Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ten things I think I think...(Sorry MMQB).

1. I think that the NFL Player's Association needs to remove the Franchise Tag from the next collective bargining agreement. Why have something that no player wants and few are willing to play under? Asante Samuel says he won't report till week 10. If I was Scott or Bill, I'd tell Asante if you show up week 10, we're tagging you again in 2008, and that is a promise. Here is my call on Asante. He is a very good corner. I do not think he is a great corner. I also think that he routinely missed tackles last year because instead of setting up for the stop or to break up a pass, he was going for the pick in his money year. Mike Felger said on FSN that the Pats should work out some kind of a secret deal with Asante that if he plays under the tag this year then the Pats will not tag him again. I totally agree and while I don't know if Asante would even want to do that. After all the things the Patriots have done this offseason to improve the team, we need to have a #1 corner.

2. I think I hate the news and all news broadcasting. First of all, the "close call" by the Pope this morning? An unarmed man jumped over the barricade seperating the Pope mobile from the crowd, was swiftly tackled by security and led away, the Pope didn't even notice, and it's a "close call". As my dad said this morning, "I think that you need to make contact with the hat for it offically be a close call". Another thing that annoyed me with this morning was the mini sports section. They told me the Red Sox lost, and that the Yankees won but they are still, "really far behind". Shouldn't us Boston fans be more concerned that the Toronto Blue Jays came back in the bottom of the 9th last night against Tampa Bay? Aren't they the 2nd place team? (and 9 back). They also told me that Tom Brady will have a busy off season becoming acclimated to his new recievers, and having a baby. That is the most important news coming out of mini-camp yesterday? Thanks. For a huge pile of useless information.

3. I think that if Billy Donavan is allowed to sign with a professional team, and then still go back to Florida, then players should have the same rights to change their mind too. They should be able to transfer without sitting out a season. If you go to a school to play for a coach, and that coach leaves for a better offer, then you should be able to do the same. I hate the NCAA. I also feel bad for Anthony Grant in this whole thing.

4. I think I'm sick of Youk looking like someone just shot his sister everytime he a play doesn't go his way. Honestly. I'm sure you aren't right 100% of the time, shut your mouth, and go back to the dugout, you are annoying me.

5. I think I didn't realize how grumpy I am till I started writing these. Wily Mo played again for J.D. last night. I still believe Mr. Drew is going to come around, however, I hope he realizes that his grace period is about to come to an end. The more he doesn't produce, and the more he doesn't play, and the more the Sox don't win, the sooner he's going to be hearing some loud boo's down at the Fens.

6. I think my favorite part of last nights game (made it till the 4th this time), was after Manny walked and a loud chorus of "OOOOO" could be heard. My dad goes, "Are they booing Manny or Lenny?", and I told him, "No, Youk must be up". And he was. Red Sox Nation dominates again.

7. A couple things I think aren't worth of their own entry

-I think I hated get rid of Lenny all along. (Especially after he was so handsome at Hot Stove Cool Music).

-I think I am relieved to see Dice-K do well last night.

-I think Wily Mo needs to go to a team where he can get 450 AB's in a season. I think his agent screwed him over by leaving him no minor league options.

-I think Papelbon has been making me nervous. I don't know what his deal is, if he's throwing too much, not throwing enough, shoulder hurts, blah blah.

-I think Japelbon was bound to show us he is human after all.

-I think that it's unfortunate that Papelbon and Japelbon decided to remind us how lucky we have been with our bullpen this year.

8. I think it is crazy that Trevor Hoffman is one save away from 500 in his career. 500!! Now there is the kind of guy who deserves to have Hells Bells playing when he comes in. (Aki not so much!)

9. Barry Bonds sat out of the lineup Tuesday with aching knees and shin splints. Those will be the least of his worries when I pull a Tonya Harding on him next weekend.

10. I think West Coast trips make me cranky. But you already knew that.

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