Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some ramblings this morning...

*The Steelers team doctor charged 150,000 on HGH and other drugs. It's not illegal for him to have that because he is a doctor, but it's a little suspicous that he charged in on his CC.

*"According to a photographer on the scene, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino approached Ramirez behind the batting cage on Field No. 5 at the minor league complex and inquired about the health of his mother, who is currently recovering from surgery. Ramirez put his arm around Lucchino and guided him a few steps away from the cage, where he expressed contrition for the “trouble” he caused by arriving one week after the rest of the position players." from the Herald. The article also says that Manny now decided he wants to stay here the rest of his career. I've said it before, and I'm hopefully not going to say this again, but I don't understand what everyones fascination with Manny is. I want him to be the best right handed hitters in the league. And he is. So there.

*My bus made me exactly one hour late. Thank you MBTA. And incase you were wondering, it was a little cold outside for one hour this morning.

*Sean McAdam from Pro-Jo it appears right now that Jo-EL "don't call me Joel" Pinero is in line to be the closer. I still think Papelbon is going to be closing by June.

*Facebook friend Craig Hansen had an MRI on his back yesterday. Everything was normal.

*The B's added some players to shore up the D.

*Rodney is offically coming back for a 14th NFL Season. I am totally in love with him.

*Also, Stonehill College hired a black football coach. He is only the second black head football coach in New England. What I don't understand is how he used to be an assistant for the 49ers and now he's Stonehill's coach? I would think an NFL assistant could do better than the Northeast-10 Division II? Stonehill's locker room is about 2 miles from the football field and was always one of my least favorite places to go. That and me and one of the trainers once got lost walking to the field and almost ended up missing the start of the game. At least they still have those snazzy purple uniforms and fear inducing "Sky Hawk" name.

*Shaun Livingston tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL with that nasty dislocation. Team doctor says he'll be back in 8-12 months. I don't understand how anyone can come back in 8 months from that injury.

*Does any one else get a Netflix pop up ad all the time? I'm thinking about canceling my Netflix subscription in protest. I'm sure that isn't what their marketing folks had in mind.

*Jackie MacMullan talked to Curt yesterday, a few important things of note. First, Curt sees 20 wins in his future. Hopefully he's not talking about in 2007 and 2008. Schilling remains peeved about what he perceives to be media leaks concerning his conditioning. He held Francona blameless and quickly exonerated Epstein as well, leaving the finger squarely pointed in the direction of CEO Larry Lucchino, everyone's favorite piƱata. If Lucchino is indeed the subject of his ire, then why not name him? "I don't need to name anyone," Schilling answered. "The person knows that I know. I don't care if the rest of you know, too."

In regards to the Yankees, Curt said, "I'm probably one of the worst hated opposing players for their fans. I doubt they'd want me there. It's got nothing to do with [GM] Brian Cashman. I love that guy. And I love Mr. Steinbrenner. But if I went to the Yankees, it would be me walking out of Boston and putting my finger up to the fans.

*Ben Watson is going on the USO tour to visit troops overseas. He seems like such a nice person. Now if only he could stop dropping freaking passes.

*Peyton Manning and Danny Ainge watched Pat Summit cheer on the Volunteers dressed in a cheerleading uniform? I guess the Vol's knocked of Florida 86-76.

*The 22 year old unmarried Lebron James is going to be a father for the 2nd time. (not that I think this is a big deal, but why isn't this bigger news than Tom? I mean, he's 22, has two babies, and isn't married. Maybe its because he never hung out with the Pope).


Katie said...

thank you.

Ktech said...

I know that Jo-EL is the correct pronunciation of the name but I can't help thinking of Superman 3 every time I hear it.

Ktech said...

And another thing $150k on HGH....thing of that in terms of vials..that's got to be like a Hummer full of vials.