Thursday, April 19, 2007

A few thoughts from last night and a few links...

*The GD shift pisses me off.

*Jerry sounds like he has chronic bronchitis.

*Curt talking to Dice-K and showing him the knuckleball yesterday was hilarious. Dice-K seems like a great time.

*Papelbon coming into save gives me butterflies...and not the nervous kind, but the, "we are about to kick some ass" kind. Also, I love when he throws a close pitch and stares down the umpire with a, "You better hope you never cross my path when I'm duck hunting" look.

*How about Dougie? Looks like he has single handedly taken care of the run support issues for Wake. Maybe we should have him catch Dice-K on Sunday. Actually, never mind.

The links...

*The Celt's lost their last game of the year with a last second shot by Flip Murray. I watched some of this game, actually. I love Big Al. I may even get a Jefferson shirt at some time. But I'm going to wait and hopefully get an Oden or Durant. Gary Tanguay was saying last night, he thinks if the Celt's get the #2 and get Durant that they are going to trade him. Sportsguy will absolutely hang himself.

*The knuckleball was in top shape yesterday.

*Dice-K is a hit on ebay.

*Here's a good one Adalius Thomas, the new LB for the Pats.

*Curtis Granderson's blog is outstanding. If you don't have ESPN insider, email me and I'll send you my password. He has an especially nice entry about a VT student who was an avid Tiger's fan.

Also, not to brag or anything, but I'll be bringing you some live coverage from Friday (thanks to Katelyn) and Saturday's (thanks to Kerry) Yankee's games. I'm still waiting for the Travis Roy Foundation to email me and tell me I won the raffle for the Dice-K tickets for Sunday's game, but when I do, I'll form some kind of contest as to who can come with me. I think they are EMC seats.

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