Friday, June 8, 2007

A few thoughts while typing with my right and and furiously refreshing 38 pitches with my left...

So, turns out I didn't read much Sox news today. As great as Curt was, I didn't want to read about a near no-no. Anyways, Surviving Grady and Basegirl both did kick ass jobs recapping last night. Oh, and Katie and I had an IM conversation, and then exact contents showed up on Soxaholix. Because, I guess all great minds of RSN think alike.

My favorite line from SG,

Anyway, tonight we head to Areezonah where Beckett goes for number 9. Let's hope the bats show up. Especially Lugo's, as he's my second favorite player on the team. Of course, my first favorite is every other Sox player.

My favorite line from Basegirl,

But seriously, if I've told y'all once, I've told y'all a thousand times: Don't shake off 'Tek! The "y'all" in that sentence obviously referring to major league pitchers who stubbornly refuse to listen to me because I know that none of the lovely people that actually read this damn thing would DARE to shake off Jason Varitek. I mean, you're smart people. You know what's good for you. Curt may have learned. After the game they asked him about the shake off and what 'Tek had to say about it. He said, (I'm paraphrasing), "He said that's the same thing Pedro did when he lost his no-hitter. I should know better." 'Tek with the snark! Lookit that! Must be Mike Lowell's influence. But seriously, stop shaking off Jason Varitek. Just stop it. 'Tek said something similar in his own postgame. Or, at least, I think he did. The camera angle was wide and there were shoulders involved and something about sliders and pitching and biceps and awesome and I believe it amounted to "Stop shaking me off, bitch." 'Tek knows best.

Anyway, Curt's buddy Joshua tries to build some momentum tonight against the D-backs. Gave serious consideration to hitting up this trip but decided against it due to a lack of cash flow (Soxgal needs some sponsers) and Brad Paisley coming to town this weekend. So anyways, they'll have to get it done without me creepily walking up and down the hallways of their hotel with my shoes in my hands, sitting in their lobby, and drinking martini's one table over from Josh (ala Tampa Bay).

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