Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thoughts while hoping the knuckler knuckles tonight.

*To lead off today, we have some photoshop genius from BostonDirtDogs acknowledging some of the holes in our offense. Good thing they aren't batting first and second.

*So, as stated in yesterdays post. I had some inside info that Mike Lowell was at the Children's Museum yesterday. When I left work at 4:30, I followed my normal path home. I had a bit of a dilema. Do I swing by Au Bon Pain and get a water? Just incase Mike had the same idea? Do I maybe go admire the new construction? Just incase Mike was doing the same? I eventually decided that I would do the admirable thing and go home. I walked to the bus and got to the intersection of Congress / State and as I'm waiting to cross I'm 97% sure that I saw Brendan Merriweather. As I was waiting, a guy drives by me and I think to myself, "that looked just like Brendan Merriweather". After he passes, I check out the license plate, and it was from Florida. Of course, it was entirely possible it wasn't him, but I'm going with that it was.

*The Globe has a good piece on the police officer who often works the bullpen at Fenway.

*The always knowledgeable Gordon Edes has a mailbag.

Hi, Gordon. Don't you think it is ridiculous that the Yankees were actually jumping for joy when the A's broke up Curt's no-hitter? I consider a no-hitter to be a rare and special event that is good for the game of baseball. I can understand the Yankees don't want to see us win, but to root against something historic -- I'm just missing the point. Dan, Nashua, N.H.

A: The point is, Dan, the Yanks don't like Curt Schilling, and didn't want him to have that special moment. I'm sure Curt isn't losing any sleep over it, and probably wouldn't expect anything less. I'm a little surprised that the Yanks were so demonstrative in their reaction, but hey, maybe they were bored.

*Pac-Man Jones has dropped his appeal and will serve his on year suspension. I think that Roger Goddell should have suspended him 16 games, with a chance to cut it down to 10 with excellent behavior, and the knowledge that any off the field BS gets you another year. Tank Johnson only got 8 games and he served jail time!

*J.R. Smith's friend who was in critical condition yesterday has died.

*The former prosecutor of the Duke lacrosse case is facing possible disbarment in North Carolina.

*Nick Carfardo is dealing with What If's? With Todd Helton coming to town, Carfardo examines the "What If's" behind the deal that would have sent Michael, Julian to the Rockies for Helton. "Straight up, yes. Our numbers don't compare. However, I like me a lot more than I like Todd, and Todd is a good guy" says Michael, ""Not to knock Colorado, but I'm happy to be with the Red Sox. After the fact, I heard it wasn't as close as people made it out to be, but at the time it sure sounded like it. It sounded like it was a done deal and all they had to settle was a little bit of the money. I'd been involved with rumors before, and I just thought that one had some truth to it." He continues, "I really don't know the market, but I know there aren't a lot of free agent third basemen this year. I guess that's good for me, but I want to be here. Without a doubt."

My whole life would be sadder without Mike Lowell in it. I'm just saying.

Heading over to the Fens tonight to see Wake and friends. Let's hope the knuckler is dancing.

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