Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still not Friday...amazing

Okay, I'm bored with spring training and no nothing about basketball, so I'm going to let the Red Sox post for me today. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Spring Training...

"In the East baseball and the teams are a way of life. In New England you have Catholicism and Red Sox Baseball, and not necessarily in that order." Curt

"I live for that kind of challenge. I love for the fans to expect a lot from me, because I expect a lot from myself. That gets me going, when they expect a lot from you. I set my goals real high. I figure if I set my goals real high and don't reach them, then you're still going to accomplish a lot." Jonathan

"Josh Beckett told me I'm a natural hitter . . . I was born to hit," Dice-K

"I said to Matsui-san, 'I'm sorry to bother you right before your game.' He said, 'Don't worry about it. Thanks for coming over to say hello.' He wished me good luck so I wished him the same and said thanks." Dice-K

"Far and away the most underappreciated and overlooked post season performance I’ve ever been around. I know Foulkie took alot of heat for things he said in the 2005 season, right or wrong it had an enormous impact on how fans have treated him. Keith Foulke, in my opinion, was so far and away the MVP of the 2004 season that the runner up was not even in sight. Manny and David had phenomenal post seasons, DLowe was magic, but when all was said and done Keith Foulke was the reason, beyond any other player, play or game, that we won. Keith didn’t like the media, and there were things he said that if you didn’t hear them in person, but got them second hand, could sound a lot worse than they were intended. I am not sticking up for him, he doesn’t need me for that, but the guy was as money as anyone I’ve ever played with in the biggest games of his life." Curt

"It’s hard to find a player like Manny. When you go out there, Manny’s got to be one of the best hitters in the game, no doubt about it. It’s hard to trade Manny because of his salary. It’s hard to get somebody when you trade Manny. That’s what’s been the problem…get what you deserve. Manny is still crazy I’m still babysitting him. Same thing,” David

That's all for now kids, I finally got my youtube account working, so I might have some youtube favorites up later. If I missed a quote, put it in the comments section.

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