Monday, March 5, 2007

Lester takes the mound...

Jon Lester returned to the mound today and threw 8 pitches in one inning of work, retiring all three batters he faced in the "B" league game this morning. Lester had this to say after the game. "Command was great. I went away when I wanted to go away and went in when I wanted to go in. I was in the general vicinity [with] all my pitches. I don't know what the velocity was. It felt good. We'll just build from here and hopefully get stronger as camp goes on, and if the velocity isn't there, hopefully it will build back up to normal ... I don't think the treatments are a factor right now. I'm still building it back up from the offseason, but I think I'm right about at 85 or 90 percent, getting close and starting to feel a little more comfortable with my body and how things are flowing."

So great!

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