Monday, April 30, 2007

2/3 ain't bad...

Actually, 2/3 is pretty sweet.

*In case you were under a rock this weekend, the Sox took 2/3 from the Yankees.

*Bob Ryan says that despite protests from Cora, he is making a case to take Pedroia's job.

*Seth Mnookin has an entry where he says why he doesn't like Jay Payton and Kevin Millar, and also says that Doug Mirabelli is a jerk. Interesting.

*This Sox / Yanks recap has Tavarez going over and giving Lester a big hug.

Tavarez talked about how he went up to Jon Lester recently, when Lester was throwing on the side at Fenway Park. Lester has valiantly battled back from cancer and figures to take his spot in the rotation. "I gave him a big hug," Tavarez said. "I said, `I'll see you soon. Be better. You're going to be fine.' He's a kid. He has a big future."

*Josh Hancock, who came up with the Sox and made his first ML start with the Sox was killed in a car accident early Sunday morning. The news hit some of the Sox who came up with him especially hard.

"It was kind of shocking when I found out today," said Youkilis. "It was really tough, just more of a shock. I'm still shocked right now. It's just a sad story. I haven't really heard what the whole details are of the whole thing. It hasn't really hit home yet. To all of his family and his friends out there, you just have to say a prayer for them and hope they handle it all right. The St. Louis Cardinals lost a good pitcher today."

*The Patriots officially acquired Randy Moss yesterday in exchange for the 4th round pick that they got from the 49'ers when they sent their 2007 1st round pick to the 9'ers for their 1st round pick in 2008 (which, hopefully they suck next year). Anyway, here is what I think about Moss and Meriweather. Moss is going to make 6 million dollars less to play for the Patriots last year, he is a future Hall of Famer, and he ran a 4.29 and a 4.30 in the 40 for Bill the other day. He was the best WR available, especially for a 4th round pick. If he doesn't work out, we release him, and if he does, then him and Stallworth are our 1 and 2 recievers, aka, nasty.

I think that Oakland had to get rid of him because they have a young coach, and couldn't risk Moss fucking with him. I'd like to see Moss try to do something like that with Bill. He won't. In Mike Reiss's article above, Bob says he trusts Belichick and Pioli. And why wouldn't he? I'm with Bob on this one, when in doubt, take the best player available, and assume that your coaching and leadership will be able to get them into place. I, personally, can't wait for the first time Randy comes across the middle in practice and Rodney or Tedy lay them out for good measure. You know, just to let him know who is in charge.

Rodney had this to say...

"When Corey Dillon came in, everyone thought he was an outlaw. He proved otherwise. When I came in, everyone thought I was an outlaw, ruthless. I think I proved that otherwise. Let's get a chance to know the guy before we make any judgments. If he comes in and is selfish, there are going to be problems. But if he has the right attitude, it will be huge for us. I've always said, if he comes in, doesn't work hard, and acts like a prima donna, it's not going to work. But if he puts the team first and works hard, he has the talent to do special things for us. It comes down to the small things, and buying into what we're all about here."

As for Meriweather, he did stomp that guy in the Florida International brawl, and he may have once fired shots back when someone was shooting at him, but, he's only 22 years old, kids make mistakes, and I mean, who hasn't stomped on someone and fired return shots? I mean, really now. He hits nasty and was the best safety available...And in the AFC Championship game we were one stop / big hit away from winning our 4th ring, so, maybe he'll be able to bring that big hit if Rodney goes down again.

When does training camp start? Because I am very excited.

*Dan Shaugnessy has an incredibly predictable column about how the Patriots can no longer pretend to be morally superior to other teams. I didn't see this one coming a mile away, Dan. I like that Dan quotes Joe Buck in this. The irony is not lost on this girl.

*The Steeler's have a new mascot, who I think looks just like the custodian from the Simpsons. Yes? No? All I know is if I'm an 8 year old, I am not going near that guy.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Seth Mnoonkin it was the identical theme with the names changed. Players, other sportswriters... He seems to be a very "angry" person. Which is exactly what one wants when hiring a spinmeister.

Anonymous said...

Dougie Rules. Mnoonkin can piss off!