Monday, April 2, 2007

Here is what everyone has been waiting for: My Red Sox slanted, East Coast biased, Yankee hating MLB preview

American League East

Boston Red Sox (how could I pick any other way? My name isn’t Red Sox Gal for nothing)
New York Yankees (I don’t the Blue Jays have the arms to beat them)
Toronto Blue Jays (but they do have Burnett and Halladay)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Some solid bats, no pitching...Carl Crawford is nasty)
Baltimore Orioles (Hey, Kev. How’s the basement treating ya?)

American League Central
Detroit Tigers (got some nasty young arms)
Minnesota Twins (bummer about Liriano)
Cleveland Indians (they are 1 Keith Foulke short - probably going to cry
Chicago White Sox (I don’t know much about them)
Kansas City Royals (55 mil for Gil?)

American League West
Los Angeles Angels (ORLANDO!)
Oakland Athletics (Can we wait till Billy Beane wins a WS before we call him genius?)

Texas Rangers (still no pitching)
Seattle Mariners (Ichiro, you’ll LOVE Boston!)

Divisional Playoffs
Boston over LAA, 3-1
MFY over Detroit, 3-2

American League Championship Series
Boston over MFY, 4-3

AL MVP: David Ortiz, Boston
AL Cy Young: Johan Santana, Minnesota
AL Rookie of the Year: Diasuke Matsuzaka, Boston (is he even eligible? I don’t care)

National League East
New York Mets (Carlos Beltran will hit 79 home runs)
Philadelphia Phillies (I love Ryan Howard)

Florida Marlins (and Miguel Cabrera)
Atlanta Braves (good young arms that aren’t quite ready yet. Andruw Jones would look very handsome in a Red Sox uniform. And Coco would look great in um, any other uniform)
Washington Nationals (they’ll be great in um, 2010?)

National League Central
Chicago Cubs (300 mil should buy you the division right?)
Milwaukee Brewers (Ben Sheets is going to have a huge year)
St. Louis Cardinals (they were never that good to begin with)
Cincinnati Reds (I hope Ken has an injury free year)
Houston Astros (R$o$g$e$r or no R$o$g$e$r)

Pittsburgh Pirates (um, they get to root for Jason Bay at least)

National League West
Los Angeles Dodgers (Hey Nomar)
San Diego Padres (Hi Dave, also to say I have a crush on Jake Peavy would be putting it mildly)
San Francisco Giants (I hope Barry Bonds tears an ACL or two)
Colorado Rockies (keep Todd Helton please)
Arizona Diamondbacks (Randy’s old)

Divisional Playoffs
Chicago over New York, 3-2
LA over Philadelphia, 3-1

National League Championship Series
Los Angeles over Chicago, 4-2 (the wait will have to continue. It’s worth it though Chicago)

NL MVP: Alfonso Soriano, Chicago
NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy, San Diego
NL Rookie of the Year: Chris Young, Arizona

World Series
Boston over Los Angeles, 4-2 (like I could pick it any other way)

I'll be back later with the links and some thoughts from last night Mets / Cards game.

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Mike said...

Daisuke is eligible for, and will win, Rookie of the Year.

The Phillies will be winning their division and facing the Sox in the World Series.

Nice post!