Monday, April 23, 2007

*I love those NY papers. Hehe.

*Bob Ryan has a good one about the freaking amazing 3rd inning. Just for the record naysayers, I did call it. I told Paul that the Sox were going back to back to back to back. (I meant to say that Jason would hit one too and thought that they would hit 3 in a row, but I said it wrong.) But I did call it. So, if anyone wants to hear it directly from Paul, call my cell phone number only change the last number from a 3 to a 5. One more thing on the 4 HR's in a row. It's happened five times in baseball, and once Terry Francona's dad was involved, and TWICE, J.D. Drew was involved. What are the odds of that happening?

*I mean, I know it is early and all, but you can't ask for much more than what we got this weekend. Gordon has the game report.

*When Papelbon came on in Saturday and Wild Thing started playing...I mean, it was like a dream come true. We all new he needed a song. He is so bad-ass. I mean, the ovation he gets / everyone singing along. It doesn't get better than that. His face when he's on the mound so angry. The fist pump. I mean, I am starting to feel for him like I do for Tom, Rodney and Papi. How did we get so lucky to have them in our lives? I made a Red Sox mix yesterday with Barb O'Reilly (after searching for four hours for Teenage Wasteland / The Who on iTunes before Mr. C put me the in the right direction, Wild Thing, obviously, Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Caroline, Shipping up to Boston, Tessie and of course, Dirty Water, and listened to it on repeat in my kitchen for about 5 hour blaring it while I made dinner / danced around the kitchen like an idiot. It was so much fun.)
*So, the clip of Tavarez talking to Dice-K in the dugout is explained in the video at the top of Nick Carfardo's report on Dice-K battling last night. (Everytime I see Tavarez, he is close talking / touching Dice-K in some way. I think he might have a little crush - Then again...don't we all?). By the way, I'm expecting HUGE things out of Dice-K Sunday in Yankee Stadium. Anyone wants to drive up for the game and scalp tickets. I'm game. (but I can't go Saturday because 1. Tavarez makes me sick to my stomach, 2. I am going to Vince Wilfork's charity event.) I like getting my ass kicked.

*Dear ESPN,

A few things regarding last nights broadcast:

1. It would be nice if Jon Miller and Joe Morgan had a few stories I haven't already heard before, Sure, it's a national broadcast but all your little anecdotes were stories that Red Sox and Yankees fans alike already knew. (Although I did like Manny telling Joe Morgan he was going to hit a HR last night).

2. Can we get a camera so we can see balls hit to the left? Work on that for next time.

3. If you insist on interupting my game with stupid Sportscenter updates, please don't tell me the same thing ON ALL FOUR FREAKING UPDATES. Okay, Barry hit a HR and the Suns beat someone, whatever, I don't care. And, there is a ticker at the bottom that already told me those things, so really, I was all set.

I think that's all. Thanks for your time, and for continously screwing up my Sunday's by picking up Sox games for national broadcasts.


*Jon lester was in the dugout yesterday (yay) and will start Wednesday against the Rochester Red Wings. (watch the video him).
*A good one on our new "Pappy" from Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post.
BOSTON - The bullpen gate swung open just as The Troggs started tum bling out of the speakers at Fenway Park. They don't much care about keeping the iPod up to date here. They still play Neil Diamond in the eighth inning, letting the faithful stretch their beer-soaked vocal cords and shout "So good! So good! So good!"

The Red Sox haven't bother to find a 21st-century song for their 21st-century closer, either, so "Wild Thing," which first made the world's heart sing back in 1966, serves as the warm-up music for Jonathan Papelbon. It may not invite goose pimples the way "Enter Sandman" does for Mariano Rivera, and it may not cause chills the way "Hell's Bells" does for Travis Hoffman.
But the song has never made the closer. It's the closer that has always made the song. And so it is with Jonathan Papelbon. Less than 24 hours earlier, the man who ruled this profession for 11 seasons, Rivera, had come in with the mission of protecting a three-run lead against the Red Sox, couldn't do it.
*David in 42 was giving me Mo Vaughn flashbacks. (Take off that jersey please). Also, you heard it here first, David has a huge game tonight. He's due to break out.
*You know you love your closer when... You are slightly bummed out that you know he's unavailable (don't pitch him today or tomorrow please Terry) because he's thrown 80+ pitches over the past 5 days.
*Buster Olney had question and answer with David...
2. What is your thought process in late-inning situations?
DO: Well for one, I don't like extra innings so I want to do what I can to avoid it … I'm kidding, sort of. Honestly, I've always been able to relax and focus well in key moments … the thing is, I want to help my teammates. When I step up to the plate, I just try to stay loose, never tense. I tell you what, too, there's no greater feeling than pulling through for your teammates -- and doing it in Boston, for our fans … forget it.
*Buster also says that Barry Bonds is on pace to "break" Hank's record on June 20th in Milwaukee, but you know where the Giants are just before that. Oh yes, Fenway Park. Personally, I think that when he hits 755 everyone in the stadium should just stand up, turn around and say nothing. He's not worth the waste of time to boo.
*A Met's fan was arrested for using a high powered flashlight to distract the Braves.
*As you know, I'm a sucker for a nice story.
*Please enjoy the Wild Thing video below.

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