Tuesday, March 27, 2007

*Dice-K gave up 0 hits yesterday but was unhappy with is 5 walks, and was unwilling to speak with the media after the game. I personally, always got mad when I gave up no hits and runs when I pitched. (okay, I never pitched, but you get the point). Shaughnessy says Matsuzaka was seen stretching out during the game and icing after it. (he never ices) Let the massive panic attack begin. Dan does point out, "Only in Boston. Only here could there be a crisis after a guy throws a five-inning no-hitter."

*Papelbon looked good yesterday. Craig Hansen did not.

*The Ritz-Carlton is making a new Dice-K Tini which has, “includes three parts vodka, one part passion fruit puree and one part sake. It is garnished with a glowing red ice cube made to like dice and pickled ginger.”

*Jo-EL Pineiro may be on the market. The mostly likely trade partner is the Reds according to Jeff Horrigan.

*Colts President Bill Polian praises the Patriots off season moves. You think Bill? They did a good job? Are you sure they didn't nudge you or anything? You don't want to complain to the commissioners office?

*The NFL approved a new revenue-sharing system.

*The Celtics played great against the Raptors last night, I actually watched some of this. Great time of the year to elevate your game guys. C's came away with the 95-87 W.

*No criminal negligence found in the death of Pat Tillman.

*Freddy Sanchez knee is still screwed up. Glad he isn't on my fantasy team.

*Pacman Jones is um, screwed.

*The UNC Student Mascott died after being struck by an SUV. (so sad).

*Philadelphia Eagles traded DT Darwin Walker and a 2008 pick to the Buffalo Bills for Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb. Personally I think this is a great deal for the Eagles, who, take Spikes out of the AFC East. Thanks guys.

SG has an article on how great the NCAA tourney has been, and that is where I found this link...

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