Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear Mr. Schilling,

While I know you are a member of the Boston Red Sox, that is not your only team. You are also a member of the Sox Stalkers. I know your alliances largely lie with the first team. The one that pays you $13 million dollars a year. However, that doesn't mean you can just go right ahead and blow off the second one. Do you know what your ERA was last night? 12.46!! And your WHIP? 2.77!! And only 4 and 1/3? FOUR AND A THIRD!! Now Curt, you know I love you. I defend the blog against people who think you should just shut up. I think that Theo should have already resigned you, even though minus Oakland we haven't exactly seen domination. As manager of the Sox Stalkers, we need to work out some kind of deal. I need you to call me when you don't think you're going to have it. I've done a lot of work to improve our pitching staff. I acquired Jake Peavy. I picked up stud free agents like the entire San Diego bullpen (I think Kevin Towers is a stud. He knows how ot pick em). If we have any chance of winning this thing (and we probably don't), it's going to be our pitching staff to get us there. (Especially since I traded Manny for Jake).

Thanks again for game six.



PS. Go ahead and forward this along to Jason. I bet he knows when you don't have it too.

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