Thursday, March 1, 2007

Oh to hear Jerry's sweet voice again...

Hello, I'm blogging from home today, but I didn't want to let anyone who checks daily down (aka, the 3 of you). Anyways, as we all know, the very first spring training game of the year took place last night against the Minnesota Twins. (And I missed almost all of it!). I got home last night at 6:50 ready to watch Curt and my dad asks me if I wanted to go to Kryssy's hockey game. Playoff hockey game. So, being the good cousin that I am, I headed off to the game. We sit down and an Andover guy has been yelling since we sat down to the Andover girls. He was loud, a little obnoxious, but was only cheering for his team. My dad turns to me and goes, "What's that guy's name that killed that guy at the hockey rink?", and I go, "Junta or something?" and he goes, "Yup" and looks at the guy. I go, "Dad, he's not that bad" and he goes, "No, I'm talking about me, I might need to kill him".

We got there at the end of the first period, Woburn was up 1-0 over Andover. Turns out Kryssy has the lone goal. (I always miss her goals). Woburn played very well, Kryssy got another assist and they won 5-1. The win means the Tannerettes (defending State Champs) need to take on #1 St. Mary's Saturday night. (too bad I'll be drunk at the Harp). My favorite part of the game however, was when Kryssy was taken down from behind by one of the Andover girls. Kryssy looked up, and you could tell she was looking for a number. Next shift, she went in and crunched the girl in the corner. They should know better than to mess with my cousin. So we are outside after the game, and I have this conversation with my Grandmother's husband.
Me: Where is St. Mary's?

Me: Seriously? I'm pretty sure Mary is a popular saint and there are a lot of her around.
Grandma: Amanda, It's in Lynn. Malcolm, you didn't know that before the season.
Malcolm: Well of course I did, the St. Mary's that has a good girls hockey team is in Lynn.
Grandma: You did not.
Me: Dad, let's go. We need to go right now. (before I pull a Junta on Grandma's husband).

I missed all of Joe Mauer. That makes me sad.

Anyways, we made it home in the 9th inning. 4-4. I really like the Red Uni's, I just am a little confused about the blue under the arm pits. Is it sweat? Is it designed like that? I need Bob Ley to get on this.

Alex Ochoa throws a lasar to Castilla to end the inning. Absolute rocket. No bounce, nothing. It keeps the game tied at 4-4. Don asks Jerry about Wally's Travel book that is coming out in April. Apparently in the offseason Wally went around New England and someone wrote a book about it. Super. I can't wait to get my copy. In the bottom of the 9th, the Twins bring out someone with the game Errol. I don't remember if that was his first name or last name, but I do remember he was very handsome and spent most of last season in Double AA New Britian. I do believe that is in CT. Road trip anyone? I have to say, that I am pretty sure someone pretty high up in the Twins organization is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they always have a ridiculously good looking team. Anyway, Errol makes it through the 9th and its tied.

Dad: Do they play extra innings in spring training?
Me: No.

Don: And we head to the 10th...

"The reason we are still here is because of Alex Ochoa and his throwing arm" Jerry says. Paul yells over, "Jerry is so pissed right now".

A graphic just comes up on the screen advertising Sports Desk after the game. The third thing on the list is, Wally's Season Over. I get very nervous about our green friend before realizing they are taking about Szerinavioennabialbiack that plays for the Celtics. Phew? A season without the Green Monster? That would just be a tragedy.

Onto pitch for the Sox in the top of the 10th is Chris Smith, #97 out of UCal Riverside. He is also very handsome. Bob Rodgers makes a nice play at SS to get the first out of the inning (it's the NESN guy, they were low on bodies). The second out is a fly ball to Alex Ochoa and Chris gets the K for the 3rd out. Nice work Mr. Smith.

"This is the last thing you expect in game one of Spring Training" Jerry remarks bitterly.

The PA announces that this will be the last inning. Jerry lets out a soft, "woohoo" (just kidding...he was thinking it though).

Errol is back out there for the bottom of the 10th. I'm not complaining. A very good looking #71 for the Red Sox has some warning track power. The next rather large gentleman gets on and Brandon Moss comes into run.

Jerry and Don start rambling about the Mayor's Cup, which, the Sox and Twins play for every year. Jerry asks Don who won last year. I yell at the TV, "The Twins, they went 4-1 against the Sox in ST last year". Paul doesn't believe me. Jerry finds the stats. Turns out the Red Sox were...1-4 against the Twins last year. Paul isn't pleased.

Errol works Castilla to a 3-2 count, and he...K's.

Chad Spann, aka, Jon Lester's hunting buddy, K's to end the game on a wild pitch, gives chase down the first base line but is thrown out.

I decided at this point to make fun of Hazel Mae for everyone, however, my NESN screen turned black for a full 4 minutes after the game, so I ended up in bed.

Dice-K tomorrow. I can't wait.

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