Tuesday, March 20, 2007

*Karen Guregian has an article on Lester and him wanting to rush to come back, but still having cancer in the back of his mind.

*Jackie MacMullan has a real good story on Mike Pressler, the former Duke lacrosse coach who is now the coach at Bryant University in Rhode Island.

*The Celtics lost to the Hornets 106-88. Kevin Durant!

*Asante Samuel did not come ot the offseason work out program yesterday, but a lot of players, including Samuel choose to work out at home, or with their alma mater.

*I guess on WEEI yesterday, Michael Holley said he is 75% sure that Greg Oden will stay in school. I can't blame him, I would have stayed in school too.

*And, last but not least, Mike Reiss's football notes Sunday had this story:
The act was so selfless by Troy Brown that the McGowan family of Attleboro wanted to share the story, even though Brown requested that there be no publicity.

Eight-year-old Matthew McGowan had been admitted to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence last year with an inoperable brain tumor. Because Matthew was a big sports fan, his parents, Richard and Linda, and uncle, John Rijo, contacted Brown through a mutual friend to see if Brown could autograph a jersey.

The response stunned them.

"The next day, we got the word that it was no problem, but that Troy didn't want to send it, he wanted to deliver it in person," said Rijo.

The visit was arranged, and while young Matthew was unconscious and unresponsive, the family knew he was aware of Brown's presence when his heart rate increased as Brown held his hand. Brown told the family he hoped to score a touchdown for Matthew in the team's next game, Oct. 8 against the Dolphins.

As the family watched that Sunday from the hospital, Brown hauled in a 10-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady. They could hardly believe it. Then Brown sent the ball, with an autograph, as a surprise to the McGowans. Later, the family had Brown autograph a framed photo that ran in the Globe the day after the victory over the Dolphins.

Unfortunately, young Matthew lost the fight for his life yesterday, but his family didn't want Brown's generosity to go unrecognized, despite his wishes to keep the visit quiet. At a most difficult time in their lives, Brown's gesture meant more than they could express.

"The fact he doesn't want any recognition is more reason why we wanted to tell people about this," Rijo said.

Rijo said the autographed picture included the words, "To Matthew, a true champion, your friend forever, Troy Brown."

Said Matthew's father, Richard: "Troy is right, Matthew is and always will be a true champion. And to us, Troy will always be more than just a sports champion, but our friend forever."

I really hope the Patriots find a place for Troy on the roster.

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