Thursday, April 12, 2007


from the last 5 games...

*I think Dice-K was getting squeezed last night. I also think if I was the coach, I would have been tossed for arguing balls and strikes. You’re getting no hit anyway, may as well try to fire up the offense right.

*(non-Red Sox related), but Bridgewater State beat Newbury College by 57-1. If I was the AD at Bridgewater I would fire the coach, and if I was the coach at Newbury I’d be in jail for 2nd degree murder by way of baseball bat today.

*I don’t care if conventional wisdom tells you that it’s better to have a great pitcher pitch 200 in starting pitching rather than 80 in relief. After two annoying losses in Texas, it was a beautiful thing watching #58 run in from the bullpen.

*During the little scrum on Opening Day, Papelbon hopped over the bullpen wall, threw off his jacket, and sprinted in. I feel like you should know that.

*After Hernandez gave up the hit, he should have hit a Red Sox, especially after Dice-K hit Guillen.

*I forgot to mention this below, but the one time we almost got in a fight in Texas (except when Travis told me he was taking me out of the bar in a headlock) was with an ass of a Red Sox from New Hampshire (who now lives in Dallas).

*David’s two home runs were pretty great Sunday night, and made me wish I had made my “PAPI” sign rather than my “Go Red Sox”. Both were seriously considered.

*Pedroia looks like lost little bat boy out there.

*Maybe there is a little life in Jason’s bat after all. (belated Happy 35th Birthday, Captain, btw).

*Lester has had two good starts in Greenville = Excellent news. I can’t take much more Tavarez in my life. He makes me nervous.

*7-8-9 are going to give me ulcers before this season is over.

*I’m hoping Papi and Manny come around soon!

*I feel like Manny took a wrong first step on every single ball hit to him last night.

*There is no more delicious hot dog in life than the Fenway Frank. I’ve had two so far this year and they were both phenomenal.

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