Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I went to the Sox Monday night...yesterday, I was tired, cranky, and I didn't want to talk about it. I decided it was a classic let down game after sweeping the Yanks, I was giving them a free pass. Then last nights game came around. I hate Julian Tavarez, you know he's probably going to pitch like shit, and you're hoping the O can score enough to overcome all of his inadequacies. I feel like Denny Green after the Cardinals lost to the Bears, "HE WAS WHAT I THOUGHT HE WAS, HE WAS WHAT I THOUGHT HE WAS". I understand Lester isn't ready and maybe he's still a ways off, we'll have a better idea after today when he throws against AAA for the first time. Why not throw someone else out there. After 5 innings of no-hit baseball last October, I'm not taking out the anointing oil or anything, but at least if you throw Devern Hansack out there, you don't know what you are going to get. He might pitch great, he might not, who knows, but isn't it worth a shot? I don't care if it isn't Hansack, maybe there's some AAA stud I don't know about. Freaking bring up Papelbon's brother from A, whatever, I don't care, I just can't take Julian anymore.

And another thing, could Wily Mo look more freaking lost out there. The only place for him on the field is um, in the dugout as a DH, but I think last time I checked we were in pretty good shape in that position. Wily Mo needs a some months, maybe even a season, in AAA hitting everyday. Right now, he can't hit offspeed pitches and he can't hit high heat, and he can't lay off balls, so if everyone could just throw him fastballs right down the middle, that would be super. He only sometimes plays well when he is getting a ton of AB's, and he's not good enough to get a ton of AB's, and I'm pretty sure his contract leaves us with no options. So, instead of Bronson following Dice-K, he's in Cincy (wishing he was in Boston obviously), and we have a bench that can't hit or play D.

My question to Theo would be, in what ways did the Pena trade make us a better team?

My answer, zero ways, but other than that, good deal.

So, there we go, mark the date and time, April 25th, 9:21 AM, Sox Gal's first Red Sox induced freak out of the 2007 season.

A few things...

I may or may not be back with links later...

I was going to go to bed early last night, but then someone fell overboard on the Bering Sea and I obviously couldn't miss it!

Mike Lowell, how do I love thee?

Something I already noticed but that the NY Times picked up on. ESPN manipulated Theo's reaction to make it look like it was his reaction to Jason but really it was his reaction to Drew's HR.

Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo have been lying to me when they said they weren't dating. Carrie, I thought we were friends.

If anyone knows the local radio station in Rochester that you can stream online...let me know.

Friday yet?

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Katie said...

i think im giving up on my call of tavarez as the sox' sleeper this year.....

although, in fairness:

#1 halladay is just fucking good
#2 our offense sucked
#3 snyder sucked
#4 our defense REALLY sucked