Wednesday, April 4, 2007

HAPPY 100th POST to ME, and you!

so my timing didn't quite work out to coincide with my return from Texas, oh well...

Working through lunch today to get a blog update for you. (okay that's a lie, I was late this morning).

Last night, Paul and I were watching The Deadliest Catch, aka, world's greatest hour of television. This year is more of the same, catching crabs and making obscene amounts of money. Tragedy struck the Bering Sea last night (as it usually does), as a ship carrying 4 fisherman sunk. We got to ride along with the Coast Guard rescue crew to go fish (no pun intended) the guys out of the water. At the end of the show, one fisherman was safely in the chopper but we have to wait till next week to see what happened to the others, and to see who brings in the biggest pot. Personally, my money is on Sig Hansen, world's greatest crab fisher. (and pictured above). If you want to check out Sig's website, it's pretty great.
Anyway, we were channel checking and happened to catch MLB Hall of Famer Dave Winfield who played 22 seasons in baseball. Anyway, in 1973 he was drafted by the MLB, ABA, NBA, and NFL. How insane is that? Imagine being that good at one thing, then imagine being that good at that many things?

Joshua's first start tonight...

*Tony Mazz says, "The more time that passes, the surer we become: Hanley Ramirez is going to be a star. The only real question now is whether Josh Beckett is going to be one, too."

*Alex Speier says that Josh has the makeup, stuff, and attitude to be an ace.

*Bill Ballou says its time for Josh to show up for the Sox.

*Michael Silverman had Josh looking to use is off-speed stuff more.

Other notes...

Al Jefferson is banged up after hitting knees with Ryan Gomes. I think Red Auerbach had a role in this. He wants Durant too. If the C's don't get Durant or Oden, I hope they take Horford.

*Jake Peavy outdueled Barry Zito yesterday. Good thing I don't have Barry on my fantasy team...oh...wait...

*The Sox are going to have a special pregame ceremony to honor the 1967 Impossible Dream Team before Opening Day. Guess that only matters if you have Opening Day ME.

*Billy Donovan has to decide between Florida and Kentucky.

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Ktech said...

they broadcast the pregame on opening really every one in NESN range gets it...I'll be on my day off with a adult beverage..having some tasty chicken wings