Thursday, March 22, 2007

One freaking home run Jason Kendell? ONE?

Good Morning Everyone! Today we have a special installment of "Amanda should have researched more before her fantasy draft". Last night was my draft for the Sox Stalkers. Turns out I missed my one for Papi's Posse (which, I didn't get David on my team so I'm going to change my name to the Big Misnomers, rather than Papi's Posse. I hate that. Someone could have called and reminded me! Steve? Conor? Chris? Thanks guys). Anyway, here's my lineup. (not that anyone cares). (We're partying here like it's 2004).

The Sox Stalkers

C - Jason Kendall (who, I realized this morning had 1 home run last year! ONE! )
1B - Gary Sheffield (I try to only have one ass on my team. So here he is)
2B - Freddy Sanchez (I try to have 80% of my team have some kind of Red Sox connection)
3B - Mike Lowell ("I think I love you, but what am I so afraid of" (bat speed my friends).
SS - Hanley Ramirez (because ROY didn't hurt enough last year - he did hit 1/2 as many HR as Josh let up, oh, and I'm 9 months older than him. Super!)
OF - Manny Ramirez (I'm pretty happy with this pick. Until he needs the month of July off)
OF - Carlos Beltran (My dad forced me into this one. He thought he was Peter Gammons last night).
OF - Trot Nixon (aww, hey buddy, miss you already!)
Util - Nomar Garciaparra (even though he never answered my letter, I still love him)
Bench - Orlando Cabrera (ORLANDOOOOOOO)
Bench - WilyMO Pena (I hope K's don't count against me).
Bench - Sean Casey (and his 8 home runs. great pick Amanda).
SP - Barry Zito (don't ask me, ask Barry!)
SP - Curt Schilling (probably picked him 3 rounds too high)
RP - Jon Papelbon (they have him as a RP. I hope that is true. I'm going to loan him my labrum if things don't go well. If I win the league I'm going to mail him a duck)
RP - Joe Nathan (love to see him in a Sox uni)
P - Joel Zumaya (no guitar hero for you Sir. he threw something like 236 pitches over 100 last year. Sick.)
P - Derek Lowe (haha, Hi Derek!)
P - Adam Wainwright (I think he's pretty good. But I actually have no idea)
P - Tim Wakefield (Timmayyyyyyy)
P - Mark Mulder (my team wasn't nearly good looking enough, but Mark is helping in that dept)

*Color Codes -
Red = current Sox
Bold = member of the 2004 World Championship Red Sox.
Italics = picked because I have a crush on them. And yes, that italics on Mike Lowell is not a mistake.
Blue = Players who have at one time been a member of the Red Sox organization.
Purple = One time a member of the Yankee organization, sadly, there is no pink on blogspot.
Orange = Lost the 2004 World Series to the World Champion Boston Red Sox
Teal = Most likely to spend time on the DL due to a surfing accident
Brown = Catchers who hit one HR last year
Weird Yellow = Player who I thought played for the Tigers or White Sox and who actually plays for the Pirates and who was probably a great pick 4 years ago.

As for links today, not a whole hell of a lot going on...but, I had to recommend a few...

Tom Verducci has a great article on Dice-K in SI the Mag that I cannot find on the website. I guess they wait a few days to post them to the web?

Speaking of Matsuzaka-san, he kicked ass and took names yesterday. (my dad's saying).

Papelbon is willing to close.

Tony LaRussa should have called a cab.

No new contract for Moraneau. Get on the phone Theo.

Hopefully today flies by. I'm missing Grey's Anatomy tonight to see the B's take on the Canadians. Can you feel my excitement?


Katie said...

Grey's is a repeat!!!!

And if you don't want to go to the game, I sure as hell will go for you.

Anonymous said...

i like how u took the time to color coordinate your team!!