Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well, I'm actually going to Texas 8 days from today, rather than yesterday. I got a little excited thinking it was Thursday yesterday. Anyways, here are the links. (ps. this is the 91st post since I started the blog in February. I'm hoping to work it out so that my 100th will be a surely entertaining Texas recap).

*The Red Sox organized a lunch yesterday for 10 members of the media and Dice-K and Okajima. Everyone, obviously had a recap. Sean McAdam, Michael Silverman, Tony Mazz, Rob Bradford, Jeff Goldberg, and Dan Shaughnessy, who writes, "Made me wish I knew the Japanese translation of "curly-haired boyfriend." Also made me glad that Curt Schilling isn't yet fluent in Japanese."

*Rob Bradford has Mike Lowell answer questions for the blog. Things I didn't know before, his favorite movie is Wedding Crashers and he's a great ping pong ball player. I can't wait to see him next week.

*Stan Grossfeld talks superstitions with the Sox. I personally like that Mike Lowell never chews gum when batting because he struck out chewing gum when batting when he was 8. Actually I just personally like Mike Lowell.

*Uggie Urbina was sentenced to 14 years in a prison for his role in an attack on workers at his work in Venezuela. Jeff Horrigan had this to say, "Anyone who ever met former Red Sox reliever Ugueth Urbina probably didn’t need much convincing to believe he would attack five workers on his Venezuelan ranch with a machete and douse them with gasoline after believing one of them had stolen a gun. He’s one of the meanest, nastiest human beings to pass through the Red Sox clubhouse." I imagine 14 years in a Venezuelan jail is going to be a pretty bad time.

*The Celts won in double OT last night. They really don't get this whole lottery thing do they? Paul Pierce is talking about shutting it down for the season. Um, yes please.

*One week from today is Dice-K's first start in a Sox uni!

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