Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft Party with Vince Wilfork

Yesterday me, Colleen, Katelyn and Katie made the trek out to Milford for Vince Wilfork's Draft Party. It was very fun. I love the NFL draft. It is one of my favorite sporting events of the year.

To steal from Peter King, here are 10 things I think I think...

*I think that if I was a top 10 NFL draft pick projection, I would absolutely not go to NY to watch the draft. I would do the Joe Thomas route and go fishing with my dad. Who wants to be the Matt Leinart / Brady Quinn (that was painful and I don't even like Brady Quinn) of the draft?

*I think the Browns got a steal with Quinn at 22 even though they had to give up their pick in '08.

*I think the Lions did the right thing taking Calvin Johnson with the 2nd pick. When in doubt, take the best player in the draft. Also, they took Drew Stanton with their 2nd pick, who I also love.

*I think I liked the NFL network's draft coverage rather than ESPN's. A Mel Kiper / Chris Berman-free day is a wonderful thing.

*I think I missed Sean Sailsbury and Todd McShay though.

*I think the Patriots did a good thing getting San Fran's pick in 2008. Now all we have to do is route against them.

*I think I'll just trust that Bill and Scott knew what they were doing taking Brandon Merriweather who fired some shots at an assailant and was the main stomper in the brawl with FIU.

*I think Brady Quinn dropped to 22 because he had on that vest. Franchise QB's don't wear vests.

*I think I liked Katelyn's suggestion that the time in between picks, at 15 minutes, is 8 minutes too long. Just make a GD decision.

*I think that the Lion's are trading a WR this week and that the Brett Farve must be thrilled that the freaking Packer's took a defensive player.

This is me and Le Kevin Smith, a black up D-lineman who was super nice and signed autographs and took pictures for at least an hour.
This is me, Col and Katie with Vince, who introduced himself to us, "Hi, I'm Vince". He couldn't have been nicer.
This is Vince and Greg Dickerson, who, won me over a bit yesterday. He seemed like a good guy.

This is from the live auction where there were all kinds of Patriots memorabilia and whatnot, and a bunch of things like, go out to dinner with Vince and his wife, go bowling with Vince, and all other cute things. Me and the girls were prepared to bid $1,000 for Monster seats, and were swiftly outbid when they sold for like, $2300.00. Gary Tanguay was there, but no pictures because um, he's a tool. Ty Warren, Kevin Faulk, Matt Light and a few others. Ty Warren and Matt Light are absolute houses.
It was a great way to spend the draft. (and it helped out a good cause!)

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