Monday, June 18, 2007

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays...

I wake up this morning at 6:45 and am incredibly tired. Exceptional tired. Unable-to-pick-my-big-head-of-the-freaking-pillow tired. I roll back over, even though the bus comes at 7:00, and of course, wake up at 7:10 (on my clock, which is about 10 minutes fast). Now I have missed the bus and am going to be late. I decide I’ll take the car, drive to Wellington and take the T. I brush my teeth, throw on a shirt, skirt, and flip flops, and run up the stairs. I get into the kitchen, and happen to glance at the clock on the stove. 6:15. I had, apparently, woken up at 5:45 (which, no wonder I was so tired), and then thought I had turned off my alarm in my sleep, which, I had not, and in reality, was ready almost a full hour earlier than I needed to be. So, I went back down stairs, climbed into bed and reset my alarm for 6:55, because at least now I was all dressed and ready to go. I hate Mondays.

Anyway, how about those Red Sox. I’d like to thank the Giants for stopping by, it was great to see them and they are more than welcome back anytime. How about that poor little 22 year old Matt Cain who has given up two runs (both solo home runs) his last two starts and has lost both games. I think Manny is about to go on one of his Manny tears, and I think it’s going make me regret trading him for Jake Peavy. Both the Sox and the Sox Stalkers got Curt on the hill tonight. I also have Kelly Johnson on my team, so let’s have Curt pitch 8, and only give up 3 hits, all solo HR’s to Kelly Johnson. Also, I’d like Mr. Papelbon to close it out.

Just a few links…

*Bob Ryan likes our team. Me too Bob.

*David Ortiz had a cool Father's Day gift. (I hope my dad doesn't read this one).

*Nick Cafardo posted a letter he wrote about Larry Whiteside.

*Chad Finn is clever. I highly recommend the live blog from Friday's Sox / Giant's game.

*Donnelly is going on the DL and Manny DelCarmen is taking his spot.

Bring on Mr. Schilling and the Braves please.

::depressed I'm not in Atlanta today::

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