Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Patriots making moves, Borges suspended and other comings and goings...

*Boston Globe football writer Ron Borges was suspended for two months without pay while the Globe looks into allegations he plagarized this weeks football notes. To read the differences, or lack there of the two articles, click here. To read the Globe's response, click here. I have a sneaking suspicion that Bill Belichick is dancing around Gillette this morning, seeing him and Ron don't always see eye to eye (or, ever for that matter). The Herald also is covering this obviously.

*Nick Cafardo has a cute (sorry to use that word, but it is) article on Jon Lester. My favorite part of this however is the interview with him at the top. Steve Buckley has more on Lester. (I liked this one too). Jeff Goldberg has Lester no longer feeling the ill effects of chemo. Sean McAdam also weighed in on Lester. I am tired of hearing about Manny and how freaking bizarre he is, I'm even tired of hearing about Matsuzaka and his translators and massuse and whatnot, but I could read about a cancer-free Lester all day long. So great!

*Mike Reiss has a good one on the Patriots' off season moves so far. Michael Felger reports that the Pats have their eye on Donte Stallworth incase Troy Brown decides to retire.

*Josh Hamilton, drafted out of HS is attempting a comeback with the Reds after years out of baseball battling drug addiction, and is off to a 8-15 start. He never carries cash / credit cards on him and has teammates hold his meal money to avoid the temptation. My favorite part of this article, however is at the bottom in the notes section which reads, "Pitcher Bronson Arroyo missed his "B" game starting assignment Sunday with flu-like symptoms and maybe a touch of the 10 a.m. blues. He is expected to throw on the side today." Bronson would have the 10 a.m. blues. I miss him.

*Interesting story about Rob Bell, a pitcher now with the Orioles who had anxiety attacks derail his career in Tampa Bay. I'd have anxiety attacks if I had to play 82 games in Tampa too.

*Here's a story about Cooper Brannan, the Marine signed by the Padres.

*A good one from the Baltimore Sun on Aubrey Huff, who, absolutely destroyed my fantasy team a few years back, but seems like a nice guy.

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