Friday, June 8, 2007

No-No thoughts...

Who would have thought a 1-0 CG shutout by Curt would carry such a sting? I got home from my company picnic in the top of the 7th. Sat down at the computer and tried to turn on the TV but the remote wasn't working, so I decided to check Surviving Grady, then go over and turn on the TV. In the comments, I saw someone mention the word, "perfection". I was in a bit of a quandry now. Is Curt pitching a No-No? A perfect game even? Do I turn on the TV or just go about my day as I was? Eventually I decide it is okay to turn on the TV, seeing there is still a full 3 innings to go. Then, I blew the whole freaking thing...

After the 7th, Paul gets home from work and comes into the living room. He checks the Sox score. I look at him and say, "Paul, the Red Sox have all the hits today". And he looks at me confused, I repeat myself. Paul smiles and sits down on the couch, saying nothing, as is the custom not to blow these kind of things. My mom comes in and asks me to finish my laundry and Paul to put some chairs in the truck. I repeat to her what I had just told Paul, "Mom, we can't right now. It's the 8th and the Red Sox have all the hits today". My mom, "Wait, so does tht mean the Red Sox pitcher is throwing a no-hitter? Wow that's great. Who is it? Curt? I like him. I'm glad he's going to get a no-hitter!". So, there it is, it was just a matter of time.

Anyway, how's that for a stopper? Curt gave the Sox exactly what they needed. No runs. Because our bats are about as useful as Wily Mo's glove at this point. Hopefully the O can get it going this weekend, maybe JD can break out a little (::crossing fingers::), we can get some timely hitting, and also, I always enjoy watching pitchers hit, so I'm excited about that too. See? Things are looking up. We are 10 games up, the Blue Jays lost last night, hopefully Roger can get shelled tomorrow and really put a smile on my face.

We are now going to turn our broadcasting to the, "Reasons why Julio Lugo is grossly overpaid"

However, it still infuriates me that Curt could have been going for perfection without the Lugo error. Someone please tell me what Lugo is doing for us? 17-17 stolen bases? Well that is fucking fantastic.

Julio Lugo - 31 - $8.2 million - BA .217 - 17 SB
Jose Reyes - 23 - $2.8 million - BA .315 - 31 SB
Hanley Ramirez - 23 - $402,000 - BA .307 - 18 SB
J.J. Hardy - 24 - $400,000 - BA .289 - 16 HR - 47 RBI
Carlos Guillen - 31 - $5 - BA .303 - 7 HR - 38 RBI - 4 SB
Orlando Cabrera - 32 - $8.5 - BA .333 - 30 RBI (I realize this is 300,000 more but he's producing more and a better time)
Alex Gonzalez - 30 - $3.5 - BA .272 - 11 HR - 26 RBI

Obviously more shortstops, but I don't want to push myself further into depression.

Breathe, Breathe...

Tonight Joshua goes up against some guy I haven't heard of. Doug Davis or some shit. I'm still depressed. At least I get to see Josh hit tonight. That usually puts a hop in my step.

I'll be back later with some other ramblings and links and whatnot.

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