Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally Friday!

Thoughts while wondering how I went wrong picking Oral Roberts over Washington State...

*Tank Johnson was sentenced yesterday to 120 days in jail for violating his probation. He was also sentenced to 80 days house arrest, which, he has already served. What exactly do you have to do to get house arrest? Because, quite frankly, I'm down. I have been meaning to organize my closet, there are a ton of netflix on my list that I haven't had time to watch, some books I'd like to read. I'd also like to learn a language. I'd also probably take up video games and rent the a few seasons of 24.

*Sports Guy kept a running diary of yesterdays games. I know a lot of people get down on SG, but I still love him. Just want to let that be known.

*"Hey Kids, Do Drugs" How do people get to be so stupid? Honestly.

*Curt has a post, Why the Media Sucks. I have often said that I wish Curt would stop talking and just play, ect. That being said, his blog helps me get through the long day in the world of Customer Service.

*Some English guy bought a 4 dollar ticket for a horse race and won 1.4 million dollars. To the track we go!

*Sammy Sosa made the 40 man roster.

*I had VCU on my bracket. I feel pretty good about myself.

*BC won. Had them too. I think I should let everyone know that when I was the assistant coach of Paul's basketball team, we were none other than the BC Eagles. I was mainly in charge of calling players to remind them about practice, buying pizza, and cleaning skinned knees. Very important job.

*Holy Cross takes on Southern Illinois tonight. I obviously have to root for the kids that might love Worcester like I do. (actually, no one loves Worcester like I do).

*Phil Kessel won another shoot out for the B's last night. Kid's nasty.

*The Patriots are getting ready for the draft by working out some college kids.

*From Buster Olney's blog, "Brad Lidge was banged up. The Red Sox are closely tracking Lidge, among other relievers this spring, because of concerns about their own bullpen. Heard that the Astros have indicated they have no interest in trading Lidge. If they ever did change their minds, however, you know this: The Red Sox would have to seriously overpay to get him, because the cost of good relief pitching has skyrocketed.

What's a fair price for Lidge? You could assume that the Astros might start by demanding top outfield prospect Jacoby Ellsbury, insisting on someone like Craig Hansen, and wanting even more than that."

First of all, they are my two Red Sox facebook friends, so that is just okay. Second, Lidge? Are we thinking about the same guy here? Third, Theo trades Jacoby and he is dead to me.

Fourth, well, for my fourth reason I'll turn it over to John Tomase's blog post from yesterday, "Just got two of the latest media guides off the presses and both are amusing for obvious reasons. The Reds media guide features a giant photo of Bronson Arroyo – looks like there’s life after Boston after all — while the Pirates guide has a color photo of Freddy Sanchez, the former Red Sox farmhand who won the 2006 National League batting title.

Looking at the respective covers, it’s hard not to recall Theo Epstein’s line from last July — “I traded half of the National League All-Star team.”

Don't forget a young kid with nasty stuff who pitched a no hitter and the NL Rookie of the Year! Good work!

(maybe I'm still bitter because I was "removed" from standing next to Theo by a giant man wearing a Cecil Fielder shirt.)

Eh, let's hope today goes by quick!

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