Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fantasy Update

As we are heading on into the All Star break, I decided to give you an update on my fantasy teams. One is horrible, and the other is just bad. We'll start off with the Sox Stalkers, who, unlike Papi's Posse, are in ICU, but not quite hooked up to the ventilator yet.

Sox Stalkers

C- Johnny Estrada (Much better than I thought he'd be. Batting .290)
1B- Gary Sheffield (.290 - 17 HRs - 49 RBI. And he's not a Yankee anymore. Very nice)
2B- Kelly Johnson (Just picked him up a few weeks ago, 2B has sucked for me all year)
3B- Mark Teahen (Also just picked him up, eh)
3B- Adrian Beltre (Acquired in the Manny / Mike Lowell for Peavy / Beltre trade. Eh)
SS- Hanley Ramirez (Hurts my heart a little he's so good. Does have 13 errors).
OF- Curtis Granderson (Not only a great blogger, but a solid 4th OF. Too bad he's my 2nd)
OF- Carlos Beltran (Needs so raise his power numbers, 9 home runs and 38 RBI...killing me Carlos)
OF- Randy Winn (Batting a solid .296)
OF- Trot Nixon (Hat is still very dirty)
Util- Mark Loretta (Picked up last night cause their regular SS broke his leg or foot or something)


Jake Peavy (A new stalker, he has yet to have a dominating start for me, but I think tonight is the night)
Curt Schilling (4.20 ERA...EEE)
Derek Lowe (Oh, you know Derek, I do too, and I don't know why I drafted him)
Barry Zito (How do you spell $120 million dollar bust? B-A-R-R-Y)
Greg Maddux (has better numbers than Curt, which tells you a lot about my team)

Jonathan Papelbon (16 saves, pretty little 1.85 ERA and 34 K's)
Doug Brocail (Solid little reliever)
Joe Nathan (Right now him and Papelbon are on average for 30 saves. Eh)
Pat Neshek (Great website and a solid reliever. Better ERA and WHIP than Paps)
Heath Bell (Another one of my Padres, great ERA and WHIP)

My two best catagories are average and wins, my two worst are RBI, saves (with Nathan and Papelbon, how does that happen?!), and WHIP (which has been the bain of my existence the entire season). I'm currently in 10th in this league, but, I'm only 12 points out of 6th, so, if maybe my starters could stop sucking, there is some room for improvement.

Papi's Posse

C- Johnny Estrada
1B- Ty Wiggington (I'm serious, he is my 1B)
2B- Chase Utley (a stud, batting .319)
3B- Mike Lowell (I think his thumb is bothering him more than he lets on)
SS- Orlando Cabrera (All the '04's will forever have a free pass in my book. Well...most)
OF- Vernon Wells (cold all year)
OF- Carl Crawford (poor guy wasting away in Tampa Bay)
OF- Adam Dunn (19 HR's...WHO KNEW!)
Util- Adrian Beltre (no escaping)
BN- Khalil Green (sucks), and Chipper Jones (old), and Curtis Granderson (blogger extroidinaire)

Julian Tavarez (batshit!)
Jeff Suppan (I have known you sucked all along dumbass)
Dave Bush (4-6...bad times all around)
Tom Glavine (300 may be harder than first thought)
Roger (I know, I know, but I even broke my "No Yankees" allowed rule my team was in such straits
Jon Lester (...still waiting...)

Scott Linebrink (I love my SD relievers)
Chris Sampson (6-5, eh)
Kevin Gregg (0-2...eh)
Mariano (8 saves?!? I mean, really now)

This team, is um, 3470 out of first, and firmly in last place. Not good times.

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