Thursday, June 14, 2007

8.5 isn't nearly as pretty as 14.5...

You know how every once and a while in Little League, you'd end up with 8 kids, and you'd have to take an out in their place? That is how I feel whenever Crisp and Lugo are up. Like they are automatically an out.

Something is clearly up with Mike Lowell's fielding, and quite frankly, I blame Julio Lugo. How could this be Lugo's fault you ask? Well, Mike has spent is entire career playing 3rd base next to Alex Gonzalez, who, is a fielding wizard. Because Mike is now next to Lugo, who has the range of my stove (pun intended), he is going after balls that should be the shortstops, and therefore increasing his error total. Bullshit you say? I don't care. When in doubt, I am going to blame Lugo.

*I have spent hours reading all the stuff here, and I don't even collect autographs. Just an excellent time.

*Justin Verlander threw a no-no the other night incase you missed it, and he was hitting triple digits in the 9th. Crazy.

*This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

My heart clearly isn't into this entry, but I'll try to be back later with something exciting.

Joshua tonight as we try to win the series and go to 10 and zero.

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