Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm currently working on a Texas recap (and it is harder than you'd think because of some um, blackout issues), but in the mean time, here are just a few links...

*BSM had all the links from Opening Day and Matsuzaka Mania.

*The AP is reporting all charges against the Duke lacrosse team are going to be dropped.

*I read this in the Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday (one of my favorite airport newspapers) yesterday. Hank Aaron will not attend any kind of ceremony for Barry Bonds.

*Jeff Francour had 5 RBI's yesterday. I knew I should have picked him for at least one of my fantasy teams!

*Jon Lester had another strong start in Greenville.

*Peter King's MMQB had some good Pats and Sox stuff.

*This is kind of a nice story about how a bunch of Brewer's fans came out to cheer on the Indians who are playing some games in Miller Park b/c Cleveland is covered in snow.

I'll be back later with some Opening Day pictures, Patriot pictures, and whatever I can remember from Texas.

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