Monday, April 16, 2007

Am I the only one at work today?

*The Dodgers paid tribute to Jackie Robinson yesterday wearing #42 (along with much of MLB) and had Hank Aaron and Frank Robinson throwing out the first pitches. It's important to note here I think that Hank Aaron could make it to this, but says he's too old to fly to San Fran for Bonds 755 or even to drive up to go to Turner Field if Bonds breaks the record in Atlanta. (I think we all know where Hank is on this matter). The Red Sox have now tried to honor Red Auerbach and Jackie Robinson and gotten rained out both times.

*I am very sick of hearing about the whole Imus thing, but I think this was very well said and well written and worth a read.

*Sox are throwing the top 3 at the Yankees this weekend.
*The Reds have put old friend Alex Gonzalez on bereavement leave while he is home with his 7 month old son who is in the hospital. :(

*Coco um, sucks says Tony Mazz.

*The Angels bus was supposed to leave the hotel for the game today at 8:00 AM. I feel so bad for them. It must be awful to get up so early.

*D-Rays rallied to beat Joe Nathan (my freaking fantasy closer). Derek Jeter has 6 errors in 11 games.
*From, one of the stories I wish had more information, Zach Grienke, the Kansas City pitcher who is coming back from anxiety disorders grandparents died in Kansas City after flying from Florida to see him pitch. One died Thursday night and the other early Friday. What are the odds of that? (especially since they were both healthy enough to fly to Missouri)

*Eric Wilbur has a story on a 350+ pound beekeeper who is going to try to run the marathon today.

*Chad Finn wrote for Fox Sports.

*The Blue Jays find out today if B.J. Ryan blew out his elbow or not. (not htat I wish ill to other teams, but we do play the Jays 19 times...and Ryan is very good).

*David Scott has some good info on Rob Bradford's move to the Herald, who might take his place at the Eagle Tribune, and where Chad Finn might end up.

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