunch. I have a bad case of the hangover munchies. Anyway, it was a superb time, great game, good to get that winning feeling back.

First game against the D-Rays tonight. I actually thought the MLB contracted and no one told me. The Dice and Kazmir tonight, should be a good one.

*Stephen Gostkowski looked snazzy at a charity golf tournament in Quincy yesterday for WAAF.

*From http://www.bostonsportsmedia.com.

"From an article by Jason Quick in The Oregonian yesterday, it sure appears that Danny Ainge made an immediate effort to get the number one pick from the Blazers after Portland won the draft lottery:

As he drove to Eugene to watch a play with his daughter on May 23, less than 24 hours after winning the lottery, Pritchard took a call from an Eastern Conference general manager, with whom he had past dealings.

The executive made an offer that was moderate in shock value: A five-time All-Star and this year's lottery pick in exchange for the No. 1 pick and the Blazers' 2008 first-round pick.
As enticing as the offer was -- the Blazers in years past had made a run at the All-Star player -- Pritchard declined on the spot.

Five time All Star...who the Blazers had made a run at before...sounds like Paul Pierce to me."

I really can't imagine that Danny Ainge thought he had any shot of getting the 1 and the 2008 first rounder. I wonder what Pritchard would have done had he just offered PP and the 5 for the 1. Very interesting.

*Mrs. Papelbon feels bad for Mrs. Rodriguez, saying, "It would kill me if people said the things they’re saying about A-Rod about Jonathan. I mean, that’s her husband. People forget that. He may play baseball, but he’s still human and she’s still married to him. I’m sure she’s embarrassed, but I don’t know how she feels. It would be my worst nightmare.”

*Bill Burt says, Pardon the Interruption, but Wilbon is a jerk, after Wilbon said that the reason Garnett and other NBA super stars didn't want to come to Boston is because Boston is a racist city.

*I really don't like the Herald, but I do enjoy the inside track on occasion...here are some goodies...

We hear...that NESN vixen Hazel Mae chickened out of crashing starter Josh Beckett's roped-off table at Saint the other night. How bashful of her! Beckett was hoisting a few with fellow pitchman Julian Tavarez and sidelined outfielder Coco Crisp. Other baseball biggies in da house: Texas Rangers slugger Sammy Sosa, who headed over from Bar 10 at the Westin Copley Place with closer Eric Gagne and fielder Jerry Hairston...

Tracked Down...Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell signing autographs and showing off the Lumber Liquidators Red Sox race car at the company’s HQ in Braintree . . . Sox hurler Curt Schilling and wife, Shonda, buying paper baseballs at Shaw’s at Fenway to support the store’s Pitch’n to Win campaign that supports Curt’s Pitch for ALS . . .

*The Red Sox stepped up to the plate for David Ortiz's hometown.

*Jacoby is a great time.

*Richard Seymour was the top paid player in the NFL last year, raking in nearly 25 million dollars. I love the guy, we all know that, but that is some serious coin. USA Today also has a kick ass database salary sorter thingy. Tom was 6th on the list with 16 million.

Here are the top paying teams in the NFL. (The Texas should get some kind of refund.)

Indianapolis Colts $ 131,189,741
Minnesota Vikings $ 125,025,909
Dallas Cowboys $ 113,595,442
Cincinnati Bengals $ 113,000,016
Baltimore Ravens $ 111,596,746
Washington Redskins $ 110,340,460
Houston Texans $ 108,675,881
New York Giants $ 108,196,454
Seattle Seahawks $ 107,449,932
Carolina Panthers $ 106,554,612
Arizona Cardinals $ 105,685,931
New England Patriots $ 105,110,495

*And finally, be sure to vote early and vote often for Okajima as the final gentleman to make the All-Star team!

My next post, unless something exciting happens this afternoon, will be an update from NH, then a post-Cooperstown post on Thursday. Everyone be safe this week.

Happy 4th of July & God Bless America!

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