Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 thoughts...

First, tomorrow I am going to introduce my kick ass sociology experiment. So you can all look forward to that. But keep in mind that I squeeked through Intro to Sociolgy with a C- because instead of actually finishing my final project, I went to the Dive and just passed in whatever I had already done the next day. It actually might not be a sociology experiment, but it is definitely an experiment.

Second, I'm glad to hear nothing is seriously physically wrong with Curt, and am glad that they are putting him on the DL anyway. We need him healthy in the fall. It's also important to note that I feel like a complete jerk about my letter that I wrote to him the other day.

Third, my fantasy team is trying to kill me. I have a guy on there named Doug Brocial. He plays for the Padres. I don't know whether he is a lefty or a righty or what he looks like, but I do know he's been very reliable this year. So when I come in to work this morning, I see I've dropped two points in the standings...I take a look and see the following. Doug Brocail, had a 21.50 ERA last night, while Mr. Zito, who I may put a hit out on, pitched four innings and had a 13.50 ERA. I hate you both. Okay, more so Barry because of those stupid, "Ask Barry" shirts he broke out during spring training. I'll ask Barry why he's such a dick after I'm done asking him why you suck so bad. The fact that he was always so laid back as he lost playoff games (mainly to us), and that he thinks the Giants don't want him surfing because he might get eaten by a shark. What good are you if you drown Barry? Well, probably not much worse than if you're alive. (I actually used to like Barry Zito, till he was on my fantasy team)

Fourth, I'm glad to see Josh being the pitcher we all he hoped he could be when we went Hanley packing. I think he should start the All Star game. Remember when Pedro struck out 5-6 to start the All Star game? (I think it was Roberto Alomar who got a little dink hit?) That was awesome. I hope someday I wake up and think...Beckett is pitching tonight. With the same excitement that I had when I thought, Pedro's pitching tonight. Nothing better than knowing you had Petey going for you every 5th day.

Fifth, how about Julian? Katie called him as her "sleeper pick" in the fantasy draft and lately he's living up to his name. Anyway, he pitched a strong 7 innings. After the game, he said that he didn't really feel like playing today because he misses his kids, who live in Cleveland and New York. The whole story is kind of sad, but didn't keep wKatie from stating, "so there's a person out there with half his genes. Probably an awesome bowler." I do feel bad for Julian, and I'll volunteer to fly to NY and pick up Julian Jr.* and then to Cleveland and pick up Julian II* and bring them out to San Diego.

Sixth, the Bruin's named a new coach. His name, whatever. No one cares anyway.

Seventh, I hope the Celtics stay away from KG and draft Brewer and tryin to add a veteran via free agency. I wish we had a shot at Horford.

Seventh, Part II. Everytime I read about Oden dominating a workout, it makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Eighth, Sammy Sosa hit his 600th HR. How many would Ken Griffey Jr. have if he used steroids his entire career? I bet he'd be closing in on Hank with Barry. I love the guys who had the * shirts and signs this weekend. Very clever.

Ninth, two weeks from today I head to the Ritz Carlton in Detroit to see the Sox series (and supposedly am staying in the same hotel). As the wise ESPN the Magazine once said, "There's a fine line between "seeker" and "stalker."

Tenth, Mike Reiss' blog tells me that Bill Bellichick and Chris Berman played golf together in a Pro-Am yesterday. They are really friends? Really? Not too many people on the planet annoy me more than Boomer.

*Made up name
**Made up name #2

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