Friday, June 1, 2007

The Ramblings...

*To lead off for this latest batch of ramblings, some words about everyone's favorite dirt dog, who I did not talk nearly enough about this week. (I hate when my job gets in the way of my blogging).

- Being there when Trot was introduced quickly moved its way into my favorite Fenway moments. I won't keep you wondering...

1. The Sox coming back against the Yankees on Red Auerbach night and Ok-a-jima coming in for the save.
2. Walk off against the Texas Rangers last July.
3. First Red Sox game. 1990, and the Sox clinched the pennate.
4. Trot coming home.
5. Mother's Day walk-off earlier this year.

- I didn't get to see it till the next day, but the little ceremony for Trot and Kathryn honoring them for their work on the Jimmy Fund was nice. Dr. Steinberg loves stuff like that.

- Trot mic'd up for NESN before the game and him asking everyone whose path he crossed, "How's your family?" (how great is he?)

- I loved how Curt and Josh stood at the back of the mound and waited for Trot to get his ovation both of the first two games. Very nice.

- I did not love how Jonathan made the 9th interesting. So, we all know how Jonathan now comes into Wild Thing, and then when he gets to the mound, Shipping up to Boston comes on. Well, I guess the Shipping up to Boston thing was also Dr. Steinberg's idea...the thought Wild Thing wasn't indimidating enough. I could not disagree more. I was the 2nd Yankees game @ the Fens this year, and when Wild Thing came on, everyone went absolutely nuts, then, the song ended when the batter came up, and everyone kept singing another line or two. That, combined with the best closer in the game and a 96 mile an hour fastball is intimidating.

*Mr. President of bush league and Mrs. Rodriguez took a walk around Boston Common yesteray. Mrs. A-Rod rushed to his side in Boston, and had dinner with him last night at Grill 23 before heading back to the Ritz. I'm sure the blond was his assistant. (be sure to click on the pictures in that last link).

*As for the Red Sox, I mean, could anyone have wished for anything more 50 games in? I don't think so. Everything is just going well. I'm sure we'll cross our rough patches, but this team is the real deal. (::dodging lightening bolts::)

*Just for the record, I am 11-4 this season. After starting out 0-2, I have rebounded nicely. Also, I am 6-0 in May. That my friends, is a .733 winning percentage.

*Shaughnessy says that Red would have liked A-Rod's yell against the Jays. No word on whether he would have liked the blond.
*Pat's had passing camp yesterday. They also announced Training Camp will start on the 27th.
I have missed that lovely gray cut off sweatshirt Bill.

*A large continegent of media was there to catch Randy Moss. Mike Reiss's notebook has the players still shocked and saddened by the loss of Marquise Hill, and also talks about where Adalius Thomas will fit in with the linebacker corps. Karen Guregian also has the Pats dealing with losing Hill.
*Former Patriot OG Joe Andruzzi has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and has begun treatment at Dana-Faber in Boston. Thoughts and prayers for him.
*LeBron has taken over the Cavs / Piston's series, scoring 48 last night, and 29 of his teams last 30 points (what!?!). The Cavs now lead the Pistons 3-2 after starting off 0-2. If the Piston's lose, I'd like to ask the fine City of Detroit to not burn down the Ritz Carlton, and if the Piston's win, I'd like to ask the fine City of Detroit to not burn down the Ritz Carlton.
*Billy Donovan is jumping ship at Florida and heading to coach the Orlando Magic. I have a few problems with this. But mainly just one. All those kids on Florida should be free to transfer. You get recruited by the best coach in college basketball and then he rides off into the sunset. You should be able to, too. Either that, or all coaches who want to change jobs should have to sit out a season.
*One reason why fantasy baseball makes being a fan more and less fun all at once. Carlos Betran is going for an MRI today after he left the game last night following a collision. You can guess whose fantasy team Carlos suits up for.
(This is a real tragedy for my team. We are currently only 6 points out of 7th place {we're moving on up}. I had a good meeting with my pitching staff the other night, followed by them pitching 17 scoreless innings on Wednesday night. Manny is starting to come around, and now we have to deal with the injury bug).
*Former Celtics Assistant Coach Jim O'Brien has been named head coach of the Pacers. I always liked him. And his K-Mart suits.
*Good article by Pat Forde on the Arkansas AD Frank Broyles.
*An NFL study links concussions to depression. I'm shocked having multiple brain injuries and having your brain bleed can cause complications down the road. Really. I'm shocked.
*I feel really bad for the Steeler's coach who forwarded the porn. I mean, he's 61...a grandfather, and he said, "I'm not very good at these machines and I hit the wrong button". Poor guy, he's not very good at these machines!
*A list of other baseball players and their girlfriends. (Well not really)
A source to the Enquirer said Romo had made the same request for space previously, but this time "Carrie thought that they were moving closer to a more committed relationship." Romo's latest move means the coupling is likely over, as "Carrie wants a firm commitment from Tony."
UPDATE: The NATIONAL LEDGER reports Ted Casablanca of E! Online is claiming Jessica Simpson is to blame for the breakup: "Tony invited (Jessica) to Dallas, and she’s going. Of course, he doesn’t want Carrie to find out." The two are reportedly "already spending lots of time together, as in entire weekends."
*I was reading "suggestions" for heckles today at, and here are a few of my favorites...
-Half your assets (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)
-Where's your stripper?
-Joslyn (the reported name of the girlfriend)
-Mine whenever there is a pop-up (obviously)
-Someone else suggested an uncomfortably long standing ovation. If we could get everyone together on this, I'd be a big fan.
-Someone else suggested a blond wig and taping one dollar bills to yourself. (love this one)
-Everyone else was saying we should stick with the classic, "Where is Roger?" but I think that has to be held out till we are going for the sweep. Then we can ask why Torre is holding Roger for the all important White Sox series.
*Okay, hopefully this extended blog update makes up for my week of slacking. I'll be at Fenway tonight for Wang @ Wake. Hopefully the knuckler will be dancing this evening. And if it isn't, can we at least bring Donnelly in in relief to throw one at A-Rod's rib cage?

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