Thursday, April 12, 2007

Filling in the missing pieces...

As I said...I missed a few are Katie's corrections:

Considering you were comatose for a few days, I'm going to fill in the blanks for you/make some corrections:

1. Kerry and Colleen are the a-holes that wanted the PT Cruiser. Maybe if they had listened to us when we said the luggae wouldn't fit in the trunk, then Colleen wouldn't have been practically sitting on my lap on the way to the airport while she was vomiting.

2. I would gladly give up Youk for Mark.

3. When describing the scenary in TX you forgot to mention the Waffle House and Whattaburger. And the lack of cattle roaming free.

4. Humperdinks is the correct name. However, we took to calling it Tiddlywinks.

5. It might have been too cold to drink mixed drinks, but it was not too cold to drink beer. You should man up and try it.

6. You neglected to mention the sketchy friend who went to St Johns that we met at the Wyndham who swore that Peabody is a 10 minute drive from Boston.

7. We didn't ACCIDENTALLY park in the bank lot. We did it on purpose. We also danced to Baby Got Back in the middle of the parking lot while we waited for -- surprise! --Colleen to go to McDonalds.

8. I would say that you had more than 4 or 5 Smirnoffs. But don't quote me on that.

9. Humperdinks closed at 12 because it was Sunday, and we went to Clicks. SKETCHIEST. PLACE. EVER.

10. Our new friends were Chris and Brad. Yes, the second Brad of the trip. But this one was not as cool as Brad the driver.

11. I think you only had 1 shot of Jack. And believe me, it was one shot too many. But you took it like a champ, I was impressed.

12. I would like to set the record straight. I tried to get you guys to take a cab. You basically died in Chris' car. Kerry just didn't want to be slobbered on anymore. And Colleen apparently wanted to make out with Brad. I tried to steal the yellowpages that we ripped out of the phone book from Kerry so I could call a cab. I quickly realized the following: a) I had no frigging idea where the hell we were, and considering that the first cab driver didn't know where the bar was to take us there, that probably wasn't going to work. b) you guys were pretty dead set on getting in the cars and I figured I had a better chance of being found alive if I was abducted with at least one friend vs taking a cab by myself. So I allowed myself to be taken to the car, where I continued to be sarcastic, Brad continued to tell me I had a bad attitude, and I continued to tell him it wasn't my fault he couldn't handle sarcasm.

13. I did not make out with anyone. Not even a little bit, not even close.

14. The reason 3/4 of us puked was because I made myself. I felt amazing afterwards.

15. Not only did I make my connection, I had time for 2 beers, 5 cigarettes, and some lovely conversation while at the Kentucky airport.

16. By 10:30 EST on Monday evening, I was sitting at Kelly's enjoying a welcome home kid's chicken finger plate.The End.

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Ktech said...

Wow Katie sounds just like me...hahaahah