Monday, March 5, 2007

*The Celtics won again! 4 in a row now. According to Paul though, (as in, my brother), even if they win the rest of their games, they will still be one of the three worst teams, and therefore get two ping pong balls in the lottery thingy. (1. Kevin Durant please). Tony Massarotti says that is not the case. He's probably right.

*The Bruins beat the Canadians and Devils this weekend, and are now 4 points out of the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.

*The Patriots had a VERY busy weekend, signing Adalius Thomas, Kyle Brady, and Sammy Morris. I am very excited. The Patriots also have Wes Welker coming to Gillette today. The NFL network was saying last night the Pats are going to offer him a 7 year 38 million dollar deal. Not that the length really matters in the NFL b/c you can cut a player at any time. John Tomase says that the Patriots will put a "poison pill" in the contract. And, we already knew this but, Tedy will be back. (which is good, b/c I love driving by his house on the way to Amy's). Tedy said, "“I feel great. I’m ready to play. I’m more hungry now than I’ve ever been. I want to win another championship.” I love him. (I don't usually like Karen Guregian but this one has some good Tedy quotes).

*In Red Sox land, Papelbon retired all 6 batters he faced, striking out 4 against the Twins. That is great news. Jon Lester is starting for the first time this spring against the Twins in the "B" game (mostly minor leaguers), while Joshua is starting the "A" game against the Dodgers. (Hi Nomar!).

*Forbes ranked the GM's in the 4 major sports. For the locals, Scott Pioli was 20th, Theo 30th, Mike O'Connell (formerly of the B's) 73rd, and Danny Ainge was 92nd.

Now, obviously they aren't going to get a list everyone agrees on, but Kevin McHale is first? When is the last time the T-Wolves won a championship? Have they ever won one? I'm not sure.

Billy King is 3rd. When was the last time the 76er's won a championship? I'm pretty sure Dr. J was still on the team. And, he should have gotten a ring out of the the Allen Iverson era.

And, everyone's favorite a-hole, Bill Polian is 9th. How do you put him 11 spots ahead of Scott? Where are his other two rings? I don't see them...Nope, not there at all. Just one. Actually, in the time it took me to write this post, Polian called up the league to complain he wasn't higher than 9th, and that he got nudged by the 1-8 people on the list.

Some other notes from the list, Joe Dumars is 15th...didn't the Pistons just go back to back? Terry Ryan of the Minnesota Twins is 53rd! 53rd and his team consistantly makes the playoffs and has talent with a payroll subtantianlly lower than the big spenders in the MLB. The GM of the Denver Nuggets name is Kiki. (just thought you should know). Also, I'm sick of hearing how much of a "genius" Billy Beane is. Again, show me the freaking rings. Oh, and Brian Sabean of the Giants paid Barry Bonds 18 million dollars this year when most teams didn't want him, 31. Isiah Thomas is 82 (I know SG will hate that one).

*UNC completed a season sweep of Duke. Tyler Hansbrough took an elbow to the nose and bled all over the place with 14.5 seconds left.

*The Patriots of George Mason are a win away from making the tourney again this year.

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