Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Soxgal 10.0

Last night NESN debuted Globe 10.0, hosted by Bob Ryan with special guest...Dan Shaughnessy! Now, I only caught a few minutes. But, who cares what Bob and Dan thing, when you can hear what I think! I wish they had done a "big finish" like PTI did. If you're going to copy the show, copy the show.

Is Mark Buehrle worth the price?

The rumor mill was swirling yesterday that the RSox were trading Lester and Ellsbury to the WSox for Buehrle and MacDonald. I was under my desk in the fetal position breathing into a brown paperbag. Now I know the wisdom behind proven talent over prospects, and Buehrle is a very good pitcher, he's a lefty, his career record is something like 100-70, he's durable. What we know about Lester is that he's been solid early in return, has struggled as of late, and was 7-2 with a high era and wasn't able to get out of the 5th a lot. But that doesn't matter. Because he's ours. He had us researching lymphoma and saying prayers and sighing relief when we finally got the good word in December. We want his next MLB start to be at Fenway, to an ovation I think will make Trot's and Dave's sound quiet. I am also completey in love with Ellsbury, who not only is from Oregon, where my cousins live, and him and I are facebook friends, so he, quite frankly, cannot be traded. Bad enough Craig Hansen deleted his facebook, but now I'll lose my other facebook friend? Not acceptable. Word has it the ChiSox leaked this trade, and that it was never even close. Anyway, I'd be willing to trade a top pitching prospect for Buehrle, but just one. The ChiSox are losing him after the season and he's saying he's signing with the Cards so we can't give up that great of a prospect for a three month rental.

When will Curt Schilling be back on the mound?

If I was the Red Sox, I'd keep him out at very least till after the All Star break, and even then I wouldn't rush him back. I'd hate to think the reason that Curt is so eager to get on the mound has something to do with his impending free agency.

Is Josh Beckett the best pitcher in the American League?

Well, here's the way I think of it. I LOVE Josh Beckett. We all know how I feel about him. That being said, I think Johan Santana is the best pitcher in the American League. When Santana is out there, you feel like you have a chance to see something really really special. When Josh is out there, I think I'm getting 7-8 strong and a run or two. When Santana is out there, I'm thinking I have a chance to see a no-no or better.

::hoping Joshua reads my blog, is angry, and throws a perfect game next time out::

Are the Red Sox being too careful with Jon Lester?

Jonathan Tyler Lester made his debut on July 10, 2006 at 22. Jonathan R. (why just the R baseball reference? I wonder if he has a hideous middle name? I'll get on it and report back) Papelbon made his debut on July 31, 2005 at age 25. If things hadn't gone completely shithouse with injuries and whatnot, then Lester would probably still be in Pawtucket just like any other player. And, I don't want this to come out the wrong way, but, if he hadn't gotten cancer, would we even be wondering about this? If he had just come up, gone 7-2, gone back down to Pawtucket and was down there now, would it matter? I don't think so.

Should the Celtics keep the #5?

If I was Wyc, I'd start off with a new coach and a new GM. For a GM, I want someone with a plan that can stick to it. And for a coach, I want someone firey who isn't afraid to scare the shit out of all the teenagers I have on my roster. I would be willing to discuss trades with Paul Pierce but not with Al Jefferson. If I keep the pick, I'd take one of the Florida kids in this order, Horford, Brewer, Noah. I would get rid of the cheerleaders. I would have used my millions to buy the naming rights of the Fleet/TD and just call it, The Boston Garden. Or, the Auerbach Auditorium, or something. And I'd buy bigger cups for the mixed drinks. Buckets actually. It's only fair for those who come to pay money to see my team and the Bruins.

What NBA Superstar will be traded this week?


Will former BC Center Sean Williams be a first round pick?

Yes. He's stupid, but he's got nasty skills. He'll go in the first round.

Is the AL East over?

This kind of question is just loaded with bad karma. I think that the AL East is a very competitive division, and the Red Sox are lucky to be this far ahead of all the superb talent.

Where does Ken Griffey Jr. rank on baseball's all time greats?

I hate to say this, but I don't know a ton about non-Red Sox baseball greats. But, I will say that I love Ken Griffey Jr. I think that he, when 100% healthy, is the best player I've ever seen. I also think that if he had been loading up on the HGH all these years, he'd be right there with our next question.

What if Barry Bonds was one of us?

If Barry Bonds was one if us, I'd root for him to tear his ACL every night. Since Barry Bonds is not one of us, I'll root for him to tear his ACL every night.

Onto the links...

*The Sox battled back continuously last night, but couldn't overcome the Mariners, as they lost 8-7. Kason Gabbard had an incredibly wild first inning. (He's still awful handsome).

*Amalie Benjamin has Mike Timlin trying to regain his old form.

*Old friend Trot Nixon remembers old friend Rod Beck.

*Christopher Gasper thinks that Nathan Vasher kind of screwed over Asante Samuel. (I love Nathan Vasher as a side note. I read a really cute article once on him and his mom).

Now, as for the article below, I want to add one thing. The Red Sox fans invade stadiums across the country. It's true. And I'm sure it can be very annoying for fans of other teams. That being said, it was a beautiful night last night in Seattle and one of the best young pitchers in baseball was on the mound against a team he one-hit last time out. And there were plenty of seats left. There is no reason why there weren't more Mariners fans there last night. So don't blame us for your own inadequacies.

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