Thursday, April 5, 2007

Well, you know, he needs to feed his kids...

Asante Samuel told the NFL network yesterday that he would be prepared to hold out for the entire season if a new contract was not worked out with the Patriots.

The Patriots' negotiations with cornerback Asante Samuel took an acrimonious turn last night when Samuel told the NFL Network he wanted to be traded if things did not change course.

"This is to let everybody know that I'm not happy anymore and things are not going well," Samuel told reporter Adam Schefter. "At first I thought it was going well, but it's not.

"We have a difference of opinion in my value. They think I'm worth one price and the other teams think I'm worth a lot more. If a long-term deal can't be done at fair numbers for me and New England, then I want to be traded."

The article said he has a tattoo that says, "Get Paid". I think I'm going to get one those this weekend. Right across my forehead.

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